How Do People Wear Wedding Bands?

Everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to pairing wedding bands with engagement rings. Some of our rings have matching bands designed for them, but some can be paired with many options. Here are some ideas of how people like to wear wedding bands.

Some people like the exact match to their engagement ring, like R2890 and its matching wedding band, R2891.

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Some of our customers like the option of wearing the wedding band alone; for example, when they are traveling. A straight band or an eternity band is great choice for that.

Certain halo rings sit high enough that they can be paired with a straight wedding band. R2940 is an example of a ring with can be paired with a variety of straight rings. You can also stack an anniversary band or second wedding band on top to create more impact. Here is R2940 stacked with R2489 and R2488.

Cushion Halo Ring with Mismatched Stacked Bands
Cushion Halo Ring with Mismatched Stacked Bands

Certain halo style rings, like R2877, require a curved band. Some of our clients always wear their rings together so a curved band is not a problem. These people might even choose to solder their rings together so that they cannot come apart.

Two Toned Halo Ring with Matching Curved Wedding Band
Two Toned Halo Ring with Matching Curved Wedding Band

Another look which is quite popular is pairing an eternity band with a solitaire setting.

The 3 cttw eternity band, R2952, is an impressive statement next to this basket solitaire, R2906. Some people prefer a more understated eternity band, like R2947, though.

Solitaire Diamond Ring with 1 cttw and 3 cttw Eternity Bands
Solitaire Diamond Ring with 3 cttw and 1 cttw Eternity Bands



The Difference between Wedding and Engagement Rings

Both the engagement ring and the wedding band have special importance in the progression of a relationship. Each represents a promise (one of marriage, one of a lifetime together) and carries with it a weighty responsibility. But while they are similar in many ways, they also have marked differences that may affect the selection process. If you feel that it is only the engagement ring that requires special scrutiny, you couldn’t be more wrong. In some ways, selecting the right wedding band is even more important. Here are a few ways in which the two rings are very different and why you need to consider them carefully.

For starters, there are the obvious physical differences. Traditionally, the engagement ring is a solitaire (a single diamond mounted on a plain band), although as long as there is a large central stone present, it seems that just about anything is acceptable these days. The wedding band, on the other hand, is usually plain and simple, although it sometimes includes smaller stones (as with an eternity band or a wedding set that includes the engagement ring and a complimentary wedding band) or has a motif, significant phrase, or promise etched into it.

Then there is the disparity in meaning to consider. Both the intention and action behind these two rings is different in nature. When an engagement ring is given, it can be done in a number of ways, most of which have special significance to the particular couple. There is no correct way to propose marriage. The actual wedding, on the other hand, requires that certain standards be adhered to. For one thing, the couple must, without fail, pledge their lives to one another. Further, the engagement ring poses a question while the wedding ring symbolizes the answer. Engagements can be broken much more easily than married couples can be divorced from one another.

While it may seem, on the surface, that these two rings represent the same thing, it simply isn’t true. So you should certainly take your time choosing an engagement ring that your fiancé will treasure, but don’t think the job ends there. Just as much care should be put into consideration of the wedding bands, especially since they are the symbol of your shared bond, on both the day you say your “I dos” and for the rest of your lives together.


If Your Diamond Could Talk

You can tell a lot about a person by the diamonds they choose to wear. Is she wealthy? Is she wise? Do her diamonds speak of fashion and fame or do they denote an eye on the bottom line? Is she in love or looking for a payday? If you look close enough, a diamond engagement ring can speak volumes about its owner. And here’s what it might say.

1. A large, prominently displayed diamond is a clear indicator of a woman in love with the finer things in life. Unfortunately, an ostentatious piece of jewelry also says that the wearer is an attention-seeker and they’re probably new money. Those who have grown up with wealth rarely feel the need to flaunt it.

2. While a small diamond almost certainly signifies a tight budget, it could also suggest true love. A woman who proudly wears a diamond, regardless of size deficiency, says that money is not the most important thing in her life.

3. A traditional solitaire is a sure indicator of an enlightened individual. She is simple, chic, and unaffected by passing trends. The woman who wears this ring is not only timeless, she is self-assured and mature.

4. A colored stone, on the other hand, is a sign of immaturity. The woman who wears it seeks youth and beauty, but knows little about fashion. She follows trends rather than setting them and prefers to burn out rather than fade away.

5. An heirloom or antique diamond ring denotes sophistication and a willingness to buck trends. The woman who wears this piece values family above all else and is fiercely protective. She is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs.