Are Engagement Rings Worth It?

These days, it seems people will argue over just about anything. No longer are facts and science enough to sway popular opinion. In fact, thousands of years later, there are still people who believe the world is flat! Lately, a popular question people have been asking is whether or not engagement rings are “worth it.” So, for hopefully one last time, we’d like to tackle this topic and declare the answer. Are engagement rings worth it? Yes.

Engagement Rings Have Definitive Value

Deciding whether something has value depends on a lot of things such as market demand and product supply. However, one surefire way to determine something’s worth is through an appraisal. Essentially, an appraisal is a documented expert opinion that declares an item’s approximate retail value. Engagement ring appraisals are especially useful for insurance purposes. In case of loss, theft, or damage, your insurance company will use the appraisal to provide an equal replacement of your item. Additionally, an insurance company calculates the premium on this appraisal value. Therefore, in strict terms of value, an engagement ring’s worth is documented in the appraisal.

engagement ring appraisal
A sample appraisal declaring the value of an engagement ring

An Engagement Rings Worth Includes Personal Value

In addition to market value,  determining are engagement rings worth anything does rely on personal sentiment. This is the standard for pretty much every item in society, too. A house has a defined market value based on other homes for sale, the property value of the neighborhood, and other variables. However, the value of the home to the owner will be higher. This is completely true of jewelry as well. While an engagement ring’s value according to an appraisal may be $5,525, the personal value is essentially priceless. Engagement rings are once in a lifetime purchases, and finding the perfect engagement ring to match the personality of your spouse will always be a challenge because of this. Are engagement rings worth it? Of course they are because they are priceless symbols of love.

Finally, if you don’t believe engagement rings have any value, try proposing without one. We think you’ll have a better chance of hearing “Yes!” if you’ve properly prepared, so check out the Adiamor gudie to getting engaged today!

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