Thin Band

Diamonds and Platinum: A Match Made in Heaven (or Hollywood)

A diamond is really only half of a piece of jewelry (although certainly the more important and expensive half). Purchasing loose diamonds is never a bad idea because it allows you to find a stone for a specific purpose without the interference of a setting to distract you (and you can get it appraised much more easily). However, a diamond without a setting is really nothing more than a pretty placeholder in your jewelry box. If you can’t wear it, what good is it? So rather than letting it gather dust, you’re going to want to get it set so you can show it off. And the latest trend when it comes to displaying your finest stones is platinum.

Celebrities have been spotted at red carpets and runway shows this year sporting ensembles that pair this super-resilient and tarnish-free metal with stunning diamonds, bringing back a look that was made popular by our great-great grandparents’ generation. And the kids from Glee seemed to have kicked off the trend. Lea Michele could have stopped traffic with a platinum and diamond collar (not to mention earrings and a bracelet) while Dianna Agron and Heather Morris dazzled in a more understated manner by opting for diamond and platinum earring sets. In the meantime, other celebrities of note (such as Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Emily Blunt, January Jones, and Amy Poehler, just to name a few) have donned everything from cuffs to rings to hair pins to display this power combo all over Hollywood.

And that’s not all; the trend has quickly trickled to the mainstream market. Wedding jewelry and engagement rings, in particular, are well suited to a marriage of diamonds and platinum. Diamonds are the hardest stuff on Earth, so you don’t have to worry too much about scratching or chipping your stone (unless it has a major weakness in the form of a large flaw). And with a platinum band, you will rarely have to do maintenance on your ring. Of course, you want to make sure to get it polished often simply to ensure that it sparkles, but platinum is hard enough to resist most nicks and scratches, so you can keep your maintenance to a minimum.

Take a tip from celebrities and consider a platinum setting. It definitely pays to shop online for you your loose diamonds (and you will almost certainly get a better deal by purchasing your diamond and your setting from the same place) and you simply can’t go wrong by choosing this classic pairing of metal and stone to create the one-of-a-kind piece that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Thin Band

Men’s Wedding Bands

While all the excitement surrounding an engagement is typically about the bride-to-be’s engagement ring, the man’s wedding band is still quite special. Careful thought and consideration should be taken when choosing the groom’s wedding band as this is his symbolic way of showing his love and commitment to his bride. It’s an indicator that somewhere out in the world, he has a woman he loves, and that loves him. And best of all, compared to the extreme expense of the bride’s engagement ring, the groom’s wedding band is reasonably priced.

The cost of a man’s wedding band varies from a low $100, to a high of $2000. Typically, rings average at around $600. While it’s not as extreme a range as for a woman’s engagement ring, it’s still a very noticeable difference. This depends on what kind of metal it is, and if there are any additions such as diamonds to the band. The most popular metals are white gold and gold. White gold is by far the most popular as it’s cheaper than platinum and has a similar appearance. The main drawback is that it can yellow over time, as opposed to platinum which will not. Gold is seen as the classic choice, with a vintage appeal and timeless look. The disadvantage with gold is that it is a soft metal and can be nicked and scratched quite easily.

On the high end of the spectrum, you have platinum, and on the low end, tungsten and titanium. Platinum is the first class choice of men’s wedding bands. That being said, it is also the most expensive. The price is justified by its heavy durability and everlasting shine. Platinum rings have a unique look to them and are exceptionally strong, which can sometimes be considered a reflection of the marriage.

Tungsten is an excellent choice as it’s durable and very inexpensive. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to re-size. That being said, it will not scratch or tarnish like other more expensive rings.

Titanium is by far the cheapest type of ring. It’s also very strong and can offer a very masculine look. The biggest drawback of a titanium band is their inability to be re-sized. This makes gaining a small amount of weight or finger swelling a scary prospect.