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International Shipping

All international orders over $250 will be shipped with no additional charge via FedEx International Priority. Shipping transit times are estimated at two business days for international orders in addition to lead time for custom clearances. Duties and taxes will be assessed and due to FedEx before the package is released from customs. Custom offices at the destination country require that custom fees, import duties, taxes, and other charges be collected. These additional charges are required for custom clearance and it is recipient’s responsibility to arrange for payment. These fees are collected in the recipient’s local currency and are non-refundable. Please review our chart below to calculate estimated duties and tax rates for your order, be advised that Adiamor has no control over these charges.

We are proud to ship to an APO/FPO/DPO address via USPS Priority Mail at no additional cost.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse shipment to certain countries at our discretion.

Canadian Shipping

Other than GST (General Sales Tax), PST (Provincial Sales Tax), or HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) there are no additional import duties for orders shipped to Canada. These taxes are assessed below and are based upon your Canadian province. Taxes will be due before the package is released to FedEx who acts as our customs broker, no duties will apply. The taxes listed below are only an estimate, and for the most current rates please contact your local FedEx.

Alberta 5% GST (General Sales Tax)
British Columbia 12% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)
Manitoba 5% GST, 8% PST
New Brunswick 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)
Newfoundland & Labrador 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)
Northwest Territories 5% GST (General Sales Tax)
Nova Scotia 15% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)
Nunavut 5% GST (General Sales Tax)
Ontario 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)
Prince Edward Islands 5% GST (General Sales Tax)
Quebec 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)
Saskatchewan 14% HST, 5% GST, 9.975% PST
Yukon Territory 5% GST, 5% PST

Australian Shipping

Other than GST (General Sales Tax), there are import duties that may be added depending on the purchase price of the order shipped to Australia. These taxes are assessed below and are only an estimate. The actual amount charged by customs may differ from the rates below. Country of origin information for your order can be provided by one of our Diamond and Jewelry Consultants to assist in estimating import duties. Please contact your local customs office for further details.

Estimated Duty Rate Estimated Tax Rate
U.S. origin goods: 0% 10% GST (General Sales Tax)
Other orders: 5%

Total Duty & Tax Rate Estimate: 0% to 15.5%
Orders AU$ 1,000- AU$ 10,000 may be subject to an Import Declaration fee of AU$ 50.00
All orders AU$ 10,000 and higher may be subject to an Import Declaration Fee of AU$ 152.00
Packages may be subject to an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service fee (AQUIS) of AU$ 33.00

European Union Shipping

Within the European Union there is a free movement of goods, no duty will be charged when shipping to the EU. However, Value Added Tax (VAT) is added to product pricing. The exact amount is approximated below, but please contact your local customs office for further details.

Austria 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Belgium 21% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Bulgaria 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Cyprus 19% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Czech Republic 21% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Denmark 25% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Estonia 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Finland 24% VAT (Value Added Tax)
France 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Germany 19% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Greece 23% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Hungary 27% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Ireland 23% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Italy 22% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Latvia 21% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Lithuania 21% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Luxembourg 17% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Netherlands 21% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Poland 23% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Portugal 23% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Romania 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Slovakia 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Slovenia 22% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Spain 21% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Sweden 25% VAT (Value Added Tax)

Hong Kong Shipping

An Import Declaration must be lodged with the Census and Statistics Department for all shipments after the receipt of the goods, within 14 days of importation. Penalty charges will apply if the Import Declaration is not lodged with 14 days after importation. For more information on Hong Kong shipping, visit the Hong Kong customs site or call 2582 4807.

Please see the chart below to calculate the duties and taxes for your order. Shipments to France and Mexico require the use of an import broker to clear the package at customs. For countries not listed, contact us at 1-213-627-5057 to see if shipping is available in that area.

Australia *See Australia Shipping Detail*
Canada *See Canadian Shipping Detail*
European Union *See European Union Shipping Detail
Hong Kong 0% Estimated Tax Rate *See Hong Kong Shipping Detail*
Japan 8% Estimated Tax Rate
Mexico 16% VAT (Value Added Tax)
New Zealand 15% VAT (Value Added Tax)
Puerto Rico 11.5% VAT (Value Added Tax)
United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland) 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)