A Man’s Guide To Engagement Ring Styles: Part 2

We started our man’s guide to engagement ring styles yesterday on the Adiamor blog. Today, we are continuing our break down of engagement ring settings with part two of our guide. Hopefully, these lessons will help future husbands pick out the perfect ring for their brides to be. Keep reading the blog to finish up our series on a man’s guide to engagement ring styles!

Modern Engagement Ring Settings

When most people think of modern engagement rings, they think of contemporary styles. Nevertheless, “modern” refers more to the 20th century architecture and art styles that it does styles that are in the moment. Because of this, modern rings will not go out of style next year. Modern rings typically include channel set diamonds that blend together the natural elements of precious metals and diamonds with clean, sleek style. Modern engagement rings are an excellent choice for future brides who prefer elegant looks backed with confidence and style.

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Split Shank Engagement Ring Settings

For brides looking for a different twist on the classic diamond engagement ring, split shank rings are the perfect choice. The split shank band splits before wrapping the center diamond which causes the eye to focus on the center. In this manner, the split shank engagement ring places the focal point on the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Although the split shank style is a spin on traditional styles, it is still a versatile engagement ring style that can be combined with other looks to create stunning, modern rings. For example, split shank rings can feature pave bands or halo settings around the diamond to add even more sparkle.

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Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

Although the concept of an engagement ring has been around for centuries, the early 20th century saw a huge rise in popularity of diamond engagement rings. During this time, the Art Deco period also had a great influence on popular culture. Perhaps it is for this reason that so many future brides desire a vintage style engagement ring. Vintage rings find their inspiration from the handcrafted details and combine these aesthetics with modern sensibilities to create truly gorgeous engagement rings. When shopping for a bride who finds their style cues from the past, a vintage engagement ring setting is an excellent choice.

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Gemstone Engagement Ring Settings

When many engagement ring styles seek to add additional diamonds, gemstone rings opt for pops of color by adding additional gemstones. In recent years, gemstone engagement ring settings have seen a massive rise in popularity. One of the main reasons for this increase is brides are preferring to have their rings match their personalities, and adding colorful gemstones to their engagement ring provides this opportunity. If you are considering purchasing a gemstone engagement ring, consider adding gemstone accents that utilize her birthstone.

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A Man’s Guide To Engagement Ring Styles: Part 1

Shopping for engagement rings can be really difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. For many men, this is the case when starting out. In order to help future husbands understand different ring styles, we’ve put together a man’s guide to engagement ring styles. In the first of a two part series, we’ll take a look at four popular engagement ring settings. Keep in mind, though, that some styles can be combined together. In addition to the eight general categories, Adiamor also offers the option to create something totally unique by designing your own engagement ring. Hopefully, this man’s guide to engagement ring styles will help men purchase an engagement ring that will perfectly suit their bride to be.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

When it comes to classic, nothing beats a solitaire engagement ring. The traditional design of a solitaire ring puts focus on the central diamond. Solitaire engagement rings are the perfect choice for every diamond shape. However, the solitaire does not have to be a plain Jane ring. Today’s solitaire ring designs incorporate additional detailing and unique takes on the classic look.

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Halo Engagement Rings

When shopping for a bride who shines brighter than the crowd, a halo engagement ring might be the perfect fit. Halo rings surround the center diamond with additional smaller diamonds. The result is a stunning amount of sparkle, and the center diamond looks even bigger. Halo rings continue to grow in popularity because they provide additional value by adding to the total carat weight of diamonds. Additionally, halo rings are a popular choice for combining other ring styles, such as adding a pave band.

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Pave Engagement Rings

While halo rings add additional diamonds around the center gemstone, pave engagement rings bring an extra layer of sparkle to the band itself. Named for the French word for “paved,” small diamonds are set into the ring band so that each ring appears to be paved in diamonds. Pave engagement rings are incredibly popular because they brighten up classic looking bands without being overindulgent. Pave diamond rings are incredibly versatile, and for this reason, many customers like to combine pave bands with other engagement ring styles.

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Three Stone Engagement Rings

While the halo diamond ring utilizes smaller diamonds in a circle around the center stone, the three stone engagement ring adds larger diamonds to either side of the diamond in the middle. This allows for a wide variety of looks as vintage inspired engagement rings will use the larger diamonds to create a sparkling cluster; however, modern spins on the three stone ring use channel set diamonds. Either way, the three stone engagement ring is extremely versatile and can be used to compliment almost any bride’s sense of style.

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Check back later this week for part 2 of a man’s guide to engagement ring styles!


What If My Engagement Ring Is Stolen?

When most people buy an engagement ring, they expect it to be a once in a lifetime purchase. Unfortunately, there are a number of scenarios where an engagement ring would need to be replaced. In the past, we’ve covered what to do if your engagement ring is lost as well as tips on how to travel with an engagement ring to prevent loss. In the event that an engagement ring is stolen, though, there are different steps to take. Hopefully, you already had your engagement ring insured. This would also mean your diamond ring was already appraised.

The Importance of Ring Insurance

Engagement ring insurance is extremely affordable. Typically, an engagement ring can be added to a homeowner’s policy or even rental insurance for just a couple bucks a month. However, it is very important that the ring itself is insured as many general homeowner’s policies do not provide the same coverage. In order for your ring to be insured, it will need to be appraised to determine the retail replacement value. This will determine how much the insurance company will pay to replacement your ring.  If you do not have ring insurance, you definitely should get it right away. If your engagement ring is stolen and not covered under your current insurance policy, your only hope is recovering the ring.

Call The Police If Your Engagement Ring Is Stolen

If your engagement ring is stolen, the first phone call should be to the police. By filing a police report, there is a very slim chance you will be able to recover your diamond ring from a pawn shop or other second hand retailer. Diamonds are all unique, and their individual internal characteristics can be used for identification. If you had your engagement ring appraised, you more than likely have a diamond certificate for your ring. These certifications essentially provide a list of the diamond’s inclusions and can help the police recover your ring.

In most cases when an engagement ring is stolen, it can be very hard to recover. However, with a bit of luck, the police can identify a stolen ring. If you recently purchased an engagement ring, the best advice is to acquire ring insurance right away. This will ensure you have the proper coverage, appraisal, and certification needed to potentially recover your ring.


Important Questions For Buying Engagement Rings Online

Online shopping is surpassing brick and mortar retail stores in surprising ways. While most people can attest to ordering household items and clothing online, many people still prefer to shop for big ticket items in person. However, in recent years, more and more companies are offering big incentives to buy online. With fast and free shipping, easy return policies, and lower prices, online shopping is simply more convenient. This includes shopping for engagement rings. When buying engagement rings online, you have to know what you’re after. If you plan to buy an engagement ring from the internet, consider these helpful tips before placing your order.

Buy From A Reputable Jeweler

One of the biggest mistakes online shoppers make is choosing bottom line price over a quality store. In the effort to save money, many people will sacrifice customer service and quality. When buying engagement rings online, this should never be the case. While you still want a good deal, be careful from where you buy. The easiest thing to ask yourself is whether the online store is a jeweler or simply a retailer for all items. When shopping for engagement rings, you want to purchase from a real jeweler. Quality jewelers will ensure your diamonds are authentic, conflict-free, and will include diamond certification. They should also be able to answer your questions about ring metals and the four c’s. If you are ever in doubt, simply check out the reviews.

Diamond Price Matching

When buying engagement rings online, you must still be sure you’re getting a fair deal. Premier online jewelers will offer to price match diamonds. Because the diamond is often the most expensive element of an engagement ring, diamond price matching matters. If one diamond seller is unable to match a verifiable price from a competitor, then they are marking up the diamond too much. Only the best online diamond stores offer price matching, so consider this when shopping for engagement rings online.

diamond price match
Make sure you get the best deal and ask about diamond price matching for the center stone

Know The Return Policy

The worst thing that could happen when buying engagement rings online is to wind up with a ring you dislike. As your shopping, be sure to check out the return policy. If a store offers full refunds 30 days after the purchase date, feel confident to purchase your diamond ring online. This will allow you to make sure you love the ring and also to make sure the ring fits well. Cheap jewelry comes at heavy price, which means discount stores generally do not accept returns.

If you’ve found a reputable online jeweler willing to price match the diamond while offering a 30-day refund policy, you should be confident in your engagement ring purchase.


How To Know To Start Shopping For An Engagement Ring

Whether you just decided it might be a good time to propose or she’s been giving you every hint in the book for months, shopping for an engagement ring is a big deal. Not only is an engagement ring a once in a lifetime purchase, it takes a lot of knowledge. Think about buying an engagement ring online the way you would think about buying a car. You certainly wouldn’t spend whatever money you had lying around on car that you know nothing about. Instead, you’d set a budget, do your research, and pick something that suits your personality and lifestyle. Shopping for an engagement ring requires the same level of investment.

Know Your Budget

The most crucial aspect of shopping for an engagement ring is knowing your budget. The idea that a diamond ring should cost two months salary is simply a myth. The true cost of an engagement ring should be something you can afford. Whether you want to spend $2,000 or $15,000 will have a massive impact on the quality of the center stone diamond. Additionally, while traditional solitaire settings tend to be priced similarly, pave settings and other modern engagement ring styles vary wildly. Understanding what you can afford is of the utmost importance, and the first place you should start when shopping for an engagement ring is preparing your budget.

shopping for an engagement ring
When shopping for an engagement ring, it is crucial to know your budget and to do your homework

Know The 4 C’s

It’s critical to at least know the 4 C’s when buying diamonds online. While there is extensive knowledge available from the Adiamor Diamond Education page, you must realize cut, clarity, color, and carat weight will greatly impact the cost and value of a diamond engagement ring. Cut is the most important, and the higher quality cut will cost more. Color and clarity leave the most room to shop for value. Near colorless diamonds and slightly included diamonds require expert knowledge to notice the differences with the naked eye. Finally, the size of the diamond will have the final impact on cost, but know that a half carat diamond can cost just as as much as a full 100-pointer depending on the other characteristics.

Get started today by visiting the Adiamor Engagement Ring Guide.


Everything You Need To Know About The Four C’s

When making any purchase, having enough information is crucial. However, when making a once in a lifetime purchase like an engagement ring, you need to be an educated buyer. At Adiamor, we want our customers to make smart purchases. To help our busy customers who are also very much in a hurry, we’ve put together this guide to the four c’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Cut Is King

The single most important factor in buying diamonds is the cut. However, cut is not the shape of the diamond as most people initially think. Diamond cut actually refers to the quality of cutting the raw, mined diamond into its final form. Essentially, the higher quality the diamond’s cut, the higher quality (and therefore, the more expensive) the diamond. The highest quality cut is affinity, then the rankings move to excellent, very good, good, and then fair. For customers looking for the most value, choose a cut rated “very good” or “good.” Customers looking for the most fire and brilliance should choose “excellent” or better.

Some Clarity on Diamond Clarity

All diamonds have internal characteristics, just like a fingerprint. Diamond clarity refers to these internal markings, also known as blemishes. Diamonds that are “eye clean” contain no blemishes that can be seen by the naked eye. These “eye clean” diamonds therefore offer customers the most value. However, these diamonds may still show markings under 10x magnification. When searching for the highest quality diamond, the best clarity rating is flawless followed by by internally flawless then very very slightly included (VVSI). Diamonds rated as slightly included are inspected by gemologists to be certain they are eye clean before they are placed into engagement rings.

four c's diamond color
Diamond color is an important aspect of the four c’s

Diamond Color

Although fancy colored diamonds are rare and valuable, most customers are after a sparkling diamond that is actually colorless. Colorless diamonds are the most rare, and therefore the most expensive. These diamonds are graded D through F. However, near colorless diamonds in the range of G to J offer great value. When mounted in a custom engagement ring, a near colorless diamond will appear virtually colorless.

The All Important Carat Weight

Carat weight refers to the actual size of the diamond. Carats are a unit of measurement equal to 200 milligrams. Additionally, each carat is divided into 100 points; this means a half-carat diamond can be referred to as a “50 pointer.” When determining which size diamond is right for your ring, consider the ring setting and diamond shape along with personal preference. Many customers find a one carat diamond is the ideal size for modest engagement ring. Customers looking for larger center stones tend to enjoy diamonds that are at least 2 carats.

For a more in depth learning experience, visit the Diamond Education center today!


Wedding Planning Tips: The Importance to Wedding Gifts

At their heart, weddings are a huge celebration. However, not only are they the time to exchange vows and wedding rings, they are also a time for gift giving. Although you may be thinking of the giant stack of wedding gifts the couple at the reception, the bride and groom should be giving some gifts as well. While many people think of wedding favors for the attendees, there are certain people who require special wedding gifts. The parents, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen should all receive gifts from the couple. Additionally, the bride and groom should exchange presents as well.

Wedding Gifts for the Parents

Even if a couple is paying for the entire wedding themselves, it is still important to give a gift to both sets of parents. This is because parents put up with, and pay for, plenty during the lifetime of their children. When the wedding comes, it’s time to give a little bit back. Be sure to pick a gift that is personal, practical, and something you can can do equally well for both sets of parents. One great gift idea would be to purchase a nice frame and have it engraved with your wedding date. Whatever you decide is appropriate, remember to write a heartfelt letter to accompany the present. This will ensure your gift is perfect no matter what you pick.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts

Shopping for your friends can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Traditionally, bridesmaids receive the jewelry they will wear on the wedding day as their present, but this is not the only option. On the other hand, classic groomsmen gifts include flasks and cufflinks. No matter what wedding gifts you decide on your wedding party, just be certain that the gifts are equal for all party members. Also, try to personalize them as best as possible. A great way to do this is through monogramed tote bags which can the be reused for years to come.

wedding gifts for men
Cufflinks make an excellent wedding gift for the groomsmen

Gifts For Each Other

The wedding day is certainly a celebration of your love, and some couples prefer to call the honeymoon their wedding gift. However, more and more couples are deciding on giving a little something extra on the morning of the wedding day. For men, a new watch is an excellent gift to receive on the wedding day.  On the other hand, many brides love to receive jewelry such as a pendant that can be worn on the wedding day. Whether you decide to exchange actual gifts or not is up to you, but one thing you should definitely do is exchange hand written love notes. Yes, you’ll be exchanging vows soon, but nothing sets the tone for a wedding day like a love letter!

For more ideas, check out the Adiamor gift guide.


Who Should Throw The Engagement Party?

While millennials may not be buying houses or appliances the way their parents did, they are still getting married. When asked, many young couples say their primary goal of their wedding day is to throw a great party for friends and family. However, one pre-wedding tradition is still running strong: the engagement party. In the past, engagement parties were often thrown by one of the couple’s parents. These days, wedding traditions are more guidelines than rules. So, who should be throwing your engagement party?

Parents First

Traditionally, one set of parents will throw an engagement party. Many times, this is an excuse to get the family together to take pictures and admire the engagement ring. Additionally, this is a great way for a couple’s parents to meet each other before the wedding day. If your parents are willing to throw an engagement party, this is great news. Not only will it be a lot of fun– it’s like a wedding reception you didn’t have to plan!– it will make your wedding day better by allowing your families to have the awkward icebreaker conversations out of the way.

An Engagement Party That Doubles As A Couple’s Shower

In addition to the classic engagement party, some friends of the couple prefer to throw an engagement party that doubles as a couple’s shower. This typically happens when a couple has friends and family strewn across the country. Since it would be pretty expensive to fly to her hometown for a bridal shower, your hometown for an engagement party, then also have bachelor and bachelorette parties, the engagement party that doubles as a couple’s shower can make a lot of sense. For parties like this, friends or family tend to be the host. Either way, it’s an excuse to enjoy yourself and even receive some presents before the actual wedding.

engagement party
An engagement party is a great excuse to cut loose with your friends and family before planning the wedding

Throw Your Own Party

The final option for recently engaged couples is to throw their own party. More often than not, this occurs when a couple has moved away from their hometowns and developed a close group of friends in their new location. Throwing your own engagement party can be a lot of fun, but keep it simple. Remember, you still have a wedding to plan, wedding rings to choose, and plenty of tasks for the groom to handle. When throwing your own party, a potluck is a great way to make it easy. Order a keg, purchase a couple bottles of wine, and ask friends to bring a dish to share. This way everyone has a chance to take a picture with the bride to be and her new ring in a casual, fun setting. On your wedding day, you’ll have precious few moments to visit with each person, and this is a great option for couples who believe their friends to be their closest family.

Have advice on throwing a great engagement party? Let us know in the comments!


The Complete Guide to Understanding Engagement Ring Anatomy

When it comes to picking out an engagement ring, many people are simply unfamiliar with the aspects of ring anatomy. While the diamond itself tends to get the most attention, other aspects of the ring such as the setting and the band are also important. In order to help customers make the most informed decision possible when buying engagement rings online, we’ve put together this guide on ring anatomy.

one carat round diamondThe Diamond

Typically, the diamond is the most expensive aspect of an engagement ring. Educating yourself on the four Cs of diamond quality will help you best understand the make up of diamonds. Paying particular attention to the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond will help you make the best decision.

The Setting

four prong ring settingWhile many people consider the setting to be the ring’s style, it is actually the part that holds the diamond in place. Each diamond setting is manufactured to hold the specific diamond you select for an engagement ring. There are two setting types: prong and bezel. Specifically with round diamonds, there is the option of either four or six-prong. Although a four-prong setting will display more of the diamond, a six-prong setting provides a security advantage for holding the diamond in place. Pictured on the right is a four-prong setting .

The Ring Band

When it comes to ring anatomy, the band is the second most prominent feature after the diamond. Bands are available in a variety of metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Additionally, bands are created in a wide number of styles. Although solitaire settings are the most traditionally popular, today ring bands can be channel set, three stone, splitshank and more. In additon, ring bands are accented in halo or pave settings, as well as with gemstones. For more information on the different types of metals for ring bands, check out the Adiamor metal education page.

On the other hand, if you now feel ready to buy a diamond ring, start designing an engagement ring today!




A Man’s Guide to Understanding Diamond Shapes, Part 2

Yesterday, we spent some time breaking down different diamond shapes. Today we conclude this series with part 2 of our Man’s Guide to Understanding Diamond Shapes.

oval diamondOval Diamond

Oval diamonds have a sparkle similar to round diamonds except with an elongated shape. Like other elongated diamond shapes, the oval diamond makes fingers appear slimmer. The diamond itself appears longer when mounted because of its extended silhouette.  Overall, the oval diamond contains fiery brilliance but with a unique profile which helps it stand out.

heart shaped diamondHeart Shaped Diamond

Just as it sounds, the heart shaped diamond is shaped like a heart. Starting as a pear shape, this diamond shape can only be created by the most skilled diamond cutters. While this diamond shape looks wonderful in engagement rings, it also works well with pendants, too. A primary reason many brides love their heart shaped engagement rings is because the heart symbolizes eternal love.

radiant cut diamondRadiant Cut Diamond

The radiant cut is a brilliant cut like the round diamond except with square or rectangular cut corners. This cut is a popular choice for those who enjoy clean lines but want something with more flair than the princess cut. While the radiant cut diamond is stunning on its own in a solitaire setting, this is one of the diamond shapes that truly shines when surrounding by accents which makes it an excellent choice for threestone or pave settings.

asscher cut diamondAsscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher cutwas created in 1902 by Joseph Asscher. It is very similar to the emerald cut; both are step cuts that have tiered facets and a mirror-like way of reflecting light, however the Asscher is square rather than rectangular in shape. Its geometric look was popular during the Art Deco period, and this has caused a surge in popularity in recent years. It is an excellent diamond shape to match future brides filled with flair and unique style.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut diamonds, also known as “candlelight diamonds,” are an antique cut that originated in the 1800’s. Cushions can be rounded squares or rectangulcushion cut diamondar shapes. Even though the cushion cut diamond is an older style, it still remains popular today because of the amount of sparkle they produce. The cushion cut looks excellent in solitaire settings, especially when the band features vintage designs.

For more information on diamonds, check out the Adiamor Diamond Education center today!