The Adiamor Solitaire – One of our Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

When one thinks of a marriage proposal, solitaire yellow gold engagement rings are frequently the first picture that comes to mind. The iconic image of a single sparkling diamond crowing a sleek precious metal band is a cultural touchstone spanning generations, and the diamond solitaire remains a popular design among engagement ring shoppers. This is why the yellow gold solitaire is one of Adiamor’s best solitaire engagement rings.

Adiamor Solitaire Yellow Gold Engagement Ring


Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

The yellow gold band of this Adiamor Solitaire engagement ring gives it a classic look, showcasing your brilliant diamond in a platinum basket setting that is sturdy in function yet delicate in appearance.

In fact, the beauty of a basket set solitaire has such broad appeal; it’s been the engagement ring style of choice for celebrities as varied as actress and new mom Mila Kunis (who recently welcomed baby daughter Wyatt), British film star Keira Knightley, and pop singer/fashion designer Lily Allen.

The Adiamor Solitaire basket setting, inspired by vintage designs, is unique in both its stunning beauty and exceptional function. Securing and positioning the diamond in such a way that the greatest amount of light possible passes through it, this setting is unmatched in its simple elegance. Additionally, the structure of a basket setting keeps the stone low in the  setting, minimizing the risks of catching on fabrics or knocking against surfaces, which can damage your beautiful ring.

Fitting this yellow gold engagement ring with prongs and setting bases in a white metal is a jeweler’s trick going back centuries—the bright yellow gold of this setting creates the traditional look many wearers want in an engagement ring, particularly a style as universally beloved as the solitaire, while the platinum basket and prongs unobtrusively blend in with the bright white diamond. This technique allows the stone to be displayed in the most opulent way without compromising or interrupting its trademark shine.

Adiamor Solitaire Engagement Ring On Hand
Adiamor Solitaire On Hand

The Adiamor Custom Fit Platinum Basket Solitaire (R3044) is made to order for each client, with a 1.5mm band and metal options including 14kt yellow gold, 18kt yellow gold, and 18kt rose gold.

Though we’re proud of this lovely setting design, choosing the setting is only one important step; the next is, of course, matching it with a stone that fits your style and budget. Our diamond selection and search functions include options for Affinity stones with incredible cut grades. Use Adiamor’s diamond search function to find the right stone for your custom fit ring, or contact us for assistance from our team of certified diamond experts.


The Latest Trends in Celebrity Engagement Rings

The Latest Trends in Celebrity Engagement Rings

If you find yourself day-dreaming about famous celebrity engagement rings, Princess Kate’s just might be the first that pops into your mind. Her dazzling 18-carat sapphire, surrounded by 14 smaller white diamonds is certainly fitting for a princess. Not all celebrities have the desire for solitaire engagement rings as big as this! Kate Middleton’s fellow Brit, Keira Knightley, flaunts a simple yet elegant solitaire diamond from her musician fiancé, James Righton.  This 2-carat stone has a brilliant cut and sits on a classic gold band.
It’s not just the Brits that are in on the solitaire diamond scene. Apple-pie American, Ryan Reynolds, proposed to Blake Lively with an oval solitaire light pink diamond. Lively’s ring weighs in at a whopping nine carats on a delicate band comprised of smaller stones, making the beautiful rose diamond the star of the show.
Drew Barrymore’s ring proves it’s not necessary to have huge bling to make a statement. When she got engaged to celebrity art advisor, Will Kopelman, last February, she accepted a radiant cut solitaire diamond that weighs in at just under four carats.
Lately, celebrities have started showing a preference for yellow diamond engagement rings. Kelly Clarkson’s talent manager sweetie. Brandon Blackstock. proposed to her with a dramatic 10-carat yellow diamond surrounded by more white diamonds. Fellow singer Carrie Underwood received a similar 12-carat round cut canary diamond.
Not to be outdone by her American singer counterparts, in February 2012, Adele showed up to the Brit awards wearing a gorgeous 7-carat yellow diamond. Though the canary was just a loaner (not an actual engagement ring with a fiancé attached), it obviously indicates the British superstar’s preference in rocks.
Emerald cut diamonds are often used on the highest quality of diamonds, a fact that perhaps influences the celebrity trend of emerald-cut engagement rings. Clarkson’s and Adele’s yellow diamonds are both in emerald cuts, while ladies like Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton have white diamonds as their rocks, in the same cut.
If you want to get in on the hottest celebrity engagement rings, you will do well sticking with a solitaire diamond on a simple band, or more ornate setting with an emerald cut diamond. Colored diamonds, particularly yellow diamond engagement rings, seem to be on the rise, but don’t feel obligated to make your man buy you a gem the size of Princess Kate’s—you’ll feel like royalty no matter what when he drops to one knee, ring in hand.