How To Announce Your Engagement

The night of your proposal is an exciting time. From the comforting commitment to spending the rest of your life with your beloved to the outpouring of love from friends and family, an engagement is the perfect moment to share with others. In recent years, social media has become the forefront for sharing the big news. However, just because you posted the perfect ring pic on Instagram doesn’t mean your Aunt Jackie knows about your upcoming nuptials already. As this year’s wedding season approaches, keep reading the Adiamor blog for ideas how to announce your engagement to everyone special in your life.

The Classic Engagement Photo Shoot

While there’s no doubt that your engagement ring photo garnered plenty of likes online, the classic engagement photo shoot is something you definitely should not skip. Photographers are professionals for a reason, and their creative eye will certainly result in some stellar shots. Professional engagement photos are a great keepsake, and they can be used in tons of other ways. Engagement photos create gorgeous Save The Date announcements, and they also can be used as decorations for the wedding reception. Additionally, you will want to have the series of photographs to look back on later.

announce your engagement
Announce your engagement with professional photos.

The Surprise Engagement Party

Although it takes a little bit of extra planning and plenty of confidence in the proposal, a surprise engagement party makes for a memorable evening. The way it works is friends and family gather to throw a party for the newly engaged couple without the knowledge of the bride to be. In many cases, the future groom sets up the proposal away from home, and then the couple returns home to the excited faces of their closest friends and family members. This gives plenty of people the chance to see your new diamond ring up close and celebrate the upcoming wedding. While the surprise party can be more stressful to set up, they are a remarkably fun party. Plus, this means you have plenty of people to help you spread the word and announce your engagement as well.

Announce Your Engagement Online The Right Way

Your announcement is going to end up online sooner than later. However, there is a right and wrong way to announce your engagement online. First and foremost, think your post through. Make sure you avoid typos or rambling on forever. Instead, keep your posts short and focus on the engagement itself. Avoid a lengthy recap of the entire relationship leading up to this point. Finally, make sure you get a decent picture of the ring! Too many times people hastily upload a picture of their diamond engagement ring without showcasing the diamond’s sparkling fire.

When it comes time to announce your engagement, be sure you take good pictures that will last and celebrate with loved ones. And then start planning your wedding!


Why You Should Buy Engagement Rings Online

Why You Should Buy Engagement Rings Online

Many customers find that purchasing engagement rings online is a dream come true, but it’s reasonable to have questions about the process. Adiamor has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which we earned with great products, exemplary policies, and respectful, responsible treatment of customer information. We hope that our detailed responses to the common questions outlined below will inspire confidence in your decision to shop with us!

Buy Engagement Rings Online

Is it Safe?

Your personal and financial information are precious, and in the wake of hacking, fraud, and identity theft scandals hitting household-name companies on larger and larger scales, we understand that protecting your payment accounts and personal information is a matter of concern.

Fraud Protection and Data Encryption

Adiamor employs an encrypted secure checkout system when you make your purchase, so any information you submit is secure.   The four major credit cards in use in the U.S. are accepted at our secure checkout, and all have excellent fraud protection features and policies.

We also offer customers the option to make their purchases via PayPal, the web’s most trusted third-party payment service, in which case your purchase is covered by PayPal’s many user protections and we never even see your card or bank account information. Another option is to pay via bank wire transfer so that any purchase protections offered by your bank can apply to your transaction, and your banker can advise you on the safest ways to purchase.

Diamond Certification

The standards for retailers and suppliers regarding diamond authenticity and grading are very strict in the United States. All of Adiamor’s diamonds are guaranteed authentic.   GIA and AGS certified diamonds carry assurances of quality and authenticity, as a detailed diamond report accompanies each stone.  GIA certified diamonds also include a profile mapping out the stone’s key identifying features or they are micro-inscribed with a unique ID number or both that ensures the stones and diamond dossiers are always properly paired.

Metal Authenticity

For a piece of jewelry to be sold as gold, legally the metal must have a purity grade of at least 10 karat. Adiamor doesn’t carry anything using gold with a purity grade below 14kt, and all of our 14kt gold, 18kt gold, and platinum are stamped to reflect the metal purity and content. For gold, the mark is .585 or 14k for 14 karat gold; .750 or 18k for 18 karat gold. PLAT, PT, or any number from 900 to 950 indicates platinum. (The numbers for platinum indicate parts pure platinum versus other naturally included metals.)

You can check any piece of fine jewelry for the appropriate stamping; on necklaces this is usually located on some part of the clasp, and on the undersides of rings and bracelets. Some earrings and other pieces that don’t have surfaces large enough for the markings may not be stamped.  If you have any doubts, almost any local jeweler will be able to conduct some basic tests and inspections to confirm that your jewelry is real.

Return Policy

Even when all of the above precautions are observed, sometimes the jewelry that arrives at your door simply isn’t what you had in mind. When that happens, Adiamor is happy to accept returns and exchanges of unworn, undamaged, unaltered items within 30 days under our return policy.


What Are the Benefits?

Just For You

Adiamor doesn’t maintain stock of most items.  When an order comes in, the piece is made to order especially for that customer. Even the settings that are created separately in advance are matched with handpicked stones and tailored to fit well and comfortably, making many further customizations possible. If there’s anything you’d like to add or change about one of the designs available on our site, just place your order by phone or contact us before purchasing so we can work with you on your customization.

Save Money

Engagement and wedding budgets quickly become strained for most of us and purchasing your engagement ring and wedding bands online is a very popular way to save money without sacrificing quality. Without the expenses of renting, staffing, and maintaining a storefront, we simply don’t need to make the same markups of traditional retailers, and we choose to pass our savings on to our customers.

Save Time

Planning your engagement– and, very soon after, your wedding—is hectic enough. During this very busy time in your life, visiting multiple stores in person to look at a small selection of diamonds and rings would take more time than you can spare, especially compared to how quickly shoppers can browse hundreds of thousands of diamonds and hundreds of engagement rings.  Adiamor offers more styles and variations than storefront locations.

A Calm Shopping Experience

Purchasing an engagement ring online saves customers a great deal of stress and time. Traveling to multiple store locations is not only a major timesink: it’s traffic, parking, wasted gas, high-pressure sales tactics, pushy crowds, and rushing from place to place before everyone closes for the day, with no guarantee that any of them will have just what you’re looking for.

Compare this experience to the convenience if you buy engagement rings online.  You can do your shopping at any time of day from your home or office, with the time necessary to choose the perfect ring from an incredible selection with a 30 day return policy.  If you do happen to need assistance in narrowing down styles, choosing a diamond, or making your purchasing decision, Adiamor is just a phone call away.