Celebrity Engagement News: Which Unique Engagement Ring Settings Will They Choose?

Let’s face it. Celebrity engagement news is nearly impossible to avoid, whether you like it or not!  Fans across the globe are taking notice of the unique engagement ring settings their favorite celebs are choosing, whether it’s a simple and classic solitaire setting with a plain gold band or something a bit more non-traditional, like Mariah Carey’s stunning 10.02-carat emerald-cut diamond.

If you are inspired by the style of Mariah’s ring and want to design something similar, click here!

As you already know, the latest engagement stories are not hard to find. Whether on popsugar.com, a magazine cover, or a celebrity tweet, each drizzly, diamond-coated detail can be divulged to the public in real-time, leaving very little room for mystery.  With this said, it is difficult to ignore what our leading ladies and gentlemen in Hollywood consider to be the hottest, most unique engagement ring settings and styles.

As “fans” browsing through pictures of our favorite celebrity engagement rings, we often want to find out things like “How big is that rock, exactly?!” or “what type of ring IS that?” Or, perhaps while drooling over a picture of Beyonce’s engagement ring, the realization that “I could buy three mansions in Texas with that ring” becomes an overwhelming reality to behold.  Then, there are those of us who gaze upon the dreamiest and most unique engagement ring settings we’ve ever seen and our inner Veruca Salt boldy exclaims:  “I want it now!”

Ahem…let’s not ignore the fact that Veruca’s mom is sporting a larger-than-life light-blue sapphire oval diamond halo ring here… if you dig this style, click here to see something similar from Adiamor.

The intrigue behind celebrity engagement rings is different for each person.  This is all part of the fun of being a “fan.”  We get to make up our minds and form our opinions from a distance, picking and choosing what we like and what we don’t. In the end, we may decide to to follow the celebrity trends, or maybe we come to the conclusion that creating a trend of our own is a more appealing choice.

Truth be told, celebrity and non-celebrity couples alike are on the hunt for something unique when it comes to engagement ring settings. Perhaps this is because no two love stories are the same.  Regardless of the reason, the great thing to remember when shopping for unique engagement ring settings is that unlike the hottest trends in celebrity clothing, diamonds never go out of style!

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