Unique Engagement Ring Settings: What Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire Settings Signify

An engagement ring is a sentimental item that will long outlast any bouquet of red roses or box of chocolates, so you really, really ought to know what your gal likes.  If she loves surprises and is leaving the shopping to you, we’re here to help make sure you get this sentimental selection right first time around.

The stone you choose may be the single most important piece of the engagement ring puzzle, which is why we’ve provided some information on diamonds, rubies, and sapphires below. These are very popular stones, whether they be used for the front and center of the ring or as accents for unique engagement ring settings.


p1Diamonds may represent classic simplicity to one gal and utter decadence to another. This brilliantly versatile stone is a top pick when it comes to both traditional and unique engagement ring settings, so you really can’t go wrong here. Angelina Jolie’s 10 carat diamond is a great example.  Her red carpet style is simple, classic, and sexy – which pretty much describes her engagement ring to a tee. If you want something similar, check out our selection of channel set diamond engagement rings, like the one in the picture below. If you want to go for a more classic, traditional look, consider our classic solitaire setting or our pave and princess cut diamond setting.


p2Red stones like rubies represent passion, fire, strength, and energy.  A gal who likes rubies may prefer to take strolls on the wilder side of life. These are perfect stones for passionate, expressive women who love what they do — like artists, writers, dancers etc. Jessica Simpson got a lovely 5 carat ruby for her birthday.  Since she is known for her boisterous, larger-than-life personality, a ruby really suits her perfectly. If you’re looking for unique engagement ring settings, consider our ruby accented engagement ring.


p3Blue stones like sapphires are the perfect addition when it comes to unique engagement ring settings.  They represent confidence, strength, loyalty, honesty, and good health.  Public figures and extroverts do well with sapphires, as do romantics. Kate Middleton wears a sapphire engagement ring which was given to her by the one and only Prince William.  Blue is really the perfect color for Middleton, especially since she wears a lot of blue dresses (including the famous polka-dotted one in which she made her first appearance with the royal baby).  Plus, Middleton has a wholesome look; radiating honesty and loyalty. William must be some kind of gemstone genius! If you’re looking for a royally beautiful sapphire-accented engagement ring, try our baguette, pave and sapphire engagement setting.

Gemstones definitely offer something special when it comes to creating unique engagement ring settings. If your future bride likes simple and classic, you may want to stick with diamonds… and only diamonds.  If she likes a little extra pizazz, you may want to add a bit of color.  Obviously, you know her best, and no matter what, we’ll help you find the ring that will take her breath away.

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Unique Engagement Ring Settings Like Kelly Clarkson’s

For many of us, obsessing over a celebrity’s life is one of the guiltiest pleasures outside of cupcakes, mimosas, and leftover pizza for breakfast.  If we’re honest, we’ll admit it is downright enjoyable to watch, mirror, or judge the activity of those who live their lives on the all-too-public entertainment platform.  Obviously, celebrity engagements are no exception.

For many women (and yes, certain men too – come on guys, admit it), part of the excitement of learning of a female celebrity’s engagement is getting to lay your eyes on the ring for the very first time. As you know, many celebrities have their unique engagement ring settings specially designed just for them (hence the word, ‘unique’) and often spend an obscene amount in doing so.

Remember, Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring? This cost roughly $150,000 – which, in the grand scheme of celebrity things, is on the frugal side of the spectrum.  Even still, spending this amount on an engagement ring is still a difficult concept for many people to even grasp.  Luckily, unique engagement ring settings do not have to cost this much. At Adiamor, we offer a plethora of design options to fit the desires of any bride.

Getting back to Kelly Clarkson’s ring – it contains a stunning canary yellow center cut diamond surrounded by a halo of white diamonds with a beautiful pave set band. To view similar unique engagement ring settings, check out our radiant or emerald cut (seen below) or our stunning cushion cut.

If you are longing for the yellowest possible diamond, we can provide you with a traditional near colorless to quench your craving.

Of course, Kelly’s ring is not the only celebrity engagement ring people are talking about. We offer a variety of unique engagement ring settings similar to the ones your favorite stars are wearing. Adiamor has rings even for those who do not want to copy the style of their favorite celebrity bride-to-be.

Whether you are interested in designing your own unique engagement ring, looking at those we already have designed, or finding one similar to your favorite celebrity, simply visit our website and get started on finding or creating your perfectly inspired unique engagement ring settings!


Why Pick a Halo Engagement Ring?

Is your sweetheart an angel in your eyes? If so, you may want to make your love official with a ring that showcases one of the most unique engagement ring settings available: the halo engagement ring setting. After all, you’re blessed with her heart, so why not return her affection by showing your devotion in a most divine way?

Halo settings can look a lot like bezel diamond settings, but amped up several notches. In a halo setting, a collar made of precious metal holds the center diamond in place, and prongs may also be used to secure the stone.


But what takes halo diamond settings from the commonplace to the world of truly unique engagement ring settings is the fact that the collar is often wide and covered with small diamonds, creating a pave effect that makes both the large and smaller gems sparkle with remarkable fire.

A halo is a great way to put a personalized touch on your diamond settings. If you go with a halo ring, you can choose a center stone of just about any shape and size, as the collar will be shaped and fitted to match and display that stone to its best potential. Also, the collar doesn’t have to be made from the same metal as the rest of the ring; we’ve seen white gold rings with rose gold halo settings, yellow gold halo rings with white gold accents and lots of other combinations. Some of the most unique engagement rings we’ve ever seen featured halo settings.

Want some flexibility in the size and number of pave diamonds that grace the collar? No problem. The pave diamonds on a halo ring can run the gamut of sizes, creating looks that vary from a blanket of sparkling, tiny gemstones to a line of stunning boulders marching along the collar. Halo ring options don’t stop with the collar and stones, either; the shape of the band itself can be customized in a halo engagement ring. You can go with designs like a split shank, a pave band, or other beautiful variations. There’s really no wrong way to create a strikingly gorgeous halo ring!

Choosing a ring for your significant other opens the door to a wide variety of unique engagement rings that you might not otherwise have known about. Versatile and show-stopping, halo rings dazzle like few other rings can, and the results are simply heavenly.  To view our selection of halo engagement rings, click here.


Pave Engagement Rings: A Carpet of Carats

When you’re madly in love, it can feel like birds are singing just for you and the streets beneath your feet are paved with diamonds. While you may not actually be getting a personal serenade or taking a stroll down a sparkling, priceless avenue, there are SOME things you can truly pave with diamonds – starting with pave diamond engagement rings!

Pave (pronounced “pah-VEY”), which is French for “paved” (naturally), is a bead method of placing many small gemstones closely together so that they completely cover the surface of the jewelry they adorn. To get an idea of the effect that this creates, imagine if you took a ring, made it sticky and rolled it in little diamonds, almost like sprinkles on a cupcake or glitter on a child’s art project. In the case of pave diamond engagement rings, they usually feature diamonds that are placed like tiny cobblestones across the band, sides and/or setting of the ring, creating a glittering visual effect that almost looks like the ring itself is fashioned entirely of diamonds.  Check out one of our many stunning pave engagement rings below:


Pave diamonds can be used in many ways to produce a striking ring. For one, they can be placed as an eye-catching complement to a larger, central gemstone in unique engagement ring settings, setting off the main diamond for a marvelous effect. And two, pave diamonds can be a cost-effective and creative alternative to a large single diamond. Remember the dramatic oval engagement ring that the character Edward gave his fiancé, Bella, in the Twilight movies? That much-coveted bauble has become one of the most popular pave engagement rings in recent memory, and for good reason: The blanket of tiny diamonds across the ring’s surface sparkles like a vampire in the sun.

There is a slight risk to using pave diamonds as a key element of unique engagement ring settings. As the diamonds are not surrounded by prongs, they can be more easily lost. Also, pave engagement rings should be regularly cleaned and checked so that dirt that accumulates between the small stones from daily wear can be removed, leaving a ring that is as beautiful as the day it was made. But despite the periodic maintenance, a pave diamond setting with or without a larger diamond at the center, can be the perfect choice for anyone seeking a ring that is truly one of a kind.

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Celebrity Engagement News: Which Unique Engagement Ring Settings Will They Choose?

Let’s face it. Celebrity engagement news is nearly impossible to avoid, whether you like it or not!  Fans across the globe are taking notice of the unique engagement ring settings their favorite celebs are choosing, whether it’s a simple and classic solitaire setting with a plain gold band or something a bit more non-traditional, like Mariah Carey’s stunning 10.02-carat emerald-cut diamond.

If you are inspired by the style of Mariah’s ring and want to design something similar, click here!

As you already know, the latest engagement stories are not hard to find. Whether on popsugar.com, a magazine cover, or a celebrity tweet, each drizzly, diamond-coated detail can be divulged to the public in real-time, leaving very little room for mystery.  With this said, it is difficult to ignore what our leading ladies and gentlemen in Hollywood consider to be the hottest, most unique engagement ring settings and styles.

As “fans” browsing through pictures of our favorite celebrity engagement rings, we often want to find out things like “How big is that rock, exactly?!” or “what type of ring IS that?” Or, perhaps while drooling over a picture of Beyonce’s engagement ring, the realization that “I could buy three mansions in Texas with that ring” becomes an overwhelming reality to behold.  Then, there are those of us who gaze upon the dreamiest and most unique engagement ring settings we’ve ever seen and our inner Veruca Salt boldy exclaims:  “I want it now!”

Ahem…let’s not ignore the fact that Veruca’s mom is sporting a larger-than-life light-blue sapphire oval diamond halo ring here… if you dig this style, click here to see something similar from Adiamor.

The intrigue behind celebrity engagement rings is different for each person.  This is all part of the fun of being a “fan.”  We get to make up our minds and form our opinions from a distance, picking and choosing what we like and what we don’t. In the end, we may decide to to follow the celebrity trends, or maybe we come to the conclusion that creating a trend of our own is a more appealing choice.

Truth be told, celebrity and non-celebrity couples alike are on the hunt for something unique when it comes to engagement ring settings. Perhaps this is because no two love stories are the same.  Regardless of the reason, the great thing to remember when shopping for unique engagement ring settings is that unlike the hottest trends in celebrity clothing, diamonds never go out of style!

For a piece of jewelry that you will be wearing for the rest of your life, you’ll want the superb craftsmanship that Adiamor offers. Fifty years of hand-crafting fine jewelry for discerning clients has earned us the respect of generations of newlyweds. So come see what we can do for you  and browse our wide selection of unique engagement ring settings. Or, follow your favorite trends by designing a celebrity inspired engagement ring of your own!


Unique Engagement Ring Settings of Yesterday

The history behind engagement ring styles and trends is truly fascinating. While gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and opals were commonly used as center stones in the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution of the early 20th century powered a widespread accumulation of wealth in Great Britain and America. With this new purchasing power, more people began to emulate the royals’ use of diamonds as center stones for unique engagement ring settings.

Early 20th-century ring designs show the prominence of the center diamond along with the accent stones, the pave settings, and the elaborate shank work.


Today’s unique engagement ring settings represent a resurgence of the Art Deco and Belle Epoque designs that so captivated brides around the world. These classic designs like Adiamor’s Pink Sapphire Accented Pave Setting and a Baguette, Pave, and Sapphire Engagement Settings are perfect for those looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their wedding jewelry.

pavesetting     engagesetting

This period of Art Deco exuberance coincided roughly with the reign of Edward VII (following the death of Queen Victoria) and the Belle Époque in France. King Edward VII, fond of travel on the Continent, introduced a more fashionable style to his subjects than what had been tolerated under the late Queen. This ornate engagement ring is typical of the period. The round-cut center diamond is surrounded by multiple accent stones. Although this example features prongs, bezel settings (collars that held the center diamond in place) were still quite popular.


Because many people felt that the bezel setting obscured too much of the diamond, the invisible setting has taken its place. This stunning invisible set diamond princess and baguette unique engagement ring setting displays the main diamond to its full effect.


If you find a historical style that you wish to replicate for your engagement ring, Adiamor can help you design your own ring with a plethora of unique engagement ring settings. We can suggest means of updating the setting to ensure that the stones are secure and displayed to their best advantage. Contact us to begin creating your timeless ring today!


More Trends for Unique Engagement Ring Settings in 2013

A solitaire diamond is no longer the only sought after option when it comes to engagement rings.  With popular celebrity styles for everyone to see, brides everywhere are becoming more creative and outspoken regarding their engagement ring setting preferences. Adiamor offers unique engagement ring settings to fit the style and desires of any bride. Emerging engagement ring trends in 2013 include emerald-cut stones and cushion-cut stones, as well as a variety of handcrafted settings with colored stones and/or mixed metals.

Vintage Looks for Engagement Rings

The emerald-cut stone offers a modern aesthetic with a vintage look.  At Adiamor, brides can choose settings and stones separately for the ideal match. The pave engagement setting for emerald cut stones (seen below) showcases a diamond of up to 2.5 carats, and is available in 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum.


Other settings that offer vintage charm are cushion-cut and pear-cut stones for a unique look that hearken back to the 1920s and 1930s. For brides on a budget, the tapered shape of the pear-cut stone makes it a good choice for smaller carat weights.


Colored Stones Add a Dash of Panache

Colored diamonds offer a splash of visual interest for unique engagement ring settings in 2013. Colors on trend for the year include canary, champagne and cognac diamonds. Sapphire settings are also a popular option, as the stone is available in shades of blue and pink.


Adiamor’s baguette, pave and sapphire engagement setting in white gold offers a gorgeous contrast between the blue of the sapphire and the sparkle of the diamonds in the setting. The setting includes 24 diamonds, and is available in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.


Mixed metals offer modern look

Another trend for unique engagement ring settings is mixed metals, such as combining white and yellow gold in a setting. Rose gold is another popular option, and can look lovely when offset against white gold or platinum. Adiamor’s pave halo engagement setting for round diamond features a rose gold halo contrasting with a ring crafted from white gold, yellow gold or platinum.


Keep yourself on the up-and-up and view all the latest trends in unique engagement ring settings at Adiamor.com!