Surviving The Reception Means Surviving The Wedding Brunch

Getting married and enjoying the reception is an incredibly fun time. After making a public commitment to your soulmate, you probably partied late into the night. This celebration of your love with your best friends and closest family is a once in a lifetime chance. However, before getting to the absolute best part of the wedding– the honeymoon– you have one more duty: brunch. Although the morning after brunch is a newer tradition, brunch is the most popular millennial choice since rose gold engagement rings. Before setting off to the beach getaway of a lifetime, here are a couple helpful tips to survive your wedding brunch.

Invite Everyone to Brunch

Even before you have to worry about handling a hangover in public, make sure you have the brunch plans figured out ahead of time. The best way to do this is simply invite everyone. However, one thing you should not have to worry about is footing the bill for the wedding brunch. After the reception, consider yourself off the hook. The wedding brunch is simply a chance for everyone to catch up the morning after the wedding, and that means everyone pays their own way. Brunch will be way less hectic than the reception. First off, you’ll be seated the whole time instead of being in the handshake line. Additionally, you will actually get a chance to eat your food. To make the best of your wedding brunch, simply pick a location and show up.

wedding brunch
The wedding brunch is the last stop before your honeymoon

A Little Hair of the Dog Helps

If you spent your wedding night staying up too late, it’s okay. Whether it was the alcohol or the excitement, plan on being tired and hungover. To handle this, a little hair of the dog can help. Some people frown at putting booze in coffee or drinking a Bloody Mary with breakfast, but you just got married. Keep the party rolling, and let everyone come to your seat at the table. This way you can focus on getting some food in your stomach before getting on a plane to Cabo.


Win Your Wedding Reception With The Perfect Playlist

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be all stress. Some times, the best thing to do is take a break from arguing over the guest list and enjoy yourself. Some aspects of wedding planning, such as cake tastings or picking out which craft beer to have on tap, can be quite fun. One thing many people forget when planning a wedding is the day is a celebration. If you’ve found yourself spending too many hours fretting over floral displays and bridesmaid gifts, take a break. In fact, you should take a break and throw yourself a dance party and pick out some great songs for your wedding reception. Although a skilled wedding DJ should play a variety of great songs, here are some tips in building the perfect playlist for your reception.

Choose Songs For Everyone, Including Grandma

The last thing anybody wants at a wedding reception is an empty dance floor.  Although the right amount of alcohol can help, building the perfect playlist of fun songs can go a long way in making the night unforgettable. One important thing to do is to choose some songs people of all ages can enjoy. An oft overlooked group of wedding guests include senior citizens. Many times, grandma is relegated to a family table in the back, but you’ll have a better party if she’s dancing. When selecting songs for your reception, be sure to pick tunes from multiple decades. Unless your playlist has a little bit of Elvis, it’s not yet complete.

wedding reception
The perfect playlist will keep the reception dance floor going all night.

Don’t Forget The Kids

Another way to get people up and dancing is to include songs that will make your ring bearer lose his mind on the dance floor. A wedding reception without a little kid shaking the night away simply isn’t as fun. Not only will it help the little ones enjoy themselves, it’ll give the photographer plenty of chances to get some happy photos of smiling faces. When it comes to choosing songs for kids, picking fun, danceable pop songs is a great way to go.

Cheesy Songs Make For Great Dance Parties

Whether it’s getting everyone on the floor for the Electric Slide, a rousing rendition of the Chicken Dance, or even an ironic three minutes of the Macarena, choreographed dances can turn a good wedding reception into a great one. When building the perfect playlist, be sure to select one or two songs that have dance instructions. However, do not overplay these types of songs! It may be fun to do the Cupid Shuffle once, but don’t force it. Otherwise the line for the bar will be much longer than the Conga line.

A great wedding DJ can help you build the perfect playlist that will please all your wedding guests. Make sure you pick out a handful of favorites, and tell your DJ if there are any songs to absolutely avoid. In the end, a danceable wedding playlist will make for an unforgettable reception.


How To Handle Unruly Wedding Guests

Although your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life, not all wedding guests see it this way. For some attendees, a wedding is the place to share the love of watching couples exchange their vows and wedding rings. On the other hand, many wedding invites unfortunately end up in the hands of very drunk uncles. Other times, there are simply real life wedding crashers ordering drink after drink at your open bar. However, just because someone has had too many drinks doesn’t mean your wedding reception is ruined. By following these handy tips for how to handle unruly wedding guests, you’ll be sure to enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

Uninvited Guests

Creating the guest list for a wedding is never an easy thing to do. In fact, it often results in some of the more complicated fights of any relationship. Seeing as simply deciding who to invite to your wedding is challenging, there will definitely be people you are unable to invite. Whether these are long lost friends, second cousins, or former coworkers, some uninvited wedding guests still find their way to the reception. Regardless of how it happens, there’s no reason to let unruly wedding guests rack up your bar tab even higher.

unruly wedding guests
Don’t let overserved guests ruin your reception

If you’ve hired a wedding planner, they should have the uninvited guest removed without causing a scene. Another option would be to alert the bartender that the guest is no longer welcome. Typically, if a guest is cut off during an open bar, they will find their own way out. A third option, though, is to have the groomsmen from the bridal party act as bouncers. If this is the route you choose, though, be certain to have the most level headed groomsmen handle the talking.

For Those Who Had One Too Many

Wedding receptions are always a good time, but these good times can often lead into somebody having one too many. Whether your uncle chugged too many or your cousin Jenny spilled red wine everywhere, handling drunk, unruly wedding guests is not much fun. Again, a savvy wedding planner should be able to handle this without you taking any action. The First move is to talk to the date of the guest and see if they can head home with the over served. However, some times the guest are out of control because they came alone. The best case of action here is call a cab or Uber driver to pick up your guest and take them home. If neither of these actions work out, let the groomsmen bouncers handle the problem.

No matter what, though, you should focus on having a good time yourself. Let the people you’ve hired and asked to participate in your wedding do the heavy lifting. It is YOUR wedding day, after all!