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Picking The Right Ring Metal For A Valentine’s Proposal: Part 1

by Chris W

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, which makes it the perfect time to propose. If you are planning a Valentine’s proposal, there are many details to get exactly right. From choosing the right diamond shape to picking the best ring metal, it can be overwhelming. However, picking the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be rocket science. Learning about the different ring metals can help you decide on the right one. Overall, there are four primary engagement ring metals: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Today, we’ll cover rose gold and platinum engagement rings.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

heart shaped rose gold engagement ringWhen it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s no shortage of ways to be romantic. While proposing with a diamond ring itself is a great way to show your love, there is one ring metal that is considered the most romantic: rose gold. Rose gold rings have a pinkish color which makes many people think of romance and love. Although rose gold engagement rings are as popular as ever, there is perhaps no better time to propose with a rose gold ring than Valentine’s Day. If you want to take the romance theme even further, you could ask her to marry you with a heart shaped diamond.

Platinum Engagement Rings

platinum engagement ringAlthough rose gold rings might be considered the most romantic, platinum rings are the ultimate in luxury. Platinum is an extremely desirable ring metal because it is one of the most rare and precious elements found on Earth. Additionally, platinum engagement rings are heavier than their gold counterparts. This helps platinum rings feel even more luxurious than they look. Additionally, many women love the way platinum rings compliment diamonds. The combination of a platinum ring’s silver shine with a fiery diamond’s sparkle creates a remarkable look.

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