Solitaire Engagement Rings–Know Your C’s Before You Buy

When browsing through different selections of solitaire engagement rings, the last thing you need to do is make a hasty purchasing decision based on your ‘gut’ instinct.  Even if your decision turns out to be correct, why take such a crazy risk? No matter how right you think you are, we encourage you to consider the qualities of the diamond you choose before you pop the question.

Remember, purchasing a diamond is not a decision you have to make alone.  This is why Adiamor offers thorough and helpful diamond education resources. We’ve done all the research to partner along with you on your quest to find the ideal ring. We want to provide you with a bit of basic information to help you along your way.  So, here it goes:

The diamond industry distinguishes diamonds by the four C’s. They are:


The diamond’s cut doesn’t mean shape. It actually refers to the reflective qualities of the diamond. When looking at different cuts on solitaire engagement rings, you will notice that a well cut diamond is what makes it bright and eye-catching when any light shines through. The better the cut, the more dazzling and brilliant the diamond will be.  At Adiamor, we consider the cut to be an extremely important aspect as it has a direct effect on all 3 C’s.  The cut will showcase the quality of the stone, so pick your cut wisely!



The clarity of the diamond refers to the blemishes and inclusions of the stone. Like humans, no diamond is without a flaw. A blemish is a surface flaw (a scratch) and an inclusion = internal flaws (cracks, air bubbles). Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and are rated FL – IF.  Under 10x magnification, there is no appearance of blemishes or inclusions in a flawless diamond.  Diamonds that are rated VS1 – VS2 are considered to be the best in value. These diamonds may have minor blemishes and inclusions, but they are incredibly difficult to see, even under 10x magnification, and are not visible to the naked eye.


FL – IF                                                                VS1 – VS2


When you think of diamonds, what color comes to mind?  You’re probably wondering if this is a trick question.  This is because the color of a diamond actually refers to its absence of color. See? This is exactly why it’s so important to educate yourself before you shop for solitaire engagement rings! The more colorless a diamond is, the more light will shine through and reflect the diamond’s brilliance. Jewelers use a grading system of D through X for a diamond’s color; D to J being colorless and S to Z leaning toward light yellow.

diamondColor_DtoJ                                     diamondColor_StoZ

D to J = Colorless to Near Colorless                  S to Z = Light Yellow to Fancy

Carat Weight

Carat weight is the 4th and final C. The weight refers to the unit of measurement, not to be confused with karat, which refers to gold purity. When choosing your diamond, it’s important for many people to budget properly. Some women don’t want a huge rock on their finger.  For women who prefer ‘larger than life’ (see obnoxiously large stone below) solitaire engagement rings, you’ll need to make sure that enormous rock has the appropriate clarity, color and is cut just right to show off the diamond’s best qualities 🙂


The Spirit of de Grisogono weighs in at a mere 312.24 carats

Buying the diamond that is “just right” takes time and dedication. Adiamor has been around for 5 decades and we are solid experts in our field. With upwards of 100,000 diamonds listed online and a wide variety of solitaire engagement rings to choose from, you can be sure to get exactly what you’re looking for.


Don’t forget to check out our diamond education center. If you have any questions along the way, just give us a call at 877-627-5094. The trained professionals at Adiamor are here to help you find beautiful solitaire engagement rings to fit your perfect someone.


Diamonds 101

Whether you are selecting a diamond for a solitaire engagement ring or another piece of jewelry, it never hurts to learn a little more about the history of this precious stone.  After all, you should ultimately be giving this piece of jewelry to someone you have a history with and truly love.

Like true love, diamonds are rare, timeless, and tough.  Did you know that a diamond is the only precious stone that is resistant to scratching from any other source?  Rubies and sapphires come in second, and topazes third.  These other precious stones can be scratched by a diamond, but they can’t scratch diamonds themselves.

So, there is a clear reason why these gemstones continue to be a popular symbol of eternal love,—they are beautiful and tough at the same time, as true love ought to be.  That is why the simplicity of a solitaire engagement ring is a great choice to proudly display such beauty and strength.  With this, here are a few more interesting diamond facts:

Diamonds Are a Form of Carbon

Did you know that diamonds are made of carbon?  In case you don’t recall, carbon is the same element that makes up 18% of your body.  It is one of the most common elements in the world and is necessary for human existence.  Coincidence?  We think not! Just think…without them, what would life be like?

Pure carbon is found in three forms of nature: diamonds, graphite and fullerite.  Graphite is a dark material (no.2 pencil, anyone?) much softer than diamonds. Fullerite, which was just discovered in 1990, is a molecular compound that has a perfectly spherical formation (see cool looking image below)


How Diamonds are Formed in the Earth’s Mantle

Diamonds were very particular about how they first came into existence, back before humans roamed the planet.  They came to exist under the most stressful, time-consuming, and violent earthly circumstances.  They were originally located (and some could still be) 100 miles underneath the earth’s surface, which is called the ‘mantle’.  In order for a diamond to form, the pressure on carbon needed to be about 435,113 pounds per square inch. This pressure came from overlying rock, and as if that wasn’t enough, the mantle temperature needed to be above a piping 752 degrees Fahrenheit.  If the pressure or the temperature fell at a temperature below this, graphite was formed instead.

How Diamonds Came to the Earth’s Surface

There is no way for any human being to dig to the earth’s mantle and make it out alive.  Luckily, nature had a way of doing the “impossible” work for us in the form of magma eruptions.  These are like volcanic eruptions but much more armageddon-like.  When the magma cooled on the earth’s surface, it left behind what is called ‘Kimberlite’ – the rock which contains diamonds (see image below).


Diamonds are also found in riverbeds, which are called alluvial diamond sites.  These diamonds also came to the surface via magma eruptions, but got moved around by subsequent geological activity.

Where Diamonds Are Found Today

Today, most diamonds are found in Australia, Borneo, Brazil, Russia, and several African countries like Zaire and South Africa.

So, when you buy your sweetheart a diamond solitaire engagement ring or other piece of jewelry, remember that like true love diamonds needed very specific conditions to form.  If any one thing had gone wrong, the result would have been… graphite. So, don’t let your expression of love turn into something it shouldn’t   Choose the best of the best from Adiamor’s hand picked selection today.

Check out Adiamor’s selection of handcrafted of solitaire engagement ring settings here.



The Latest Trends in Celebrity Engagement Rings

The Latest Trends in Celebrity Engagement Rings

If you find yourself day-dreaming about famous celebrity engagement rings, Princess Kate’s just might be the first that pops into your mind. Her dazzling 18-carat sapphire, surrounded by 14 smaller white diamonds is certainly fitting for a princess. Not all celebrities have the desire for solitaire engagement rings as big as this! Kate Middleton’s fellow Brit, Keira Knightley, flaunts a simple yet elegant solitaire diamond from her musician fiancé, James Righton.  This 2-carat stone has a brilliant cut and sits on a classic gold band.
It’s not just the Brits that are in on the solitaire diamond scene. Apple-pie American, Ryan Reynolds, proposed to Blake Lively with an oval solitaire light pink diamond. Lively’s ring weighs in at a whopping nine carats on a delicate band comprised of smaller stones, making the beautiful rose diamond the star of the show.
Drew Barrymore’s ring proves it’s not necessary to have huge bling to make a statement. When she got engaged to celebrity art advisor, Will Kopelman, last February, she accepted a radiant cut solitaire diamond that weighs in at just under four carats.
Lately, celebrities have started showing a preference for yellow diamond engagement rings. Kelly Clarkson’s talent manager sweetie. Brandon Blackstock. proposed to her with a dramatic 10-carat yellow diamond surrounded by more white diamonds. Fellow singer Carrie Underwood received a similar 12-carat round cut canary diamond.
Not to be outdone by her American singer counterparts, in February 2012, Adele showed up to the Brit awards wearing a gorgeous 7-carat yellow diamond. Though the canary was just a loaner (not an actual engagement ring with a fiancé attached), it obviously indicates the British superstar’s preference in rocks.
Emerald cut diamonds are often used on the highest quality of diamonds, a fact that perhaps influences the celebrity trend of emerald-cut engagement rings. Clarkson’s and Adele’s yellow diamonds are both in emerald cuts, while ladies like Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton have white diamonds as their rocks, in the same cut.
If you want to get in on the hottest celebrity engagement rings, you will do well sticking with a solitaire diamond on a simple band, or more ornate setting with an emerald cut diamond. Colored diamonds, particularly yellow diamond engagement rings, seem to be on the rise, but don’t feel obligated to make your man buy you a gem the size of Princess Kate’s—you’ll feel like royalty no matter what when he drops to one knee, ring in hand.



The Best Cuts for Solitaire Engagement Rings


Shopping for the best engagement ring can be challenging, especially when you consider that this ring is something that will last a lifetime. It’s important to select the most appropriate setting and diamond cut for the bride-to-be. Solitaire engagement rings really set off a single stone and are considered one of the most classic stone settings. Once you’ve selected a solitaire setting, you can start selecting the perfect diamond cut. These cuts are the most popular:
Round cut
For solitaire settings, the round cut is the most popular. It has a dazzle that really shows off the diamond’s sparkle from every angle. It’s also the classic cut most often depicted in fairy tales and is seen as the archetypal engagement ring. For a woman who wants to show off a single stone as her highest priority, a round cut is likely the most appropriate choice.
Emerald (Mine)
Emerald cuts were popular at the beginning of the 20th century and give a sense of vintage or antique class. While the emerald cut doesn’t quite sparkle as much as a round cut diamond, it retains a vertical and horizontal symmetry that still allows the diamond to stand out without further embellishments. Emerald cuts can also make a lower weight diamond seem bigger because two axes are elongated relative to the round cut.
The pear cut is best for women who want a paired wedding ring set where the wedding ring has a setting of its own. The wedding ring and engagement ring can then be crafted to fit together, especially with a v-shaped setting on the wedding ring that fits the point on the pear cut engagement ring stone. For women who love to embellish and enjoy many stones sparkling together, a pear shaped cut is likely the best option.
One of the most modern and unique cuts for a solitaire engagement ring is the heart shaped cut. Like the pear cut, this stone can also be decorated and set off by an embellished wedding ring, but with such a unique cut many women prefer to keep the heart-shaped stone as a stand-alone diamond so the eye isn’t distracted from the heart shape. For a woman who prefers sentimental cuts and enjoy modern looks, this cut is probably among her favorites.
If you’re considering purchasing an engagement ring and aren’t sure about exactly what kind of cut, weight, clarity, or setting you prefer and that fits your budget, contact us for further assistance. We can help with those difficult decisions that are important for you to get right the first time.

Solitaire Engagement Rings – A Beautiful Choice for Your Bride to Be


Solitaire engagement ringsare a very popular choice.  A classic and timeless option, this is an ideal setting for many who prefer something simple, beautiful, and eye-catching.
“Simple” can be deceiving, though.  Solitaire engagement rings are only simple in the setting – whereas plenty of variety still exists for those looking for a creative spin on the classic option.  For instance, some classic solitaire settings can work with plenty of diamond shapes, including:
– Round
– Princess
– Oval
– Radiant
– Marquise
– Emerald
– Pear
– Heart
– Asscher
– Cushion

At Adiamor, we have solitaire engagement settings that can accentuate the chosen diamond extremely well, allowing the diamond itself to be presented in full view.  While some think that solitaire engagement rings are simple, we prove they are commonly anything but simple.

Variety isn’t only found with diamond cuts, however.  You can find solitaire engagement rings in a variety of metals as well:

– 14k White and Yellow Gold
– 18k White and Yellow Gold
– Rose Gold
– Platinum

And of course, with different ring finishes and tapers, you can combine diamond types and metal types to create a truly customized look – all with the classic and timeless presence of a solitaire engagement ring style.
Do you need help finding the perfect engagement ring?  Feel free to contact us for assistance.  We’ll be happy to help you choose a ring that meets your aesthetic and budgeting needs.  With a great selection of beautiful rings, you’ll be happy with your purchase.
Don’t miss out on our amazing selection of gorgeous engagement rings!