Pave Engagement Rings: A Carpet of Carats

When you’re madly in love, it can feel like birds are singing just for you and the streets beneath your feet are paved with diamonds. While you may not actually be getting a personal serenade or taking a stroll down a sparkling, priceless avenue, there are SOME things you can truly pave with diamonds – starting with pave diamond engagement rings!

Pave (pronounced “pah-VEY”), which is French for “paved” (naturally), is a bead method of placing many small gemstones closely together so that they completely cover the surface of the jewelry they adorn. To get an idea of the effect that this creates, imagine if you took a ring, made it sticky and rolled it in little diamonds, almost like sprinkles on a cupcake or glitter on a child’s art project. In the case of pave diamond engagement rings, they usually feature diamonds that are placed like tiny cobblestones across the band, sides and/or setting of the ring, creating a glittering visual effect that almost looks like the ring itself is fashioned entirely of diamonds.  Check out one of our many stunning pave engagement rings below:


Pave diamonds can be used in many ways to produce a striking ring. For one, they can be placed as an eye-catching complement to a larger, central gemstone in unique engagement ring settings, setting off the main diamond for a marvelous effect. And two, pave diamonds can be a cost-effective and creative alternative to a large single diamond. Remember the dramatic oval engagement ring that the character Edward gave his fiancé, Bella, in the Twilight movies? That much-coveted bauble has become one of the most popular pave engagement rings in recent memory, and for good reason: The blanket of tiny diamonds across the ring’s surface sparkles like a vampire in the sun.

There is a slight risk to using pave diamonds as a key element of unique engagement ring settings. As the diamonds are not surrounded by prongs, they can be more easily lost. Also, pave engagement rings should be regularly cleaned and checked so that dirt that accumulates between the small stones from daily wear can be removed, leaving a ring that is as beautiful as the day it was made. But despite the periodic maintenance, a pave diamond setting with or without a larger diamond at the center, can be the perfect choice for anyone seeking a ring that is truly one of a kind.

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