What are the Best Diamond Shapes for an Engagement Ring?

Certain diamond shapes and sizes look incredibly beautiful when paired with particular settings. Here are some of our favorite combinations of diamonds and rings to help you decide the best diamond shapes for your engagement ring:

Larger round brilliants:

If you budget allows, round diamonds .90 ct and above look exquisite in the Large French Cut Pave setting, R2834.

French Cut Diamond Pave Setting from Adiamor
French Cut Diamond Pave Setting from Adiamor


One of our favorite customizations of this ring is to add diamonds on the prongs for a very luxurious and romantic look. The diamonds in the gallery are visible to the wearer only, so it’s like a secret love note to your beloved.

For more petite round brilliant stones, such as .50 ct and below, the classic solitaire makes a charming counterpart.

Diamond Solitaire Engagment Ring from Adiamor
Diamond Solitaire Engagment Ring from Adiamor


Rectangular fancy shaped diamonds like Emerald cuts and elongated Radiants or Cushions look great in three stone rings. Some of Adiamor’s recent favorite custom rings have been rectangular fancy shapes in three stone rings with tapered baguette side stones.

Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguettes
Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguettes

Tip: If you are looking for a rectangular stone, make sure the length to width ratio is above 1.10. The most popular L:W ratios for emerald cuts are between 1.30-1.40, because this produces a rectangular shape. If you know you like a very long rectangle, feel free to go higher, though. Or, if you want a squarer rectangle, look for L:W ratios from 1.20-1.30. Any diamond with a L:W ratio below 1.05-1.08 (depending on cut) will appear as a square.

Later on, we’ll discuss halo engagement ring styles!



Famous “Two-Ring” Proposals

Sometimes it’s fun to picture yourself as the leading lady in famous romances, like Guinevere and Lancelot, or Romeo and Juliet. While we don’t have any historical evidence for those legendary couples, we do have quite a few details about some famous ladies and their beaus, like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Lucille Ball. Though their romances are varied, they all share one thing in common: each woman received two engagement rings!

rosegoldengagementThe love affair between Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer was a scorching one, culminating in a proposal in 1954. Audrey met Mel at a party, and it was love at first sight. They worked together in the stage production Ondine, in which Audrey played a water sprite. She certainly worked her fairy magic on Mel, because when he popped the question, he gave Audrey not just one, but two rings; one rose gold engagement ring and one in white gold. Knowing the starlet’s affinity for fashion, he wanted her to be able to wear his ring always and still have it match her outfit and other jewelry selections.

emerlandengagementringGrace Kelly’s sweetheart, Prince Rainier III of Monaco, also purchased two rings; though he went a little more over the top than Mel Ferrer. Originally, the Prince proposed to Grace with an engagement ring set with stones matching the colors of Monaco. Once he arrived in the States in 1956 and saw that traditional American engagement rings usually involved a diamond setting, he realized his faux pas. He immediately commissioned a 12-carat emerald cut diamond. Grace didn’t seem to mind either ring.  She was the picture of happiness when she sailed with her charming prince on a private luxury liner to their secret wedding location.

cushioncutengagementringsPerhaps the most romantic two-ring engagement story to come out of this era is the proposal between Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. When the couple eloped in 1940, Desi proposed with a cheap brass ring (the type that turns your finger green after just a few hours of wear), because all the high-end stores were closed. Later, he gave her the cushion cut diamond engagement ring they picked out together. Lucy said that she treasured the cheap brass ring for years, keeping it tucked away in her jewelry box next to other priceless jewels. She even wore it in dozens of episodes of I Love Lucy.

Even though these stories are thrilling, your man doesn’t have to buy you two engagement rings, or one with a whopping price tag. Like Lucy’s finger-tinting brass ring, it’s the love that doubles the worth of any proposal.  Find the ring, or rings, that exhibit your undying love, like this sparkling rose gold ring, only at Adiamor!


Reality Shows and Pave Engagement Rings

Go on, admit it. Everyone has one—or two, or three guilty-pleasure reality shows. If you’re moving towards marriage, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the drama of wedding-based shows, like The Bachelor or Say Yes to the Dress, or in steamy romances that sometimes inadvertently develop, like on Survivor.

paveengagementringAlong with having some of the shortest engagements in television history, many proposals born out of matches from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette feature pave engagement rings. In 2011, J.P. proposed to Ashley with a ring encrusted with 162 round cut diamonds set in the pave style. Brad outdid J.P. when he proposed to Emily by giving her a 3-carat ring with 263 pave diamonds. However, they called off the engagement just three months after he proposed—proof that cost does not equal commitment!

A bride-to-be from Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta favored the pave engagement ring style, too. Brandie Gowen from last season received a cushion-cut diamond from her sweetie. The beautiful center cut diamond was set in what she described as an “antique-style band” that was created using yellow gold and pave diamonds.

pavesolitaireRemember Amber and “Boston Rob,” the lovers who forged an unbreakable alliance that took them to the final two in Survivor: All Stars in 2004? It seems that even this dynamic duo isn’t immune to the reality-TV/pave engagement ring link. At the show’s season finale, Rob proposed with a white gold ring that featured a 1.31 carat diamond surrounded by dozens of smaller pave diamonds. Not too shabby for a romance that started on a deserted island!

The best part about “reality” TV is that ultimately it’s just a fantasy, and it’s real life that the stuff of dreams is made of.  Luckily, pave engagement rings are part of real life and can become a dazzling reality for you and your loved one. Adiamor has plenty of sparkling stunners for you to choose from, like this pave beauty.



How to Choose Your Engagement Ring Jeweler

When thinking about buying an engagement ring online, you may want to go shop with your intended, or you may want to create a romantic surprise. You may decide to shop online, or you may wish to visit a jeweler and see the selection. Your purchase may be determined by your budget, the style and taste of your intended, popular trends or all three. Or, you may wish to buy according to your own taste, to express what you feel. No matter what your circumstances or choices may be, research into the wide range of diamond style and quality options is highly recommended and selection of a trusted jeweler is a must.

A knowledgeable and reputable seller of engagement rings online will, first and foremost, seek to educate you about diamond quality, certification, clarity, cut, color, shape and the advantages and disadvantages of various metals. Your selected jeweler must be ready and willing to answer your questions, give you a comparison of various loose diamonds that are within your budget and provide a diamond grading report. Remember that diamonds may be equal in carat weight, but have very different quality and price when the clarity, cut and color are considered. You’ll also want a jeweler who can provide an appraisal, an insurer, and financing options.
Make sure your jewelry manufacturer offers a very wide selection of diamonds and diamond ring settings as well as the option of designing your own ring. Essential to your purchase is the availability of experts who will talk with you by phone in order to assist you personally in every aspect of your choice. You must be comfortable with the quality of workmanship in the company you choose, selecting a company that offers items manufactured with a minimum of G/H color and VS clarity. Inquire as to whether your jeweler is a direct diamond importer and a jewelry manufacturer as this will make a big difference in getting the best price for your engagement ring. Also pay attention to the return policy and commitment to customer service.
The ring you purchase will be with you for a lifetime. It will signify your promise, your love and your faith in the future. You can begin the process of educating yourself and selecting your engagement ring.