How To Travel With Your New Engagement Ring

From the minute he dropped to one knee and presented you with an engagement ring, you’ve been excited to show and tell everyone. The social media likes have piled up and the compliments from friends keep coming, but you still need to make the big trip home to see your parents. However, are you prepared to travel with your new engagement ring? Keep reading the blog in order to be prepared for caring for your most beloved treasure.

Should I Wear My Ring The Whole Time?

Many women wish to wear their engagement ring at all times, especially when it’s new. However, there are plenty of activities that simply do not make sense for wearing the ring. From washing the dishes to cleaning out the car, there are many ways to damage or lose an engagement ring. Traveling is one of the most common ways for a lady to misplace a ring. Additionally, traveling with a new engagement ring also presents the opportunity for thieves to strike. In order to best protect your engagement ring, consider the types of traveling you are doing. Driving cross country? Leave it on. Flying across the globe? Maybe keep the ring on a necklace. Going camping? Put your ring in your jewelry box for safe keeping. However, no matter what your travel plans, be sure to have your engagement ring insured!

How To Properly Care For Your New Engagement Ring

In addition to simply protecting your ring during travel, you also need to care for your new engagement ring. If you are storing the ring during transit, be sure to keep it separate from other jewelry. Diamonds are the strongest substance on earth, but they are capable of scratching other diamonds. For this reason, it is best to store your engagement ring n a fabric-lined case or box with dividers.  Also, while traveling, you still need to inspect and care for your ring every day. We suggest removing your engagement ring every evening and visually inspecting it for any bent or loosened prongs. If something has happened to your ring during travel, store it until you can visit your favorite local jeweler for inspection.

While all of us at Adiamor hope you get to enjoy showing off your diamond engagement ring to all your friends and family across the globe, we do insist you take care of your new engagement ring during travel. Keep the ring in a safe place, be sure to inspect it daily, and most of all, use common sense when deciding whether to wear the ring. For more information on jewelry care, check out the Adiamor education center today.

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