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One thing we like to do is share engagement stories from happy couples. Recently, Ann emailed us with her engagement story from this summer. Ann said “Yes” in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  A vintage inspired 18k rose gold solitaire was the ring of her dreams. Check out Ann’s story below, and learn how you can share your story!

Ann’s Engagement Story

Here’s the story, in Ann’s own words:

“The two of us decided to go on an overnight camping trip, like we usually do most weekends. This trip I wanted to grill up something special for dinner so I decided to do an overnight brine and make a spice rub for some chicken wings to grill over an open flame. We headed up to our secret backcountry campsite that we usually go to but it turned out the road was closed due to the late snow storm that hit Colorado end of May. I couldn’t understand why Chris was so upset that spot wasn’t open until we finally set up camp elsewhere.

Once we were all set up at camp, he asked if I wanted to hike to the top of a nearby rock and watch the sunset. Up the rock we went and within minutes he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I screamed “Yes!” as tears of joy ran down my face. He stood up to put the ring on my finger, and as we hugged and kissed, our dog Lincoln barked loudly. We laughed as his bark echoed through the forest and mountains.”

engagement story photo
Ann and Chris with their dog Lincoln right after she said “Yes”

Share Your Story

If you want like to have your engagement story featured on the Adiamor blow, email us! Send an email to service@Adiamor.com with the subject “Engagement Story.” Include a photo in your email, and we may feature you on a future blog!


Pear Shaped Diamond Rings In 3 Metals

Recently, pear shaped diamonds surged in popularity. Their unique shape makes them perfect for custom engagement rings when looking for something a little different. Although the pear shaped diamond is appealing because of its shape, it is also a very versatile diamond choice. The elongated shape of the pear diamond works well in solitaire settings just as it does when adding additional diamonds with a halo setting. With the tear dropped shape, the round end exudes excellent sparkle while the point of the diamond creates a dramatic focal point.  Keep reading the Adiamor blog below to view pear shaped diamond rings in three distinct styles and settings.

WPear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Settinghite Gold Halo

With a long history of sophistication, white gold is an obvious ring metal option for pear shaped diamonds. Although the pear diamond has seen a recent rise in interest, the diamond shape itself is rather classic. Due to the rounded bottom, pear shaped diamond rings have a great amount of fire and brilliance. This allows pear shaped rings to be complimented well by both the silvery luster of white gold as well as the addition of diamonds in a halo setting. Ultimately, the pear shaped halo setting is a classy and dramatic choice for an engagement ring.

Vintage Rose Gold

Twisted Diamond Band Basket Engagement Setting in Rose GoldDue to the classic appeal of its elongated silhouette, the tear shaped diamond works beautifully with vintage inspired rose gold engagement rings. The combination of dramatic flair of the diamond point with the romantic pinkish hues of rose gold truly allow this ring style to shine. Vintage rings often include an aspect hand engraved detailing that allows each ring to feel completely one of a kind. However, not all rose gold rings have to feel old to be vintage. By adding additional diamonds in pave settings, the pear shaped rose gold engagement ring can be elevated to exciting new heights while still maintaining vintage inspiration.

Yellow Gold Solitaire

Flat Edge Solitaire Setting 18K Yellow GoldFinally, no list of engagement rings is complete without the traditional yellow gold solitaire engagement setting. The most classic and timeless of all diamond rings, yellow gold solitaires are a perfect pairing for pear shaped diamonds. Even with the classic appeal of yellow gold, the pear shape’s point brings new excitement that draws the eye to the ring. Additionally, though, pear shaped diamonds make fingers look longer and slimmer. This causes yellow gold pear shaped diamond solitaires to be an extremely desirable engagement setting for brides to be. The tear dropped shape truly helps update the classic look of yellow gold.

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Rose Gold Rings Are Perfect For Fall Weddings

One of the reasons rose gold is such a popular color is the pinkish hues compliment skin tones. With such romantic coloring, its no surprise that rose gold wedding rings are rising in popularity almost as fast as rose gold engagement rings. However, whether you are the stunning bride or simply a wedding guest, rose gold is the perfect choice for fall weddings. The color plays well with autumn light, and it looks spectacular when paired with a diamond’s sparkle. Keep reading the Adiamor blog for more rose gold jewelry ideas for fall weddings!

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

The surge in popularity of rose gold engagement rings seems to be without end. While the trend picked up steam after Art Deco stylings saw a resurrection in the early 2010’s, it is no longer considered just a fad. With rose gold being so popular as an engagement ring metal, it’s no surprise that many brides favor matching rose gold wedding bands. Since the matched bands nestle perfectly alongside their engagement ring counterparts, brides do not have to worry about damage from the rings rubbing together. In addition to rose gold wedding bands being popular among brides, the color has seen a rising acceptance by men. Occasionally, it is even referred to as “bro’s gold” when used on men’s wedding bands and men’s accessories.

rose gold men's wedding band
Rose gold is seeing a rise in popularity that even extends to men’s wedding rings.

Rose Gold Pendants

In addition to rose gold rings being an excellent choice for a fall wedding, rose gold pendants are another excellent choice. While the rose gold itself is a beautiful color, adding diamonds takes rose gold to another level. The fire and brilliance of traditional white diamonds can really make a necklace a shining star. However, yellow gold can sometimes be seen as ostentatious. Therefore, rose gold has a subtle, classic elegance making it the perfect fall wedding accessory.

rose gold pendant
This rose gold halo pendant setting is stunning with a marquise cut center diamond.

How To Choose An Engagement Ring Metal

Getting engaged is a life changing decision. And picking out the perfect ring can seem nearly impossible at first. When you start shopping for an engagement ring, there are many choices to make. In addition to learning about diamonds as well as ring styles, you also have to make sure you understand the differences in ring metals. Most engagement rings consist of a band made from a precious metal, typically gold or platinum, as well as one or more diamonds.

Traditional Yellow Gold

yellow goldSince the natural color of gold is yellow, yellow gold is the most classic of all ring metals. It is also considered to be the most timeless choice. Yellow gold’s natural hues pair exceptionally well with the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds. This combination of warm colors and cool sparkle makes yellow gold an excellent choice for pave settings and halo settings that incorporate additional gemstones.

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Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Rings

rose gold ringThe pinkish hues of rose gold are one of the reasons its so popular these days. Since rose gold rings are flattering to nearly every skin tone, they are highly sought after. Also, rose gold is considered to be a romantic ring metal due to its pink colors. Another reason rose gold is such a popular ring metal is it pairs well with both fancy colored diamonds and other gemstones. For this reason, rose gold is the perfect ring for creating a unique look that stands out.

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Elegant White Gold

white gold ringThe sophistication of white gold is why so many now prefer it to yellow gold. Although white gold does have a slight natural tint of yellow, it is plated with rhodium to make it appear brighter and more white. This durable coating requires upkeep to prevent the natural yellow tints to show. The cool tones of white gold make these rings the perfect match for brilliant diamonds. The shine of white gold resembles the look of platinum, and this is another reason it is such a popular choice.

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Modern or Vintage: Which Engagement Ring Style Is Right For Her?

Shopping for engagement rings can be an incredibly difficult thing to do if you don’t know where to start. By doing a little research on ring styles, you can find the perfect ring for her. Certain engagement rings tend to match with particular personality types. Also, a woman’s sense of style will often inform the type of engagement ring setting she’d prefer. However, be sure to consider these suggestions as merely that. While these guidelines may be helpful in shopping for a ring, they are not hard and fast rules. If you are considering either a modern or vintage ring, keep reading for suggestions on how to decide between the two.

Modern or Vintage Rings

modern engagement ring
A modern engagement ring in 18k white gold

Modern rings tend to be favored by women with edgy styles and strong personalities. They combine the sleek and elegant clean lines and tend to have channel set diamonds. Also, modern engagement rings often include multiple diamonds. On the other hand, vintage rings are more subtle. The handcrafted detailing seen in many vintage engagement rings demonstrates careful attention. Additionally, vintage rings often have a nostalgic feel, and they are a great choice for a woman with a big heart. Finally, many modern rings are set in either white gold or platinum while vintage rings are typically yellow or rose gold.

One Diamond or Many Stones?

vintage engagement ring
A hand engraved vintage engagement ring in 18k rose gold

Another element that may help you decide which engagement ring style is right for her is figuring out how many diamonds she’d prefer. The most traditional engagement ring is the simple yellow gold solitaire. While classic, it is definitely not the choice for every woman. Modern engagement rings tend to feature additional diamonds either on the band in pave settings or around the center stone in halo settings. Vintage rings are often solitaires, but they also include three stone settings that help make the center diamond look even larger and shine brighter.

Shopping for an engagement ring online can be a daunting task. But, by learning about different ring styles, you can find the perfect ring for her. For assistance in picking out a ring or designing a custom engagement ring, contact Adiamor today at service@adiamor.com!


Boutique Chic Rose Gold Rings

One of the hottest trends of recent years popularized by both celebrities and tastemakers alike is boutique chic. From clothing retailers such as Urban Outfitters to shoe companies like Toms, the most fashion forward are embracing a bohemian look that looks just as good at music festivals as it does at weddings. When trying to pair jewelry with this look, the most on trend option is rose gold. Chic rose gold rings can be paired with one of kind outfits that are perfect for every occasion.

Rose Gold on Saturday Nights

When heading out for a night on the town, a bohemian look works for hip restaurants and trendy bars. When looking for the right jewelry to match, rose gold is the perfect choice. Not only does the color flatter skin tones, it also has a vintage feel without feeling second hand or cheap. Additionally, many rose gold pieces are made with unique, handmade details. This blending of popular styles and classic aesthetics makes choosing a chic rose gold ring the perfect addition to any Saturday night outfit.

Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Rose gold is a versatile color which is why it is so popular for everything from smart phones to shoes. However, chic rose gold rings are making their appearance at more and more weddings, too. After the rise of rose gold engagement rings, many brides began pairing their unique engagement ring with a matching wedding band. Whether classically paired with diamonds in a pave setting or channel set in a modern style, rose gold wedding bands grow increasingly popular year after year. With their timeless look, these chic rose gold rings can easily be paired for every day styles. This makes rose gold an excellent choice for a wedding band.

chic rose gold rings
A modern engagement ring with channel set diamonds is one of many chic rose gold rings available

When looking for the perfect ring metal that can be worn with any outfit, there’s nothing quite like rose gold. Learn more about rose gold today on the Adiamor Metal Education page!


Surviving The Reception Means Surviving The Wedding Brunch

Getting married and enjoying the reception is an incredibly fun time. After making a public commitment to your soulmate, you probably partied late into the night. This celebration of your love with your best friends and closest family is a once in a lifetime chance. However, before getting to the absolute best part of the wedding– the honeymoon– you have one more duty: brunch. Although the morning after brunch is a newer tradition, brunch is the most popular millennial choice since rose gold engagement rings. Before setting off to the beach getaway of a lifetime, here are a couple helpful tips to survive your wedding brunch.

Invite Everyone to Brunch

Even before you have to worry about handling a hangover in public, make sure you have the brunch plans figured out ahead of time. The best way to do this is simply invite everyone. However, one thing you should not have to worry about is footing the bill for the wedding brunch. After the reception, consider yourself off the hook. The wedding brunch is simply a chance for everyone to catch up the morning after the wedding, and that means everyone pays their own way. Brunch will be way less hectic than the reception. First off, you’ll be seated the whole time instead of being in the handshake line. Additionally, you will actually get a chance to eat your food. To make the best of your wedding brunch, simply pick a location and show up.

wedding brunch
The wedding brunch is the last stop before your honeymoon

A Little Hair of the Dog Helps

If you spent your wedding night staying up too late, it’s okay. Whether it was the alcohol or the excitement, plan on being tired and hungover. To handle this, a little hair of the dog can help. Some people frown at putting booze in coffee or drinking a Bloody Mary with breakfast, but you just got married. Keep the party rolling, and let everyone come to your seat at the table. This way you can focus on getting some food in your stomach before getting on a plane to Cabo.


Are Rose Gold Rings More Expensive Than Yellow Gold?

Before choosing an engagement ring metal, many people consider two primary factors: color and cost. Recently, rose gold has exploded in popularity. Although it has been used by fine jewelers for centuries, one reason so many people love rose gold engagement rings is because of the color. WIth a pinkish hue, rose gold is considered to be even more romantic than yellow gold. Additionally, many people find that rose gold rings are more flattering as they complement skin tones more so than traditional gold. Since rose gold is now one of the most popular choices for engagement rings, many people wonder whether it is more expensive than yellow gold.

14k gold vs 18k vs 24k

One of the most important things to understand about gold is understanding karat. Karat, which is not to be confused with carat, demonstrates how much pure gold is in jewelry. Carat, on the other hand, identifies the weight measurement of diamonds and other gemstones. When referring to jewelry such as rose gold rings, karat represents a percentage. Pure gold is represented as 24k, and this means the item contains 100% gold. 18 karat gold means 75% gold while 14k is 58.3% gold. The reason pure gold is rarely used in the creation of engagement rings or other fine jewelry relates to durability; pure gold is very soft and prone to scratches.

rose gold rings
A rose gold engagement ring

Gold Alloys

When jewelry gold is created, it is an alloy of pure gold and another metal. Typically, these metals include copper, nickel, silver, or zinc. In the creation of rose gold, copper is the predominant metal used. This is what gives rose gold rings their distinctive pink hue that makes rose gold so popular. However, this does not make rose gold more or less expensive than yellow gold. Since 14k or 18k rose gold contains the same amount of pure gold as 14k or 18k yellow gold, they are essentially worth the same as their counterparts. Additionally, white gold that contains 14k or 18k pure gold costs the same as either yellow gold or rose gold rings.

For more information on engagement ring metals, visit the Adiamor metal education page today.


Split Shank Engagement Rings in Three Metals

Featuring a band that splits to embrace the central diamond, split shank engagement rings are a gorgeous take on classic diamond engagement rings. Split shank engagement rings offer future brides a unique twist on the traditional, and this allows each ring to demonstrate a woman’s individuality. Below, check out three popular styles of split shank rings including solitaire rings and pave set rings featured in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Yellow Gold Split Shank Engagement Rings

yellow gold split shank engagement ring

Yellow gold engagement rings a the pinnacle of traditional style. Because yellow gold does not rust or corrode, it has been the precious metal of choice for centuries. Jewelers love the fact that yellow gold doesn’t tarnish, but one issue with pure 24k gold is it is too soft. For this reason, yellow gold split shank engagement rings are made in either 14k or 18k gold. This allows the ring to be strong and durable, helping keep the center stone in place. The featured split shank ring on the right is a classic solitaire, perfect for showcasing a round diamond.


Rose Gold Split Shank Engagement Rings

rose gold split shank engagement ring

When it comes to the hottest engagement ring styles available, nothing surpasses rose gold. As an alloy, rose gold rings are made by combining yellow god with copper. This produces the distinct, pink hues which fans of rose gold cannot get enough of these days. Rose gold engagement rings typically feature vintage design aspects as they found their resurgence in popularity with the rise of Art Deco trends in the early aughts. Since then, rose gold has found its way into the mainstream in everything from smart phones to shoes. The split shank ring on the right features an intricate pave design with 64 brilliant cut round diamonds weighing a total of 0.44ct. This particular rose gold engagement ring looks best with a princess cut diamond.

White Gold Split Shank Engagement Rings

white gold split shank engagement ringFinally, there is the gorgeous white gold split shank engagement ring. Like rose gold, white gold is also an alloy. However, instead of using copper, fine jewelers blend together yellow gold with a metal metal such as nickel, silver, or palladium. For future brides searching for a more a more understated sophistication, white gold is an excellent choice. This white gold alloy is then plated in rhodium which gives the engagement ring a shiny luster. However, as time passes, the natural yellowish tint of the gold will begin to shine through. In order to prevent this, it is important to have your ring re-plated every six to twelve months. White gold engagement rings are extremely versatile. The design on the right features a modern take on the split shank ring, a pave set tulip ring  with 66 brilliant cut round diamonds.

Don’t see the perfect split shank engagement ring for your bride to be? Shop the entire Adiamor collection of split shank rings today!


Popular Three Stone Engagement Ring Settings

Three stone engagement rings include a central diamond setting wrapped in additional diamonds or gemstones. Currently, three stone rings are one of the hottest styles available. Check out three stone engagement ring settings from Adiamor in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold today.

Three Stone Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings

rose gold three stone ring

Rose gold has been a popular metal with jewelers dating back hundreds of years, but the rose gold color itself has seen a continued rise in contemporary times. Like white gold, rose gold is an alloy. However, these rings utilize a blend of copper to produce a pinkish hue. Although many people associate rose gold rings with vintage designs, three stone settings look fantastic in rose gold. The ring on the right features two channel-set baguettes totaling 0.35total carat weight. This elegant, modern design displays the versatility of three stone rose gold rings.

Three Stone White Gold Engagement Ring Settings

white gold three stone ringWhite gold is an excellent choice for future brides searching for sophistication and elegance that is slightly understated. Like rose gold, white gold is also an alloy. However, instead of copper, nickel, silver, and palladium create the alloy. White gold engagement rings are rhodium plated which gives white gold its shiny luster.  However, as time passes, the white gold shine will wear slightly. This results in the natural yellowish hues to show through. By having your white gold engagement ring serviced every six to twelve months, you can preserve the shiny white gold exterior. On the right is an elegant three-stone trellis setting which can accommodate a round center stone between 0.50ct and 1.30ct.

Three Stone Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Settings

yellow gold three stone ringFor the traditionalist, there’s not quite like yellow gold. Jewelers have been using this precious metal for centuries to create masterful pieces, including engagement rings. Yellow gold continues to be a popular choice for rings because it does not corrode, rust, or tarnish. Three stone ring settings in yellow gold, though, do not have to be boring or traditional. The pave set ring on the right features 12 round diamonds totaling 0.80ct.tw. and is one of the most elegant yellow gold rings available. Even with the pave setting, this three stone yellow gold engagement ring is still a fashion icon.

Three stone engagement ring settings are the perfect choice for the bride who loves diamonds. Shop the Adiamor collection of three stone engagement rings today!