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Ring Style Education

Engagement ring styles have evolved tremendously in the past century, and with so many different settings and bands available today, it can be difficult to understand the differences. Some ring styles, such as the classic solitaire, are instantly recognizable as traditional engagement rings while contemporary takes provide new opportunities for brides to express their personality. Engagement ring settings are typically filtered into 8 different categories ranging from vintage inspired rings to modern spins on the classics. Additionally, Adiamor offers the ability to design your own engagement ring. Below, select one of the engagement ring categories to learn more about this particular style and to view an example of each setting.


Solitaire engagement rings are perhaps the most classic of all engagement ring styles. The solitaire ring makes the center diamond the focal point. While more traditional solitaire engagement rings have a plain band, today's solitaire rings offer more variety. From hand engraved detailing to criss cross ring designs, Adiamor proudly carries a wide selection of solitaire engagement rings for every style and budget.

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Halo engagement rings add an additional layer of diamonds to the setting that provides unparalleled brilliance. The effect of adding small diamonds that encircle the center stone is that the diamond appears larger and brighter. While many halo engagement rings embrace the additional luxury, not all halo settings are opulent. In fact, many contemporary halo diamond rings are elegant, sophisticated, and even understated in their beauty. Halo are a versatile choice, and Adiamor proudly offers halo rings for every look and budget.

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From the French word for "paved," pave engagement rings incorporate many smaller diamonds into the ring band. These additional diamonds provide an extra touch of sparkle to any ring. Adiamor proudly offers a wide variety of pave engagement rings from vintage inspired diamond rings to contemporary styles. This versatile engagement ring setting is available to match every look and meet every budget.

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Three Stone

By adding additional diamonds or gemstones to accent the center stone, three stone engagement rings provide a sense of luxurious style. However, three stone rings can match nearly any look. Vintage inspired three stone rings shine bright with clusters of diamonds while modern takes on the three stone ring incorporate channel set diamonds for a sleek appearance. Adiamor proudly offers three stone engagement rings to fit every budget and compliment every look.

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The contemporary styling of modern engagement rings often includes channel set diamonds for a clean, elegant look. However, modern engagement rings draw much inspiration from modern architecture, seamlessly blending together the center stone with additional diamonds embedded in the ring band itself. Modern engagement rings exude confidence and style, and Adiamor proudly offers modern engagement rings for every budget.

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Split Shank

Split shank engagement rings are a stunning variation on the classic diamond engagement ring. With a band that splits to encirle the center diamond, split shank rings force the focal point to the diamond's fire and brilliance. However, the split shank engagement ring is still quite versatile as contemporary takes include adding pave diamonds to the band as well as combining the split shank setting with halo stylings. With so many styles of split shank engagement rings, Adiamor is sure to carry a split shank ring for every preferred style and price point.

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With hand crafted detailing and timeless style, vintage engagement rings provide classic looks that will look great many years into the future. By incorporating elements from Art Deco and other early 20th century designs, vintage diamond rings contain unique looks that help them stand apart from many of today's aesthetics. Adiamor proudly offers vintage engagement rings that fit every budget and match every style.

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Instead of adding additional diamonds, gemstone engagement rings utilize various gemstones to accent the center diamond. This gives gemstone rings an original feel that plays off the contrasts between diamonds and other precious stones. Gemstone rings continue to grow in popularity as they allow for playful colors and unique takes on classic engagement rings. Adiamor is proud to offer a variety of gemstone rings that compliment every look at affordable prices.

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