Diamonds vs. Other Gemstones: Why Buy Diamonds?

There’s a reason they say that diamonds are forever. For one thing, they are the hardest natural substance on earth (hence the origin of their name, which comes from the Greek “adamas”, meaning invincible). They also outshine the competition in so many ways. They are not only rarer, more durable, and generally considered more desirable than other types of gemstones, they also tend to enjoy a longevity unparalled in the jewelry market.

But why should you choose diamonds? What makes them so special? Well, consider why you would seek another gemstone like a sapphire or ruby. Generally, you are attracted by a particular color. As it turns out, diamonds come in a wide array of colors, from greens and blues to reds and pinks, and even black and gray. Plus, there’s a reason other stones are generally not as expensive as diamonds. For one thing, they are more common and there may not be as much demand for one type of stone or another. But you should also be aware that color trends come and go. Sadly, this also holds true for colored diamonds (although they will almost always be worth more than their counterparts in the gem world simply because of their rarity). Remember when pink diamonds were all the rage? A few short years later, it wa s yellow. Trends come and go, but a colorless diamond is classic. They also exhibit a brilliance that is unmatched by other stones.

In addition, diamonds are a valuable commodity. They tend to retain their value despite the ups and downs of trends and markets (throughout history, loose diamonds have been the preferred form of barter when paper currencies lost their value). Plus, they are THE stone of engagement rings, meaning there is a built in demographic of buyers. Even beyond that, diamonds can be bought and sold on their own merit, rather than relying on a setting that can quickly become outdated. Even various cuts come back into vogue over and over again, renewing the value of older stones.

If you have any doubts as to the continued value of diamonds over other stones, just turn an ear to pop culture. You’ve all heard the following phrases: “Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend.” “A diamond in the rough.” “I’ll buy you a diamond ring, my friend, if it makes you feel alright.” And of course, “Diamonds are forever.” Did you ever hear a quote or pop culture reference about an amethyst or opal? There’s a reason for that. Diamonds are simply the best.

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