Diamond Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is thought of and celebrated in many different forms. Mothers and grandmothers. Daughters who become mothers. Wives who become mothers. Sisters who become mothers. Everyone knows how hard they work, how much they love, how much they just know. Celebrate them! Flowers wither, and candy is eaten… Give a lasting gift, instead; one that will be remembered and enjoyed in the years to come. Give them jewelry. There is so much to choose from! Here is a list to help you narrow it down to their style.

Bracelets – Bracelets can be incredibly simplistic like a bangle or tennis bracelet, or incredibly ornate cuffs. Think of the woman you’re giving it to. Is it something they would wear every day or just on special occasions. Pearl bracelets have a beautiful lustre, and make a sophisticated piece. But silver, gold, or diamond tennis bracelets have a simplicity that can be worn every day.

Rings – Rings are a symbol of everlasting love, the unending circle. They make a beautiful gift. A band that compliments her wedding rings would be a well thought out, appreciated gift. Or a ring with various gemstones representing her kids’ birthdays or grandchildren’s birthdays would be very sentimental and cherished.

Pearls – Pearl necklaces are simple, sophisticated, and elegant. Individual pearls are often unique. Pearls are one piece of jewelry that often gets handed down in generations, and a wonderful statement for mother’s day.

Diamond Pendant – Diamond pendants will never go out of style. There are many varieties to choose from. A simple diamond on a chain is a classic. The three stone pendants (representing past, present, and future) are stunning, and yet simple enough to wear every day. Diamonds last forever.

Loose Diamonds – Does your mother have old jewelry, either hers, or passed on to her? Loose diamonds may be the way to go. Gift her loose diamonds and then remind her to put them in the jewelry she’s held onto for years. Just remember – the diamonds should be certified. The creativity to create unique jewelry may be just the ticket!

Moms are special. Sometimes they forget. Make sure to give her something that makes a statement, says “I love you,” and says “thank you.” Remind her that she’s the best with a well chosen gift.

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