Diamond Halo Pendant Sweepstakes Winner Alert – Congratulations Sean P.

Huge congratulations to Sean and Katherine P. from Virginia on winning our Diamond Halo Pendant Sweepstakes.  Katherine and Sean have been married 2 1/2 years, together 4 1/2. Sean is a veteran of the US Air Force and Katherine is a Birth Doula.

“I was in total shock to hear I won the sweepstakes! I had entered after my wife sent me the link, never expecting anything to happen. When I first got the email, I thought it was a scam but my wife urged me to call and at least find out if it was a scam or not. We were both pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn’t at all!”

Sean and Katherine P. – Winner of Adiamor Diamond Halo Pendant Sweepstakes

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