When Should We Take The Honeymoon?

Many engaged couples look for to two primary aspects of getting married: the reception and the honeymoon. While the ceremony itself certainly takes a lot of planning, the reception is often where the bulk of the work comes. Even though the guest list is important to the ceremony, no one has to plan where the wedding guests sit for the exchanging of the vows. At the reception, though, seats are generally assigned, and creating this seating chart is a major stressor. In addition, the reception requires decorations, menus, caterers, cakes, music, and bar tenders. With all of this planning, couples some times take a look at the honeymoon and decide to put it off. While it may seem like a great idea to delay the honeymoon, there are many reasons to take the honeymoon right away.

take the honeymoon
If it is possible, take the honeymoon directly after the wedding.

Why To Take The Honeymoon Immediately

One of the main reasons to honeymoon right away is to leave the wedding stress behind. While navigating the airport may not seem like a lot of fun, sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand is. Planning the honeymoon is definitely one extra step, but it is a step worth taking. However, be sure to plan the right kind of honeymoon for you and your spouse. If you’ve spent a lot of time making a lot of decisions leading up to your wedding, an all-inclusive resort might be the answer. Not only will you have plenty of food and drink available, you won’t be constantly reaching for your wallet. On the other hand, if you’re a couple who blows off steam with adventure, be sure your honeymoon includes some action.

The honeymoon is often regarded as one of the best parts about getting married. While it may hard to believe that it gets better than either the proposal or saying “I do,” the honeymoon gives couples a chance to relax, get away, and start their marriage off on a high note. By taking the honeymoon directly after the wedding, you’ll be able to avoid an anti-climatic trip.  Finally, be sure your travel plans involve keeping your engagement ring safe, and you’ll have a great time!


5 Best Honeymoon Locations

Since you’re probably only planning to have one honeymoon, you no doubt want it to be memorable. And there are a lot of locales that can deliver on that score, from fabulously hip and historical cities to breezy, exotic islands. But whether you’re interested in a tried and true honeymoon hotspot or you prefer something off the beaten path, you may still have a hard time settling on a location to host the most romantic week of your new life. So if you’re on the fence (or you don’t have a clue) here are just a few potentially perfect places for your honeymoon.

1. Paris, France. Does it get any more perfect than the city of lights? With historical architecture and attractions galore (they hardly need be listed, they’re so famous), one of the best museums in the world, gorgeous and romantic cityscapes, and of course, all the decadent food and wine you could want, you’ll enjoy a lavish vacation full of love.

2. Maui, Hawaii. If you’re looking for a great escape, this is one of the most beautiful spots in the island paradise off America’s west coast. Lie out all day on the white sand beaches or take a dip in the warm waters. Then throw on a little nothing of a dress and your diamond earrings for an evening of dancing and lychee martinis at the luau.

3. Kasuli, India. Listed as the best honeymoon spot in old-world India, the tranquility and natural beauty of this locale is a fitting backdrop for your feelings of love. Take a tour of the small town on foot, peer over a waterfall at the temple of Nahari Devi, and if you need a little more entertainment, drive to Delhi for a few days (about 200 miles away).

4. Daintree National Park, Queensland, Australia. There’s a whole lot of nature to explore in this national park, from bird-watching in the rainforest and along Mossman Creek, to the explosion of marine life supported by the Great Barrier Reef. Stay at the Silky Oaks Lodge and Healing Waters Spa, where you can go out in the morning for a walkabout, then come back for a couples massage, and finish with dinner in your own private tree house.

5. Jade Mountain, St. Lucia. This little island in the Caribbean is a world away from what you might expect in say, the Bahamas. The resort at Jade Mountain is minimalist in a way, but nonetheless offers every luxury. You’ll find that your guest room is missing a wall (the whole place is open to the ocean to give you the feeling of sleeping outdoors) but each room comes with its own private infinity pool. You might feel like view of the twin peaks across the bay is just for the two of you.