Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Her

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if Cupid has blessed you with a special someone, it’s time to find the perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gift! Diamonds at your sweetheart’s ears, neck, or wrist softly sparkling by candlelight make a gorgeous addition to your romantic night out (or in), and they’re more affordable than one may think. With all budgets and personalities in mind, we’ve created a handpicked roundup of the best classic and love themed Valentine’s Day jewelry Adiamor has to offer. Counting down from #10, we have:

10. Diamond Pave Disc Earrings

Concentric rings of gorgeous pave set white diamonds form the unique design of these elegant disc earrings. Recalling the geometric and pave diamond crazes of the Art Deco era, each of these 8mm width disc earrings uses a total of 37 diamonds, resulting in a total carat weight of 0.19 in a gleaming white gold setting.


Pave Diamond Disc Earrings in 14k white gold, $249 E5194

9. Pave Diamond Puffed Heart Pendant

This pendant is so dramatically encrusted with diamonds that the yellow gold of the entire setting is only immediately visible when noting the scalloped high polish shank or back of the pendant. Almost as lovely as the 58 individual diamonds lighting up the front surface, this heart has a whimsical secret: a handcrafted floral cutout design on the back. The Pave Puffed Heart is crafted in 18k yellow gold and 1.02 cttw of G VS1 quality round diamonds, and measures approximately 1 inch tall by 3/4 inch wide.


Pave Diamond Puffed Heart Pendant in 18k gold, $2510 P4168

8. Pink Sapphire and Diamond Heart Enhancer

For a more trendy, flirty choice, consider the lattice design of this versatile snap on pendant, formed in 18k white gold with just over a carat’s worth of gleaming pink sapphires, and accented with a 0.40 carat pave frame of H SI1 grade round diamonds. This pendant also features an artistic cutout back, and the diamond accented shank snaps open to attach to any necklace including chains, omega slides, and beads or pearls.


Pink Sapphire and Diamond Heart Enhancer in 18k white gold, $1805 PA2007

7. Tilted Heart Diamond Pendant

This modern off-center heart pendant includes a 14k white gold chain that threads through a hole in the top rather than a traditional shank, creating a clean, seamless look. Featuring 25 H SI1 round diamonds, this simple piece has a total carat weight of 0.75cttw.


Tilted Diamond Heart Pendant in 14k white gold, $1394 PA2054

6. Brown and White Diamond Heart Necklace

Who doesn’t love to receive chocolates on Valentine’s Day? This elegant and on trend pendant has a whimsical asymmetrical heart shape perfect for showcasing 21 stylish brown diamonds and 13 white diamonds of GH I1 quality. A modern snake style chain is included and threads through an invisible shank in the 14k white gold setting.


White and Chocolate Diamond Heart Pendant in 14k white gold, $399 PS1114


5. Modern Diamond Solitaire Pendant

If you’re not quite at the engagement ring stage (or if you’ve already given her one), this take on the diamond solitaire is ideal for a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift. A single white diamond of your choice hangs from a delicate chain in a four prong setting, crafted in any of the metals Adiamor offers. Choose a 0.25 to 1.00 carat stone and a 14k gold to platinum invisible shank setting. This pendant includes a 16 inch chain in 14k white or yellow gold.


Modern Solitaire Diamond Pendant, shown with 1.00 carat diamond and 14k white gold setting, priced $475 to $6995 with custom options P4400

4. Love Script Diamond Bracelet

A total of 91 precision set pave stones in 0.18cttw trace the script lettering of this dainty gold and diamond bracelet. The whimsical lowercase “love” lettering stands out in this sweet and trendy piece, and measures approximately 1 inch by 1/2 inch. This bracelet is great for layered looks, and fastens with a lobster claw clasp at variable lengths.


Script Design Love Diamond Bracelet in 14k yellow gold, $399 B2093

3. LOVE Diamond Necklace

Stacked capital letters spelling LOVE form the square of this fashionable diamond pendant, declaring your love to the world whenever your beloved puts it on. Pave set with 60 diamonds in a total carat weight of 0.17, this pendant has an attached 16 to 18 inch adjustable chain in matching 14k yellow gold. Choose from lobster claw or spring ring clasp closures.


Pave Diamond LOVE Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $410 P5172

3. Heart Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Yet another take on the traditional diamond solitaire, this one truly brings the romance to this special occasion. A pristine HI SI quality heart diamond floats on a split shank four prong setting, and like the other solitaire pendant on this list offers many options for customization and price points. Choose a diamond in one of four carat weights from 0.25 to 1.00, and a metal from any type Adiamor carries.


Diamond Heart Solitaire Pendant, shown with 1.00 carat heart shaped diamond in 14k white gold setting, priced $340 to $4800 with custom options P4311

1. Half Carat Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

A classic pair of elegant diamond stud earrings remains one of the most popular Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts for women and is, in fact, regarded as a staple of every fashionista’s accessories wardrobe.  This half carat set features two 0.25 carat round diamonds in HI SI quality, held by four-prong settings in the metal of your choice. Both traditional push-back friction posts and screw-back posts for added security are available.


Round Diamond Stud Earrings shown with 14k white gold screw backs, 0.50cttw (0.25 carat each), priced $650 to $980 with custom options ESP50

Thank you for choosing Adiamor to meet your fine jewelry needs on the most romantic day of the year! Most of these Valentine’s Day jewelry items will be ready to ship very quickly after you place your order, but if you have any questions about any of our merchandise, just give us a call at 877-627-5094 to be sure that your precious jewelry will arrive in time for the big night.


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Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas

Thanksgiving proposals have gained a lot of ground over the past decade; because there’s no frenzied shopping for gifts or lavish décor involved, many people have come to regard Thanksgiving as a more family-oriented holiday. If tradition, the home, and family gatherings are most meaningful to you and your beloved, why not prepare one of these Thanksgiving proposals to start your life together?

Propose Wishfully

Breaking the wishbone from the turkey is a long-standing ritual that has become part of many Thanksgiving celebrations. Remove the bone while carving and serving the turkey, clean it, and put it in a safe place to dry. (If you’re not hosting or carving, make sure that the person in charge knows that you need it!)


Wish Bone Thanksgiving Proposal Idea
Wish Bone Thanksgiving Proposal Idea

Tradition holds that two people grasp opposite ends of the wishbone, and whoever ends up with the larger piece after breaking it will be the one whose wish comes true. While you can’t control the outcome, you can prepare and have an eloquent, romantic proposal ready to suit either result. If you hold the larger piece, you can say something like “I need you to help my wish come true—will you marry me?” If she comes out ahead after you break the wishbone, you can say “I don’t know what you wished for, but I think I can make one of your wishes come true right now.” Play with these statements to make the words and references your own for a proposal that is both whimsical and heartfelt.

Propose Deliciously

This type of proposal, while potentially unique and memorable, carries one major caveat: use good judgment about how you choose to conceal or present the ring. Will finding it where you’ve decided to hide it be a pleasant, romantic experience for her? Will it be easy to ensure that ring doesn’t end up on the wrong plate, in the trash, or—worst of all—in the mouth of an unknowing recipient? You don’t want the memory of your Thanksgiving marriage proposal to include rushing a parent or younger sibling to the hospital or dentist’s office because you served their meal with some very expensive garnish!

Choose something pretty, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean from the ring with a napkin immediately after the big moment. Burying it in the turkey, stuffing, or casseroles? Certainly not! Topping a slice of pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce with a dollop of whipped cream and a sparkling engagement ring? Absolutely.

If you’re attached to this idea but concerned about the mess and potential troubles, there’s also the option of skipping the food component altogether. If your family dinner includes fancy table settings and cloth napkins, you can incorporate your proposal into her place setting. Slip the engagement ring around her napkin in place of a traditional napkin ring (or tie on with ribbon if the ring is too small), or hide it underneath her demitasse cup. This involves some very precise timing to ensure that you and the rest of those in attendance are at the table before she discovers her engagement ring and you make your proposal speech, but if you enlist the help of your dining companions, it can be done!

Engagement Ring Napkin Thanksgiving Proposal Idea
Engagement Ring Napkin Thanksgiving Proposal Idea

Propose Gratefully

In most American families and groups of friends who gather to share Thanksgiving dinner, it has become a tradition for one of the hosts to say something for which they are thankful that year and have each guest around the table follow suit.  Arrange with your host to be the last person called upon, and when it’s your turn, talk about your bride-to-be and all the reasons you’re thankful to have her in your life. Then, state that there’s one more thing that would make you the happiest and most thankful person alive: her hand in marriage.

Thanksgiving Family Dinner Proposal Idea
Thanksgiving Family Dinner Proposal Idea

Adiamor makes marriage proposal dreams come true. Our selection of certified loose diamonds and elegant engagement ring settings can be combined to design your own engagement ring to fit most budgets while yielding an engagement ring you’ll be proud to give your beloved.

We wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!


Why Buy GIA Certified Diamonds?

Why Buy GIA Certified Diamonds?

Adiamor offers a variety of loose diamonds in every shape, carat weight, and quality grade imaginable for your selection as the center stone in any one of our exquisite engagement ring settings. To assure excellence and your peace of mind, every loose diamond sold by Adiamor includes certification by one of the world’s leading gemological labs: the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS).

GIA Diamond Certificate
GIA Diamond Certificate

Since Adiamor’s loose diamond inventory is primarily made up of GIA certified stones, in this post we’ll talk about the key differences and superior qualities that make GIA labs the most widely used and most trusted source of diamond certifications, but first let’s start with a summary of the advantages of purchasing a diamond certified by GIA.

The Main Advantages of buying a GIA Certified Diamond

  1. You know that the diamond you purchase is a natural diamond.
  2. You can easily compare stones due to the consistency of grading.
  3. You will know exactly what you are buying since every important attribute of the diamond is listed in the certificate.
  4. You will get what you pay for.

What is a Diamond Certification?

A diamond certification is a document  provided by the gemology lab to document the lab’s process of inspecting and grading the stone, and to serve as an official report on all identifying or otherwise notable features of an individual diamond. GIA certifications are available in varying levels of detail as diamond grading reports, diamond dossiers, and, most recently, diamond eReports.

To be certified by the GIA, a diamond must be unmounted and have a carat weight of at least 0.15.  To clarify GIA does not certify a ring just a diamond.  Some jewelers or jewelry stores may inaccurately tell you that a ring is certified.  It is possible that the ring has been inspected by a GIA graduate gemologist, but this does not make the ring or the center diamond certified by the GIA laboratory.

Why Choose GIA Certification?

The GIA is known worldwide as the most trusted, precise source for diamond certifications. GIA certification standards and quality grading ranges are the most rigorous of any of the major laboratories, and consequently carry the most added value and guarantee the highest diamond quality.  GIA achieves the highest level of consistency of any of the major laboratories in part by grading diamonds in a consistent environment in all offices including the same lighting, the same paint color on the walls, and the requirement for the graders to wear only certain colors when grading diamonds. As a non-profit organization, GIA maintains a standard of complete integrity and impartiality.

How Do I Know the Diamond and/or Certification is Genuine?

GIA certified diamonds are  laser inscribed with the unique report ID number to protect owners from fraud, and aid recovery in the event of a theft. This number matches the diamond to the report corresponding to its quality grade and identifying features.  Diamonds above 1 carat sometimes don’t have inscription since the inclusion pattern acts like a fingerprint to identify the diamond.

To prevent certificate forgeries and alterations, the GIA also places security features within the document itself including holograms, copy guards, and microprinting, the same features used to prevent fraud in financial institutions.

Thanks to these measures, you know what you are buying and what you will get.  Purchasing GIA certified diamonds online carries no additional risk compared to buying in a store due to the incredible consistency and the ability to validate you have the diamond you paid for.  Customers are assured of the diamond’s authenticity and the veracity of the associated report; consumers even have the option of verifying details directly with the GIA or with a third party gemologist.

Your Diamond’s Unique Features

Quality is determined and cataloged under the famous “Four Cs” of diamond grading: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Flaws in the diamond such as inclusions, clouding, pits, and poorly cut facets are noted in both the written report and in an illustration of the diamond showing the location and severity of each flaw.

The diamond’s weight is recorded using a state-of-the-art electronic micro-balance scale that provides an exact measurement to five decimal places, and color grade is determined in a standardized viewing environment. Your GIA certification will also evaluate qualities like the stone’s  polish and symmetry each of which are taken into account for the final overall quality assessment recorded in your diamond’s report.

GIA – The Worldwide Standard for Evaluating Diamond Quality

GIA established the “4Cs” in the 1940s which has become the worldwide standard for evaluating diamond quality.  So if you believe in using the 4Cs to evaluate and compare diamonds you already have some knowledge of and trust for the GIA Laboratory and its certification process.

To learn more about GIA certified diamonds or for assistance in choosing a stone, contact Adiamor’s expert team of gemologists.


Dress Up As a Fiancé: Best Halloween Proposal Ideas 2014

Dress Up As a Fiancé: The Best Halloween Proposal Ideas for 2014

Halloween is the first of many special days celebrated near the end of each calendar year, kicking off the holiday season with celebrations, costumes, and delicious treats. For the sweetest Halloween of your lives together, why not propose to your special someone on All Hallow’s Eve and start the holiday rush on a happy note? Check out these Halloween proposal ideas below!

Many couples want to meet with friends and family soon after their engagement to celebrate the beginning of this exciting new chapter, and holiday dinners and get-togethers offer the perfect opportunity. Halloween proposals also leave a lot of room for creative, memorable gestures that lead to wonderful engagement stories. Here are a few ideas for proposing on Halloween.

Say It With Pumpkins

To make your proposal and create romantic seasonal ambiance in one move, arrange a set of carved jack o’lanterns or festively painted pumpkins to spell out “Will you marry me?” where your intended is sure to find them. Follow her in to present the ring, or set the open ring box in front of your display.

A rose gold engagement ring will gleam beautifully in candlelight and echo the warm hues of the pumpkins, yet radiate elegance all year long.

Will You Marry Me In Halloween Pumpkins Proposal Idea
Will You Marry Me In Halloween Pumpkins Proposal Idea

Bobbing for Diamonds

The Halloween tradition of bobbing for apples lends itself perfectly to a traditional bended knee proposal. As you move toward the floor, your beloved will think you’re simply participating in a lighthearted party game until the very moment you pull the ring from your coat instead.

If you’re adventurous, you could even arrange for the ring to be hidden among the apples and discovered during the gameplay—just make sure it’s in a waterproof container and ends up in the proper hands!

Bobbing For Apples Halloween Proposal Idea
Bobbing For Apples Halloween Proposal Idea

A Spooky Surprise

For a playful proposal, blindfold your special someone and guide her through an old-fashioned haunted house activity with grape “eyeballs”, cooked spaghetti “brains”, and so on. At the end of the activity, just before removing her blindfold, slip the engagement ring onto her finger.

Spooky Surprise Halloween Proposal Idea
Spooky Surprise Halloween Proposal Idea

Hidden Haul

Place the ring in its box at the bottom of a small, decorated Halloween candy bowl or bucket with an assortment of your partner’s favorite wrapped candies to give as a gift. Once you’ve presented it, ask for a type of candy you didn’t include, prompting discovery of the ring as your sweetheart searches for your request.

Engagement Ring Hidden In Candy Halloween Proposal Idea
Engagement Ring Hidden In Candy Halloween Proposal Idea

Halloween is a wonderful time for unique, memorable marriage proposals. For more tips or assistance choosing the right engagement ring for the one you love, contact Adiamor. Have a safe and happy Halloween!


The Adiamor Solitaire – One of our Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

When one thinks of a marriage proposal, solitaire yellow gold engagement rings are frequently the first picture that comes to mind. The iconic image of a single sparkling diamond crowing a sleek precious metal band is a cultural touchstone spanning generations, and the diamond solitaire remains a popular design among engagement ring shoppers. This is why the yellow gold solitaire is one of Adiamor’s best solitaire engagement rings.

Adiamor Solitaire Yellow Gold Engagement Ring


Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

The yellow gold band of this Adiamor Solitaire engagement ring gives it a classic look, showcasing your brilliant diamond in a platinum basket setting that is sturdy in function yet delicate in appearance.

In fact, the beauty of a basket set solitaire has such broad appeal; it’s been the engagement ring style of choice for celebrities as varied as actress and new mom Mila Kunis (who recently welcomed baby daughter Wyatt), British film star Keira Knightley, and pop singer/fashion designer Lily Allen.

The Adiamor Solitaire basket setting, inspired by vintage designs, is unique in both its stunning beauty and exceptional function. Securing and positioning the diamond in such a way that the greatest amount of light possible passes through it, this setting is unmatched in its simple elegance. Additionally, the structure of a basket setting keeps the stone low in the  setting, minimizing the risks of catching on fabrics or knocking against surfaces, which can damage your beautiful ring.

Fitting this yellow gold engagement ring with prongs and setting bases in a white metal is a jeweler’s trick going back centuries—the bright yellow gold of this setting creates the traditional look many wearers want in an engagement ring, particularly a style as universally beloved as the solitaire, while the platinum basket and prongs unobtrusively blend in with the bright white diamond. This technique allows the stone to be displayed in the most opulent way without compromising or interrupting its trademark shine.

Adiamor Solitaire Engagement Ring On Hand
Adiamor Solitaire On Hand

The Adiamor Custom Fit Platinum Basket Solitaire (R3044) is made to order for each client, with a 1.5mm band and metal options including 14kt yellow gold, 18kt yellow gold, and 18kt rose gold.

Though we’re proud of this lovely setting design, choosing the setting is only one important step; the next is, of course, matching it with a stone that fits your style and budget. Our diamond selection and search functions include options for Affinity stones with incredible cut grades. Use Adiamor’s diamond search function to find the right stone for your custom fit ring, or contact us for assistance from our team of certified diamond experts.