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Wedding Ring Guide

The wedding ring is traditionally the beautiful band that accompanies a woman’s engagement ring and the outward symbol to the world that the man wearing it has a gorgeous wife somewhere, usually on his arm. This symbol of love and commitment reflects each of your individual styles and tastes as well as you as a couple. Choosing the perfect wedding band does not need to be difficult; it just needs to reflect you and your love.

Women's Wedding Rings

There are many different looks and styles to choose from when selecting a woman’s engagement ring. The woman’s wedding band is traditionally worn closer to the heart with the engagement ring and being worn on the same finger. It is important to find a wedding ring that fits you and your personal style.

Mix 'n Match: Your wedding ring should complement your engagement ring, but it does not always have to be an exact match. You may like the style of a wedding ring that is not the exact match for your engagement ring, or your engagement ring may not have an exact matching band. Having a “mix ‘n match” wedding set can give you a unique look that is becoming more popular as it can show your own unique style.

Matched Sets: There are also wedding rings that are an exact match to your engagement ring. These wedding sets are designed to fit together like puzzle pieces and give the appearance of one larger or wider ring.

You can customize this look by adding one or even two wedding rings to give it a double or triple shank appearance. Buying a matched set can sometimes be the easiest choice as matched sets were designed to complement one another.

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Men's Wedding Rings

Today, men have nearly as many choices for wedding rings as women do. The most popular and traditional style is a plain gold or platinum band with no diamonds or detailing, but with the many styles available today, men have the option to choose a design that reflects their own unique personality and taste. To add a bit more flair or detail to his ring, you can choose one with subtle diamonds, a masculine braid, milgrain, or a different type of finishing like a brushed or matte finish. At Adiamor, we offer a wide variety of men’s wedding rings that will fit his personal taste.

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