Proposal Ideas for the 4th of July

While most Americans recognize the 4th of July as Independence Day, it is actually a great time to get engaged. Between family BBQs and fireworks, there’s a good chance you and your future bride will be surrounded by people you love. Additionally, the fireworks offer a perfect opportunity because your night will literally end with a celebratory bang. If you are planning to propose tomorrow, take a couple of these ideas into consideration.

Before You Leave The House

Independence Day is usually a day long celebration. One of the best times to present her with an engagement ring is before you even leave the house. This gives you the chance to have a romantic moment alone. After she gets ready– make sure she’s finished her hair and make up– drop to one knee and ask her for her hand in marriage. Proposing before you leave the house means their will be plenty to celebrate at the party. Plus, this will give her a chance to show off her ring in the daylight to all of party guests.

During The BBQ

If your beloved loves to be the center of attention, then proposing during the BBQ is another option. There are two approaches to this: quietly or in front of everyone. If you intend to propose to her alone, though, your best bet would be to do it before leaving the house. When you decide to ask her to marry you in front of a bunch of people, make sure you keep eye contact with her and make sure she’s the focus. A great way to do this is by proposing a toast, and then asking for her hand in marriage. If you can pull this off, you’ll be the life of the party for the rest of the day. Plus, since its the 4th of July, you’ll never forget the day you got engaged!

4th of July
The 4th of July is a great time to get engaged

Just Watch The Fireworks

One last option is proposing during the fireworks. This can be extremely romantic, especially if the two of you have a spot to yourselves. However, a key part of proposing is making sure she’s the center of attention.  Plus, since you are presenting her with a diamond engagement ring, you want to make sure she’s able to see it sparkle! If you plan on proposing during the fireworks, just be certain you have some space. You want the proposal to be a romantic moment she remembers forever, so plan your proposal accordingly!


How To Tell Your Proposal Story To Strangers

If you recently became engaged, then congratulations are in order. However, one thing you may not be prepared for is how to tell your proposal story to strangers. While it may seem odd that you would need to consider this, the fact of the matter is you’ll need to practice. In fact, you’ll probably be retelling the story quite frequently in the coming months. Wedding planning will require working with many different types of people across industries, but you should be ready to tell your story over and over. In order to help you prepare for telling your proposal story, we’ve put together this short guide to help you remember the most important parts.

Location, Location, Location

One of the first questions many people ask is “where did he propose?” Although you may want to give a quick answer such as “at the beach” or “on vacation”, you should share details about the proposal location. While it may seem insignificant at the time, providing the small details can help wedding consultants and planners do their job. Little moments from the proposal story might influence wedding announcements, reception decorations, or perhaps even the wedding rings.  Additionally, the location of your proposal will remain with you forever. It helps to keep those memories fresh by remembering the little things. Think about the time of day, the smell of the air, and how the location makes your proposal story unique. All of these things will help you explain your love to the strangers who are helping put the wedding together.

get engaged
You’ll always remember the moment he dropped to one knee.

Get The Words Just Right, Even If He Didn’t

Proposing is an exciting moment, and it’s possible all of the exact words are now a blur. Did he tell you how beautiful you look without mumbling? Did he mention spending the rest of your lives together before showing the ring? Chances are you were so excited at the sight of the engagement ring that you don’t remember every word. However, this is quite common for many brides to be! Plus, the other good news is you get to retell the story how you want to, so if he mixed up his words a little bit, no one else has to know. Telling your proposal story will help you remember the moment the way you felt it happened.

Don’t Make Your Proposal Story Last Too Long

While some wedding planning events can take hours– just ask any lady who has tried on dresses– many of the planning requires shorter interactions with strangers. Although the caterers are thrilled you’ve hired them, they probably don’t want an hour of your story. As your engagement story gets more refined, you’ll find the right places to keep the story quick. Meeting with the wedding officiant probably requires a longer story than meeting with the bartenders, for example.

In the end, your proposal story will forever be your moment. Remember it the best you can, and be prepared to share it with tons of strangers. To make it easier, keep it short, and focus on the best details of the time he dropped to a knee. This makes wedding planning interactions easier, and you’ll be prepared to share the story when someone tells you “Congrats!”


The Right One: How To Decide When To Propose

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for months or years, getting married has probably crossed your mind before. If you’re lucky, you may currently be in the relationship that you want to last the rest of your life. Finding the right person to propose to is an immense challenge in itself. However, even if you have found the perfect life partner, figuring out the proposal takes a lot of planning and decision making. If you believe you have found your lifelong lover, then maybe we can help you decide when to propose to your future spouse.

Supportive Loyalty Deserves An Engagement Ring

It is no secret that life has its ups and downs. The people who make those challenging times better are the ones worth keeping around. A future spouse should be loyal and supportive. Whether you found a man who makes you laugh after a hard day of work or the woman who lets you open up emotionally, these are the real keepers. From picking up the pieces after the loss of a loved one or providing the necessary support during a bold career change, loyalty helps a relationship keep an even keel. If your beloved is your rock, then shopping for wedding bands should be a part of your future.

decide to propose
You’ll always remember the day you decided to propose

Let The Good Times Roll

In addition to helping you through the tough times, the best future brides and grooms know how to keep the good times going. A lifelong partner must embody a wide range of characteristics, but a key component to a healthy marriage is happiness. Whether it’s a smile that lights up a room or a laugh that warms your heart, a happy husband and wife know how to enjoy every day life. If you and your potential spouse know how to live every moment to its fullest, then maybe it’s time to start talking about the future. Hopefully, it involves him dropping to a knee and presenting a beautiful engagement ring and wedding bells to follow!

True Love Requires Compassion

In addition to staying positive and supportive, true lovers must be compassionate. Not everybody is perfect every day; in fact, no one is. Compassion helps couples get over bad days, and it helps relationships mend when things are tough. If you ask your grandparents what helped them stay together for 50 years, they will probably tell you compassion. It provides perspective and understanding, and being compassionate will help you remember why you fell in love in the first place. While a wedding ring represents the eternal circle of love, compassion is the real strength that makes marriages successful.

If you are lucky enough to be with the person you want to marry, learn how to budget for an engagement ring and start planning your proposal today.


How To Announce Your Engagement

The night of your proposal is an exciting time. From the comforting commitment to spending the rest of your life with your beloved to the outpouring of love from friends and family, an engagement is the perfect moment to share with others. In recent years, social media has become the forefront for sharing the big news. However, just because you posted the perfect ring pic on Instagram doesn’t mean your Aunt Jackie knows about your upcoming nuptials already. As this year’s wedding season approaches, keep reading the Adiamor blog for ideas how to announce your engagement to everyone special in your life.

The Classic Engagement Photo Shoot

While there’s no doubt that your engagement ring photo garnered plenty of likes online, the classic engagement photo shoot is something you definitely should not skip. Photographers are professionals for a reason, and their creative eye will certainly result in some stellar shots. Professional engagement photos are a great keepsake, and they can be used in tons of other ways. Engagement photos create gorgeous Save The Date announcements, and they also can be used as decorations for the wedding reception. Additionally, you will want to have the series of photographs to look back on later.

announce your engagement
Announce your engagement with professional photos.

The Surprise Engagement Party

Although it takes a little bit of extra planning and plenty of confidence in the proposal, a surprise engagement party makes for a memorable evening. The way it works is friends and family gather to throw a party for the newly engaged couple without the knowledge of the bride to be. In many cases, the future groom sets up the proposal away from home, and then the couple returns home to the excited faces of their closest friends and family members. This gives plenty of people the chance to see your new diamond ring up close and celebrate the upcoming wedding. While the surprise party can be more stressful to set up, they are a remarkably fun party. Plus, this means you have plenty of people to help you spread the word and announce your engagement as well.

Announce Your Engagement Online The Right Way

Your announcement is going to end up online sooner than later. However, there is a right and wrong way to announce your engagement online. First and foremost, think your post through. Make sure you avoid typos or rambling on forever. Instead, keep your posts short and focus on the engagement itself. Avoid a lengthy recap of the entire relationship leading up to this point. Finally, make sure you get a decent picture of the ring! Too many times people hastily upload a picture of their diamond engagement ring without showcasing the diamond’s sparkling fire.

When it comes time to announce your engagement, be sure you take good pictures that will last and celebrate with loved ones. And then start planning your wedding!


5 Obvious Signs That It Is Time To Get Engaged

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with another person is a huge decision. However, waiting around to decide is not the right way. Whether you’re afraid of ruining a good thing or looking for a sign, choosing the right moment is stressful. Although you may be waiting for just the right moment, the “right time” to pop the question is different for every couple. If you find yourself considering marriage but aren’t sure when to ask, see if any of these signs say you’re ready for the big moment.

5 Signs It’s Time To Get Engaged

  1. If you’re already married under common law, then it’s way past time to get married! Common law marriages require cohabitation for an extended period of time. There’s no reason not to take living together to the next level. Additionally, if she’s been putting up with you for this long, the least she deserves is the tax break that comes with getting hitched. If you’re already common law married, do the right thing and give her the engagement ring she truly deserves.
  2. Perhaps you haven’t been living together, but you’ve been together for years and years, then it’s time to ask the question. While “years” isn’t exactly a specific number, a definite way to tell if its time is if you’ve been together for more than half your life. If you met her at a pep rally in high school and now you’re pushing 30, then it’s definitely time to lock it down and put a ring on it.

    get engaged
    Take the next step in your relationship.
  3. This is another no brainer. If a long term relationship has resulted in a pregnancy, then you definitely need to propose. When you’re planning to raise a child together, you’re making a dedicated commitment to the future, so why wait? An engagement ring is the perfect accessory for the pregnant lady of your dreams. However, presenting her with a ring doesn’t get you out of buying the good stroller.
  4. If she’s browsing for rings online when you’re streaming a show, that’s sign she is waiting on you. Although this might seem stressful, her checking out engagement rings can be really helpful for planning your purchase. Not only will you have an idea of where to start, you can also see the budget you need to set aside.
  5. The final no brainer sign that it’s time is when she makes an ultimatum. If she’s straight up telling you to ask, then you better be ready to ask! Be careful, though, that you aren’t jumping into a commitment unless you’re prepared to follow through. However, if its reached the point of her asking to decide, you’ve probably been together long enough to get engaged.

There’s no perfect moment for getting engaged, but there are definitely some signs that will tell you it’s time. Start your Diamond Education today to get ready for the purchase that will change your life. Check out our Engagement Guide for more tips!