Solitaire Engagement Rings – A Beautiful Choice for Your Bride to Be


Solitaire engagement ringsare a very popular choice.  A classic and timeless option, this is an ideal setting for many who prefer something simple, beautiful, and eye-catching.
“Simple” can be deceiving, though.  Solitaire engagement rings are only simple in the setting – whereas plenty of variety still exists for those looking for a creative spin on the classic option.  For instance, some classic solitaire settings can work with plenty of diamond shapes, including:
– Round
– Princess
– Oval
– Radiant
– Marquise
– Emerald
– Pear
– Heart
– Asscher
– Cushion

At Adiamor, we have solitaire engagement settings that can accentuate the chosen diamond extremely well, allowing the diamond itself to be presented in full view.  While some think that solitaire engagement rings are simple, we prove they are commonly anything but simple.

Variety isn’t only found with diamond cuts, however.  You can find solitaire engagement rings in a variety of metals as well:

– 14k White and Yellow Gold
– 18k White and Yellow Gold
– Rose Gold
– Platinum

And of course, with different ring finishes and tapers, you can combine diamond types and metal types to create a truly customized look – all with the classic and timeless presence of a solitaire engagement ring style.
Do you need help finding the perfect engagement ring?  Feel free to contact us for assistance.  We’ll be happy to help you choose a ring that meets your aesthetic and budgeting needs.  With a great selection of beautiful rings, you’ll be happy with your purchase.
Don’t miss out on our amazing selection of gorgeous engagement rings!

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