Celebrity Engagement News: Which Unique Engagement Ring Settings Will They Choose?

Let’s face it. Celebrity engagement news is nearly impossible to avoid, whether you like it or not!  Fans across the globe are taking notice of the unique engagement ring settings their favorite celebs are choosing, whether it’s a simple and classic solitaire setting with a plain gold band or something a bit more non-traditional, like Mariah Carey’s stunning 10.02-carat emerald-cut diamond.

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As you already know, the latest engagement stories are not hard to find. Whether on popsugar.com, a magazine cover, or a celebrity tweet, each drizzly, diamond-coated detail can be divulged to the public in real-time, leaving very little room for mystery.  With this said, it is difficult to ignore what our leading ladies and gentlemen in Hollywood consider to be the hottest, most unique engagement ring settings and styles.

As “fans” browsing through pictures of our favorite celebrity engagement rings, we often want to find out things like “How big is that rock, exactly?!” or “what type of ring IS that?” Or, perhaps while drooling over a picture of Beyonce’s engagement ring, the realization that “I could buy three mansions in Texas with that ring” becomes an overwhelming reality to behold.  Then, there are those of us who gaze upon the dreamiest and most unique engagement ring settings we’ve ever seen and our inner Veruca Salt boldy exclaims:  “I want it now!”

Ahem…let’s not ignore the fact that Veruca’s mom is sporting a larger-than-life light-blue sapphire oval diamond halo ring here… if you dig this style, click here to see something similar from Adiamor.

The intrigue behind celebrity engagement rings is different for each person.  This is all part of the fun of being a “fan.”  We get to make up our minds and form our opinions from a distance, picking and choosing what we like and what we don’t. In the end, we may decide to to follow the celebrity trends, or maybe we come to the conclusion that creating a trend of our own is a more appealing choice.

Truth be told, celebrity and non-celebrity couples alike are on the hunt for something unique when it comes to engagement ring settings. Perhaps this is because no two love stories are the same.  Regardless of the reason, the great thing to remember when shopping for unique engagement ring settings is that unlike the hottest trends in celebrity clothing, diamonds never go out of style!

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Men’s Wedding Bands Don’t Have to Be Boring

Women have many options when it comes time to peruse the ring counter for the perfect wedding band. She can go with a plain band or find one studded with diamonds to match her engagement ring. She can choose an infinity band or even take the central stone from her engagement ring and have it set into a wedding band of her choice. Any way you look at it, she’s going to get just what she wants. But when it comes time for the man to choose his band, he may find the selection rather, well, boring.

For years society has dictated that a man’s wedding band be plain, simple, and supposedly masculine. It’s not really that surprising considering that the man band is a relatively new concept. While women have worn ring’s to denote marital status for centuries, wedding bands for couples only really started a few decades ago (gaining popularity during WWII when soldiers wanted a token of marriage to take with them to war). But these days the ideas about what is and isn’t appropriate for a man when it comes to the band are changing.

More and more men are demanding that they be given the same amount of options as the fairer sex when it comes to what could be the only piece of jewelry they wear. Although most men don’t expect anything as fancy as what a woman might prefer, they seem rather keen to embrace new metals, mixed metals, different shapes, and even embellishments like diamond studs. And as long as these extra adornments are kept to a minimum, the ring can provide for both a unique statement piece and a truly masculine expression of love and commitment.

So if you find that you’re just not satisfied by the plain, boring selection at some jewelry stores, think about heading to a nearby jewelry district for more options (if you live in an urban area) or simply start looking at online retailers. This is not only a great way to find a larger range of options in the way of men’s wedding bands; it can also save you a ton of money over brick-and-mortar locations (which factor the price of operations into each sale).


Bizarre Uses for Diamonds

You may have been stunned by Katy Perry’s diamond studded shoes, or shocked by the $20,000 iPhone that comes with a diamond wraparound, but you shouldn’t be shocked by the lengths people will go to in order to bring a little bling into their lives. Certainly there are the old standbys: engagement rings, tennis bracelets, tiaras, and the like. But diamonds, by their very rarity and value, are meant to be a little ostentatious, so it’s no surprise that people use them in some oddball, off-the-wall, and totally unpredictable ways. Here are a few that may raise an eyebrow.

1. In weddings. Whether they’re adorning the dress or decorating the cake, modern brides with money to burn have shown that the engagement ring need not be the only sparkle in a day that’s all about her.

2. On a car. A Rolls-Royce hood ornament accented with $200,000 worth of diamonds is nothing to sneeze at. And while the word “opulence” barely covers the item, it’s nothing compared to the Matchbox car that Hot Wheels made to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The 1:64th scale model car is not only cast in 18-carat white gold, it contains more than 2,700 diamonds in colorless, black, blue, and red hues for a total of almost 23 carats worth $140,000. And yes, the hood lifts up.

3. On the faucet. So you’ve reached the point that diamond-crusted salt and pepper shakers, studded photo frames, and loose stones in your shadowbox coffee table aren’t enough. As you look around your house and despondently wonder where else you could possibly fit a few rocks, your eye falls on the faucet. Yeah, right. But apparently there is some demand, because architect Nilo Gioacchini has devised a gold bathroom faucet that features a strip of 282 sparklers to brighten up your otherwise drab water closet.

4. On the floor. In an out-of-the-box approach to putting diamonds on the soles of your shoes, flooring company Pietra Firma features a line of diamond-studded floor tiles (each boasts over 1,000 natural stones) that sells for $1 million per square meter.

5. In airplane windows. Granted, this probably isn’t quite what you think (if you’re planning to go back through Sex and the City 2 frame by frame to see if their flight to Abu Dhabi sported diamond-crusted windows, you’re going to be disappointed). In fact, the air force is considering the use of 80-carats worth of polycrystalline diamonds to create windows 2.5 inches across in aircraft that would allow the release of high-powered microwaves (HPMs) to destroy enemy electrical systems, without the danger of blowing a hole in the hull of the plane. That’s what you call a diamond in the rough.


Make it Unique: A Proposal to Last a Lifetime

A marriage proposal signals the start of your life together, so you want it to be something she’ll remember forever. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, while nice, has been overdone. Ditto on the ring in a bread roll or glass of champagne. And proposing in front of her family on Christmas Eve could lead to disastrous results if she’s not ready. So skip the traditional route and go for something that is unique to the two of you. For example:

1. The top of the Empire State building. Although it’s been used for filmic couplings from An Affair to Remember to Sleepless In Seattle, that doesn’t make it any less romantic. Head to the top of this iconic tower after dinner and a Broadway show and it’s bound to be a toss-up as to which sparkles more; the lights of the city, the ring, or her eyes.

2. At a sporting event. This is a calculated risk, especially if your team is losing, but you just can’t beat professing your endless love on the jumbo-tron in front of 100,000 fans (and possibly millions of TV viewers). And thanks to Tivo, it’s a day she’s sure to remember.

3. Make it a game. If you’re comfortable with technology, create an online game just for her. Make a one-level flash game with you and her as characters (think something like Donkey Kong, where you jump over obstacles to rescue her). At the end, have a screen showing you giving her a ring, at which point, you’ll give her the real ring. If a game is too tough, just make a flash video. You can even post it on YouTube and send her a link in concert with a special delivery of the actual ring.

4. Host a scavenger hunt. Start the day with a note on her pillow that leads her on a hunt for you. Have each hint lead her to a spot that has been special to the two of you. End at the location of your first date (you may need to employ the help of a mutual friend to tag along and tell you when she’s getting close). Then turn on a boom-box that’s playing your song (substitute Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” if nothing else comes to mind) and get to one knee with the ring and the last note: Will You Marry Me?

5. Use your pooch. If you share a dog, invest in a training course that will teach him to fetch. Then take him to the dog park with your sweetie, throw a ball, and have him bring back the engagement ring box (again , you may need to have a friend hiding out to make sure the dog brings back the right object). The puppy will soften her up and the ring will melt her heart.