History and Symbolism of Traditional and Unique Engagement Rings

blog4Ok, so by now we know that wearing an engagement ring symbolizes different things for different people.  And of course, we know that an engagement ring is a symbol of love and devotion between a couple.  However, engagement rings have definitely evolved through the years, from plain metal bands to platinum solitaires.

Here are some interesting facts to consider when shopping for unique engagement rings:

Diamond Engagement Rings

blog3The first known diamond engagement ring was placed on Mary of Burgundy’s finger by Archduke Maximillian in 1477.  Before this time, most people just used plain metal bands when they got engaged (how boring!). The working class used iron bands whereas the aristocracy used gold and silver. Let’s just say the whole idea of unique engagement rings had not come to fruition back in the day.

blog2The introduction of the diamond engagement ring was probably one of the most significant and long-lasting trends in the engagement ring world. A majority of engagement rings today have at least one diamond in them (heck, even men are opting for diamond studded wedding bands these days). If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, check out our Round Halo Pave Set engagement ring or our Channel Set Baguette engagement setting.

The Vein of Love

blogsThe ancient Romans began the practice of wearing an engagement ring on the 4th finger of their left hand.  What was the significance of this finger, anyways?  Well, it just so happens that this finger was supposed to contain the “vena amoris” or the “vein of love” – which had a direct connection to the heart – literally.  Pretty cool, huh? The ancient Egyptians also believed in the existence of the vein of love.  This is the underlying reason why we see a majority of brides wearing matched sets of wedding bands and engagement rings on this finger.If you’re considering a matched set for your bride-to-be, consider our Pave and Princess Diamond matched set or our Flat Edge Solitaire matched set.

The Circle

True or False? Engagement rings are in the shape of a circle because they have to fit blog1around your finger.  False. True. Wait a second… is this some kind of trick question? Kind of. The answer is obviously both true and false.  That’s right…it gets deeper.  A circle has no beginning or end, so it is eternal and immutable, binding two people together forever. Now that is some powerful stuff.  Think about it. All the shapes of the solar system are also circular—the sun, the moon and the planets.  The geometric shape of a circle brings more than just a practical meaning to engagement ring, but a priceless element into the ring you select.

So whether you’re the bride or the groom, you have many options when it comes to unique engagement rings and wedding bands.  No matter what ring you choose to go with, it will be a symbol of eternity, life and love.  Contact us to purchase a unique engagement ring today.



Why Pick a Halo Engagement Ring?

Is your sweetheart an angel in your eyes? If so, you may want to make your love official with a ring that showcases one of the most unique engagement ring settings available: the halo engagement ring setting. After all, you’re blessed with her heart, so why not return her affection by showing your devotion in a most divine way?

Halo settings can look a lot like bezel diamond settings, but amped up several notches. In a halo setting, a collar made of precious metal holds the center diamond in place, and prongs may also be used to secure the stone.


But what takes halo diamond settings from the commonplace to the world of truly unique engagement ring settings is the fact that the collar is often wide and covered with small diamonds, creating a pave effect that makes both the large and smaller gems sparkle with remarkable fire.

A halo is a great way to put a personalized touch on your diamond settings. If you go with a halo ring, you can choose a center stone of just about any shape and size, as the collar will be shaped and fitted to match and display that stone to its best potential. Also, the collar doesn’t have to be made from the same metal as the rest of the ring; we’ve seen white gold rings with rose gold halo settings, yellow gold halo rings with white gold accents and lots of other combinations. Some of the most unique engagement rings we’ve ever seen featured halo settings.

Want some flexibility in the size and number of pave diamonds that grace the collar? No problem. The pave diamonds on a halo ring can run the gamut of sizes, creating looks that vary from a blanket of sparkling, tiny gemstones to a line of stunning boulders marching along the collar. Halo ring options don’t stop with the collar and stones, either; the shape of the band itself can be customized in a halo engagement ring. You can go with designs like a split shank, a pave band, or other beautiful variations. There’s really no wrong way to create a strikingly gorgeous halo ring!

Choosing a ring for your significant other opens the door to a wide variety of unique engagement rings that you might not otherwise have known about. Versatile and show-stopping, halo rings dazzle like few other rings can, and the results are simply heavenly.  To view our selection of halo engagement rings, click here.


Unique Engagement Rings – A Refresher Course on the History of Diamonds

As always, unique engagement rings are in high demand. Every girl wants a special sparkler that speaks to her style and personality. If you’re in the market for a diamond, here are a few fun facts to know about these highly prized stones.

1) Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral material known to man (not to be confused with the hardest substance on earth). Diamonds are rated a 10 on the Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness. They’re so hard that they are often used for cutting and polishing equipment and, when first discovered in India, were used to make weapons.  My, how things have changed!

2) Like many of the best things in life, diamonds are formed through lots of pressure and heat. Natural diamonds are formed deep under the earth’s crust and typically rise to the surface through volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. Africa has the largest collection of naturally occurring diamond deposits in the world.

3) Synthetic diamonds were first created in the 1950’s. Since then, the technique has been refined to make high-quality diamond replicas that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing (don’t worry, our experts can still help you determine the true value of your bling – real or not)!

4) Diamonds are named after the Greek word “Adamas” which means “indestructible” – a word that should also describe the love you have for your mate!

5) Diamonds come in a variety of colors which can make for the most eye-catching, unique engagement rings.  The most well known colors are crystal clear or pale yellows. However, they also come in pink, blue, black, and shades of orange and red – all of which are highly prized for their unique appearance.

6) The largest diamond ever found was the Cullinan diamond. Mined in Pretoria, South Africa in 1905 it weighed in at a whopping 3106 carats (the average diamond weighs about .5 to 1 carat)!


Publicity photo of the Cullinan crystal being handed from Fred Wells (right) to McHardy (middle) to Sir Thomas Cullinan (left).

7) Diamonds are not only intended for couples that want to shop for unique engagement rings. They are actually the official birthstone for the month of April, heralded by many as a source of fortune or luck.

There are so many interesting facts about diamonds, the list could go on forever! For more information about unique engagement rings and other jewelry, consult our experts today. We’d love to assist you in finding the perfect diamond for your perfect occasion.


Unique Engagement Rings: The Vintage Look Is In

It’s interesting to see how many brides are opting to forgo the choice of a big, fancy, engagement ring and are in favor of something that’s a bit more on the more conservative, vintage side. It seems that the classic and delicate vintage look is what’s getting the most attention these days. This can only mean that the definition of unique engagement rings is constantly changing.   The “classic and delicate” look we are referring to might mimic something you find while rummaging through your grandmother’s old jewelry box. Perhaps she even handed down her very own “vintage” engagement ring to you.

At Adiamor, you’ll find some incredible vintage options that will never go out of style.

Go For Rose Gold

Once upon a time, rose gold was extremely popular among brides. This unique and precious metal has been making quite a comeback recently.  When a vintage look is what you’re after in a ring, a rose gold accent creates a perfect vintage twist, whether used alone or in combination with other metals. Take a look at our Pave Halo Engagement Setting. This ring has has fifty-six round accent diamonds set in 18kt rose gold, which brings out added brilliance in the center stone as well as the white gold band.  Most of us will agree that this ring fits under the “ unique engagement rings “ category.


Add Something Blue

Who says your “something blue” has to be worn as a garter on your leg? Sapphires have been used in engagement and wedding rings for centuries. In fact, during the twelfth century, crusaders presented their wives with sapphire rings as a way to test their faithfulness while they were gone. It was believed that the color would change if a woman was unfaithful. If that were true, those women were among the most faithful in human history! We all know that the color of sapphires cannot be altered by any mood or action. Their brilliant and lasting hue lends a certain beauty to a ring, like our Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Setting, that cannot be denied.


Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to unique engagement rings. Many early vintage engagement rings featured smaller diamonds. However, because of their cut and clarity, they glimmered more than some larger stones. Similarly enough, there’s something beautiful about this Classic Solitaire Setting that makes a unique statement today, even when it’s paired with a smaller stone.  With a plain gold band, the center diamond is sure to stand out, with a vintage look that will be catching everyone’s eye.


What’s your style when it comes to unique engagement rings? Whatever it is, we have such a wide selection, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Whether you prefer a more modern, bigger-than-life ring, or you’ve always loved the classic and delicate look of a vintage ring, Adiamor has every type of ring your heart could desire.




Unique Engagement Rings: How to Fit the Ring to the Personality of Your Bride-To-Be

Many women dream about the day their guy will get down on one knee and present them with a breathtaking, dazzling, and unique engagement ring.  Before the jewelry box opens, butterflies flutter, the stars align, and the anticipation grows sweeter… she thinks, “will it be the ring I’ve been dreaming about at all this time?”

There is no question that there are many different types of unique engagement rings to choose from. With a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, choosing the perfect ring may seem like an overwhelming decision.  So, how do guys know if they have really picked out the engagement ring she has been dreaming of? In order to gather some ideas, it may be a good idea to research what engagement rings a few of her favorite A-list celebrities chose to express their affection.

Here are some examples:

1. The Not-So Basic Solitaire: One look at Jennifer Garner and it’s plain to see that she is a basic kind of gal with no nonsense about her.   Jennifer is strikingly beautiful, classy, and elegant; yet she has no problem flaunting her casual, ‘tomboy’ like charm.  This is probably why Ben Affleck chose a simple but striking solitaire for her engagement ring.  There’s nothing ordinary about Jennifer’s solitaire engagement ring. This $500,000 cushion cut beauty weighs in at 4.5 glamorous carats.

Guys can find something similar to this magnificent ring at Adiamor in 14k, 18k or platinum.

2.  The ‘7 Year’ Cut:  It took them seven years to get around to being engaged, but when Brad finally proposed to Angie, he made it count. For a rumored $500,000, Brad designed a stunning and unique emerald cut center diamond engagement ring weighing in at an estimate of 7 carats.  The surrounding channel-set tablet stones are said to add a meager 9 to 10 carats.  Angie, with a widely known reputation as a rebel with a bleeding heart, is also sexy, confident, and beautifully distinct.  Brad seemed to fully understand just what type of ring would capture her unique traits, so, he helped design something for Angie that is as distinctive and sophisticated as she is. Perhaps it took him 7 years to get the design just right. Whatever the case may be– well done, Brad!

To emulate this fascinating and unique style, a classic emerald cut will certainly do the trick.

3. A Diamond Explosion with a Pop of Color:   For women who love a bit of color, there’s nothing like a diamond ring accented with a few colorful stones.  Justin Timberlake seemed to take notice of Jessica Biel’s love for color and proposed to her with a vintage-inspired diamond featuring two light blue sapphire stones on each side of the center stone.  Both sapphire stones are surrounded by a delicate circle of pave set diamonds. The center cushion cut style diamond is enormous and bright, capturing the attention of onlookers.

To go with a similar option, consider a pink sapphire accented, Bezel set setting or a baguette, pave, and sapphire engagement setting.

When ready to pop the question, guys should take serious time to think about what engagement ring would be the absolute finest choice for their sweetheart.  Adiamor has a selection of unique engagement rings that fit the personality of every woman, from classic and conservative to unique and outspoken.  With a vast selection of settings, shapes, and styles; along with an extremely helpful engagement guide, you’ll be sure to find something she’l treasure for a lifetime.