Signs That She Is Ready For You To Propose Now

If you’ve been in a committed relationship for a long time, you may be starting to consider marriage. However, some times it can be difficult to judge whether your partner is ready to get engaged. While many couples will consider a future together and have discussions about their plans, some times she’s ready for you to propose now. Hopefully, if you’ve been pondering proposing, you’ve already started to budget for an engagement ring. If not, you should start, especially if you are wanting to propose now.

Speaking Of Diamond Rings

One major hint she’s ready for you to propose now is when she talks about diamond rings. This is important to remember as you start shopping for engagement rings online. You’ll want to pay attention to her favorite diamond shapes as well as what ring metal she prefers. If she can’t stop talking about the pear shaped engagement ring of her dreams, it’s time to buy a ring. If she mentions engagement rings often, she may also be looking at them online. Pay close attention to the types of rings she likes on social media for ideas on what her perfect ring will be.

Her Friends’ Proposal Stories

Another way to tell if she’s ready for you to propose now is if she often shares proposal stories. She may speak longingly about the time Jonny proposed to Melissa in Hawai’i or how Milo dropped to one knee in the middle of Times Square. These stories may also help give you ideas on how she wants you to propose. Once you know she’s ready to be engaged, its time to start planning the proposal, too.

beach proposal
The beach is a popular place to propose

Wedding Television

Finally, another major sign she’s ready to get proposed to right now is what she’s been watching on television. While plenty of people tune in to reality shows like The Bachelor, long running TV shows often have special episodes dedicated to proposal stories. If she’s queued up the same episode of This Is Us where Jack proposes a couple times recently, she may be trying to tug at your heart strings. She’s definitely ready to be engaged, and it’s time for you to propose now!

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How To Plan The Perfect Spring Proposal

As the chill of winter melts away and temperature rise, spring time is definitely around the corner. This means that love is in the air, and now is the perfect time to plan a spring proposal. With the blooming flowers and additional sunshine, spring presents an excellent opportunity to get engaged. However, to make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch, we’ve put together a few tips on selecting the right place, time, and engagement ring.

The Right Place

After a long winter, most people are excited to be outside again. When planning a spring proposal, consider all the chances you’ll have to propose outside. There are tons of great options depending on your bride to be’s style. A great opportunity to proposal in the city would be a rooftop patio. This is a romantic scene that provides a dramatic back drop. On the other hand, another great place to propose outside is a secluded park. Not only will the blooming flowers set the scene, they’ll make for a lasting memory.

spring proposal
Spring presents plenty of opportunities for the perfect outdoor proposal.

The Right Time

When planning a spring proposal, it’s important to not only get the location right but also the time. This includes not only what hour of the day, but also the day of the week. For instance, if you are planning to propose on a roof top, the perfect chance is at night after dinner. This romantic scene will nearly guarantee she says “Yes!” and also means you can play a weekday proposal. This means restaurants will be less crowded, and she’ll get to share the news with coworkers and friends ahead of the weekend. On the other hand, if you’re planning a quiet outdoor getaway to propose outdoors, then a weekend proposal during the daylight hours is the best idea. You’ll have the chance to see her diamond solitaire sparkling in the sunlight as well as get the chance to enjoy the natural surroundings.

The Right Ring

Ultimately, the most important thing to get right is the engagement ring. You can match her style to a particular engagement ring setting, or you can create a custom diamond engagement ring that’s just as unique as she is. Whether you’ll be dropping to a knee to present her with a classic diamond solitaire on a Los Angeles patio or asking for her hand with a halo engagement ring on the top of a mountain, be sure you get the right ring by studying up on ring styles and the 4 c’s.  Visit the Adiamor engagement guide education center today to be certain you’ve picked the perfect ring for your spring proposal today.


Preparing For Your Holiday 2017 Proposal

The holidays are the perfect time to propose. Plus, since families are gathering together, it is also a great time to spread the good news. If you are planning to propose this holiday season, you probably have a lot on your mind. To help you stay calm and nail your proposal, we’ve put together this easy checklist. You’ll have no problem asking for her hand in marriage. Keep reading the Adiamor blog to be sure you’re prepared for your Holiday 2017 proposal!

Step 1: Pick The Ring

It may seem obvious, but you’re going to need an engagement ring. Choosing the right ring for her can be a challenge, so start off by getting educated on diamonds and ring metals. Once you understand what you’re after, be sure to select a ring that fits her personality and style. If you’re having trouble finding a preset engagement ring, consider designing your own engagement ring from scratch. This will allow you to choose the right diamond shape and engagement setting that will guarantee she says “Yes!” this holiday season. Finally, be sure to order your ring sooner than later, especially if it’s a custom creation. You need to be sure your ring will arrive before the date you’ve picked. You have picked a date, right?

Step 2: Pick The Date

Picking the time and place for your holiday 2017 proposal is just as important as getting the ring right. Not only do you need to pick a place that’s romantic and secluded, you also want the engagement spot to be meaningful. Additionally, she will definitely want to tell her friends and family, so be sure you propose before the big party instead of afterwards. Whether you plan on getting down on one knee before Thanksgiving or New Year’s, you definitely need to have your plan locked down ahead of time.

holiday 2017 proposal
Make sure you are prepared ahead of your holiday proposal.

Step 3: Ask Her

When it comes to asking her to marry you, it may seem like there are a lot of outside complications. How big of a diamond should you buy? How long should you save? Do you need to ask her parents for permission? What ring will be perfect for her? Truthfully, though, actually asking her is the most important part. In a relationship defined by true love, your commitment to her will be more important than the size of the diamond. However, having a proper diamond for her ring will certainly help!

If you are planning a holiday 2017 proposal, your best bet is to start getting prepared today. For assistance in picking the perfect diamond, contact us today!


Engagement Getaway Ideas for Fall 2017

With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, fall will be here before you know it. In recent years, fall is becoming more and more popular as both a wedding date as well as a time to propose. Whether it’s the changing leaves or the sweater weather, it’s no secret autumn is quickly becoming a hot romantic season. When planning a fall proposal, you need to plan ahead and start budgeting now. Plus, you want to make sure you pick a better way of popping the question than hiding a diamond ring in her pumpkin spice latte. If you are planning on proposing this fall, check out these engagement getaway ideas.

An Engagement Getaway To An Orchard

One great place to propose in the fall is an orchard. Picking apples is a classic date, and it can be the perfect time to propose. If your best gal is a big fan of tradition, then dropping to a knee and presenting her with a classic solitaire engagement ring would guarantee a “Yes!” To make a weekend out of it, book a nearby bed and breakfast. She’ll be telling this engagement story every chance she gets. If there’s not an orchard close to you, consider a pumpkin patch or vineyard instead.

engagement getaway
Autumn is the perfect time to propose, so start planning your engagement getaway now

Chase The Changing Leaves

Throughout the country, one popular tradition is to see the foliage change color in the fall. It also makes for an exceptional romantic date. If your wife to be is a big fan of the outdoors, consider taking a road trip and renting a cabin. It’ll be the perfect engagement getaway as you’ll have plenty of alone time to propose. From a windy drive through the mountains to a quiet balcony in the evening, there would be endless opportunities to ask for her hand in marriage.

Fall will be here before you know it, so start planning your engagement getaway now before all the rooms are booked!


How To Plan The Perfect Labor Day Proposal

For many, Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer. However, because it is a three day weekend for most people, it is a popular time to get engaged during a romantic getaway. If you are planning to propose this Labor Day weekend, keep these helpful tips in mind!

Don’t Wait Too Long

While you may be planning a Labor Day proposal, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until Labor Day to propose. Depending on the travel arrangements for your weekend, you probably want to ask her either Friday night or Saturday. If you’re arriving at a hotel or campsite late Friday night, then find the right moment to present her with a custom designed engagement ring on Saturday.  Waiting to ask once you have already decided to pop the question just provides more chances for something to go wrong. By asking earlier in the weekend, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the romantic getaway.

Plan For A Quiet Moment

One of the most important things to do when planning a proposal is to pick a quiet moment for popping the question. Be sure to plan a romantic weekend getaway that provides these perfect opportunities. Whether its standing on the hotel balcony, a quiet walk through a vineyard, or sitting by a campfire, there are plenty of great times to ask for her hand in marriage. One of the things to consider is whether or not you want to propose indoors or outside. This will help you plan ahead for weather, as well as come up with a second option in case the moment isn’t right.

labor day proposal
Labor Day weekend offers the perfect chance for a proposal during a romantic getaway

Be Sure To Pack The Ring!

It may seem like the most basic of advice, but be sure to bring the engagement ring with you on your vacation. Since the proposal will be a surprise, forgetting the ring is possible. Pack the ring in a safe spot that is also hidden. A good place to store the ring box before asking is with your accessories, such as your watch. This will prevent her from stumbling across the ring while searching for some toothpaste or an oversized T shirt to sleep in.

For more planning help, check out the proposal tips from Adiamor’s education center!