When to Give the Gift of Diamonds

Diamonds may be forever, but how do you decide the right time to give them? While most women probably share the sentiment that they are happy to receive a diamond at any time, there are certain special occasions that warrant the gift of ice. So if you’re unsure about whether or not presenting a diamond will win you accolades or get you into hot water, here are a few general rules for diamond gifting.

1. Diamond ring/solitaire. This represents an offer of marriage. If you’re ready to propose, get her a diamond ring. If you’re considering a birthday present, do NOT give her a heart attack by presenting her with a ring box. If you’re already married, feel free to give as many diamond rings as you can afford.

2. Tennis bracelet. Traditionally worn by tennis players to denote tournaments won (the number of diamonds represented the number of tournaments) these in-line bracelets have become a popular gift from husbands to wives. They can be given for any occasion, but a popular trend is to offer one up at the birth of your first child.

3. Eternity band. These have become very popular as wedding bands, but they are really best given on an anniversary as a symbol of continuing love and devotion. You don’t have to wait until your diamond anniversary, either (60 years of marriage is a long time to wait for another diamond).

4. Diamond necklace. A single stone makes a great graduation gift, while something like a heart is better for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Something a little more flashy, like a multi-diamond strand, should be given to celebrate an important lifetime milestone.

5. Diamond studs. The all-around best diamond gift. Every woman should have at least one set of diamond studs and they can be given to any woman, at any time. You can bestow them upon your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend without worrying about what they might read into it (other than the fact that you obviously care about them and have excellent taste).


The Top 5 Famous Diamonds

There have been some truly famous jewels in the annals of history, but none more so than diamonds. In the wide world of rare and precious gemstones, diamonds of rare and unparalleled beauty have always been the preferred expression of wealth for royalty and big money. Other gemstones may gain distinction for size or color, but none can hold a candle to the many incredible diamonds that have found their way into portraits, photos, museums, and private collections throughout the years. So prepare to be dazzled by the top five most famous diamonds in history.

1. The Hope. This is THE diamond. Weighing in at 45.52 carats, this steel blue beauty was first discovered in India and was originally a whopping 112 carats! Today, it remains the largest dark blue diamond known to exist (although it is only the 4th largest blue diamond), but what makes it the most famous diamond in the world is the legend of its curse. Anyone who touched it (starting with King Louis XIV of France) either ended up in financial ruin or dead (although most accounts were eventually proven fictitious or coincidental). It currently resides at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C., still nested in the Cartier setting of 16 white diamonds to which it was transferred in 1910. Its value has been estimated at as much as 250 million dollars.

2. The Koh-i-Noor. Some say the “Mountain of Light” is even more famous than its Indian brother, the Hope Diamond, because it is rumored to date back to before the time of Christ. It enjoys a long and storied history that mainly settles around battles over ownership (as it was famously stolen again and again with the spoils of war). It also suffers from a legendary curse which supposedly brings great misfortune only to its male owners. Originally a 186-carat egg-shaped diamond, the Koh-i-Noor has since been cut down to a still formidable 105.602 carats (supposedly to better display its brilliance). It now resides in the collection of Britain’s crown jewels, set in the Maltese Cross on Queen Elizabeth’s crown (where it was placed in 1937). Its value today has been estimated at about 81 million pounds.

3. The Tiffany Yellow. The most famous in Tiffany’s long parade of rare gems, it is said to have been purchased by Tiffany & Co. for $18,000 during the sale of the French Crown Jewels in 1887. It is one of the few diamonds throughout history to retain its original cut at 128.54 carats. And while it was recently dethroned from its position as the largest golden-yellow diamond in the world, it is still thought to be the finest example of the rare deep canary yellow variety. It was last valued at 12 million dollars (circa 1983).

4. The Red Cross. Another famous canary diamond, this one is noted not for its color, which is a pale yellow, but for its size. Supposedly weighing an astounding 375 carats when found, it has since been cut down to a modest (!) 205.07 carat square cut diamond, currently valued at about 2 million pounds. The derivation of its name is twofold. First, De Beers (who pulled the gem from their mines in 1901) presented it to an art sale held by Christies in 1918, for the benefit of the British Red Cross Society. In addition, it is said to feature a Maltese Cross in the top facet.

5. The Wittelsbach-Graff. While this diamond is neither the largest nor most brilliant of its
kind (35.56 carats and classified as Fancy Deep Grayish Blue), it holds the prestige of being the most expensive diamond ever sold, fetching 23.4 million dollars at auction in 2008.


Diamond Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is thought of and celebrated in many different forms. Mothers and grandmothers. Daughters who become mothers. Wives who become mothers. Sisters who become mothers. Everyone knows how hard they work, how much they love, how much they just know. Celebrate them! Flowers wither, and candy is eaten… Give a lasting gift, instead; one that will be remembered and enjoyed in the years to come. Give them jewelry. There is so much to choose from! Here is a list to help you narrow it down to their style.

Bracelets – Bracelets can be incredibly simplistic like a bangle or tennis bracelet, or incredibly ornate cuffs. Think of the woman you’re giving it to. Is it something they would wear every day or just on special occasions. Pearl bracelets have a beautiful lustre, and make a sophisticated piece. But silver, gold, or diamond tennis bracelets have a simplicity that can be worn every day.

Rings – Rings are a symbol of everlasting love, the unending circle. They make a beautiful gift. A band that compliments her wedding rings would be a well thought out, appreciated gift. Or a ring with various gemstones representing her kids’ birthdays or grandchildren’s birthdays would be very sentimental and cherished.

Pearls – Pearl necklaces are simple, sophisticated, and elegant. Individual pearls are often unique. Pearls are one piece of jewelry that often gets handed down in generations, and a wonderful statement for mother’s day.

Diamond Pendant – Diamond pendants will never go out of style. There are many varieties to choose from. A simple diamond on a chain is a classic. The three stone pendants (representing past, present, and future) are stunning, and yet simple enough to wear every day. Diamonds last forever.

Loose Diamonds – Does your mother have old jewelry, either hers, or passed on to her? Loose diamonds may be the way to go. Gift her loose diamonds and then remind her to put them in the jewelry she’s held onto for years. Just remember – the diamonds should be certified. The creativity to create unique jewelry may be just the ticket!

Moms are special. Sometimes they forget. Make sure to give her something that makes a statement, says “I love you,” and says “thank you.” Remind her that she’s the best with a well chosen gift.


Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day Under $500

So, you are looking for the very best gift that you can give for Valentine’s Day. Your goal is to show that special someone in your life how much you care for and appreciate them. Any old last minute purchase just won’t do, because you would like to put some thought into it.

You also don’t want to get the standard gifts such as a dozen flowers along with a heart-shaped box full of chocolate candy. That would be equally thoughtless and uninspired. You have to find something that really conveys that love you feel and the fact that this is something you plan to keep in your life forever.

But what do you do?
One problem is that you don’t have a wealth of cash to spend. Like most other people today, you tend to be more aware of the money that you are spending. Your financial situation is just fine at the moment, but you still remember the economic crisis that has been plaguing everyone. You want to be smart about the money that you spend.

How about diamonds?
I know what you are thinking now – where do you think I can find good diamond jewelry at an affordable price? If that is all you need to know then you should visit They have plenty of jewelry there that you should find both beautiful and affordable. What girl wouldn’t want to wear the following items?

1/3 ct. tw. Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings ($290); 1/4 ct. tw. Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings ($220); Diamond Loop Earrings – High Polish, Sand Finished ($450); Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant ($355); Princess Diamond Solitaire Pendant ($340); Heart Diamond Solitaire Pendant ($355); Prong Set Heart Pendant ($490); Cathedral Setting Ring ($245); Trellis Setting Ring for Round Diamond ($140); Knife Edge Solitaire Setting Ring ($250).

Everyone knows that diamonds never get old. No woman can ever get enough of them. That is what makes them the perfect gift. This is especially true for Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year. If you want an affordable way to let her know that you are hers forever, then what better way to express that sentiment than with a gift that is sure to last just as long?
Give her Diamonds…


Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2010

Diamonds, like black, go with everything, but trends come and go. This year give her a setting that will stun her. Whether she has a sophisticated style from yester year or a hip modern style, these trends will provide inspiration for everyone!

Trend #1: Geometric Shapes

Are you ready to get in shape? A geometric shape that is! Trillions, Pears, and Heart-shaped stones are all making a comeback as eye-catching angles come back into style. Keep an eye out for vintage shapes as Rose, Marquise and Cushion cut stones are on the rise as well.

Trend #2: Diamonds All Around

If you are who you hang with, Pave is where it is at! The current styles are dripping in diamonds and have continued to be a huge success. Not only do these extra diamonds add more bling to your finger, but the can also make you center stone appear larger than its actual carat weight. Who doesn’t want more brilliance for their buck?

Trend #3: Trellis Band

New ring settings have been raising the bar, literally. From braids to basket weaves, dainty bows to elaborate molds, the trellis detail gives your ring an elegant level of intricacy. Whichever style you choose, let the elaborate metal detailing stand on its own, we love that it can be either complex or classic.

Trend #4: Two-Tone Metal

Rose, black, brown and green gold are all trendy new alloys of the metal you already love. Try mixing and matching metal alloys for a strikingly edgy look or stick to the classics, like rose and yellow gold, to give your ring stunning and elegant style.

Trend #5: Split Shank

The more the merrier, especially for split-shank engagement rings. Two track-like bands frame your diamond. From swirling diamond bands to streamlined metal twists, the split shank setting adds a sophisticated elegance to the finger.