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You Can’t Go Wrong with Diamond’s on Valentine’s Day

There are few gifts that say “I love you” better than diamonds. After all, diamonds are forever; and so is your love. But if you’re not sure diamonds are the way to go (maybe you’re in a new relationship and you don’t want to scare her off by moving too fast, or maybe you don’t think you have enough dough to get her a stone that will adequately express the depth of your feelings for her) then here are just a few reasons to quell those nagging doubts and go ahead with a diamond purchase for Valentine’s Day.

For one thing, you CANNOT go wrong with a gift of diamonds. Women love diamonds. It doesn’t matter if they’re diamond studs, a pendant, a tennis bracelet, or a full diamond necklace. Whatever you give her, she’s sure to see it as a declaration of love, regardless of size. Just the fact that you went to the effort and expense to buy her a beautiful piece of jewelry says a lot about your feelings for her. Of course, you can always go the extra mile and get a diamond ring, but you’d better be prepared to follow through on the implied offer behind it!

If you’re new to the relationship or you don’t have a lot of cash on hand, go for a simple pair of diamond studs or a small pendant. By choosing a smaller stone, you’re saying that you like her enough to get her something special, but you’re not demanding that she reciprocate in some way (you know…). This way she’ll view you as sweet instead of sleazy or pushy. Of course, if you’ve been together for a while and you do have the money for something larger, don’t hesitate to go all out. Once you’re past the initial uncertainty of a new relationship, you can make a bigger gesture without her wondering about your motives.

If you’re not sure about style, go for a heart. You can either get a stone that’s cut in the shape of a heart or you can choose a heart-shaped setting that’s diamond studded (or encrusted). This is the perfect accessory to present her with on Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s an apt representation (and a constant reminder) of the love that drove you to buy her such a timeless gift in the first place.

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5 Reasons Why Diamonds Make the Perfect Gift

Coming up with new gift ideas for the people you love, year after year, can become indescribably difficult, especially if, like most adults, they simply buy the items they want for themselves. You never know if they’ll like the latest tech gadget or toss them in a drawer. Trying to guesstimate clothing sizes and style preferences are best avoided. And gift certificates are easy, but they can often be seen as impersonal. So what gift can you give the person who has everything? How about diamonds? Here are a just a few reasons why they are the perfect gift.

1. They go with everything. Whether your woman likes to wear Juicy track suits or she dresses to the nines every day, she can always pop in a pair of diamond studs to accentuate her outfit. Rings and tennis bracelets can be added to any ensemble, and while diamond necklaces and pendants tend to require fancier dress, newer neckwear options like the three-stone or heart pendant designs make this classic a bit more casual.

2. You can never have too many. If your lady already has earrings and necklaces galore, never fear. Newer pieces will give her more choices to cover every occasion. And any woman who complains about having too many diamonds needs to have her head examined.

3. Settings can be replaced…diamonds are forever. If you’re not sure about what style of jewelry the recipient would prefer, simply select a beautiful stone and give it to her as a stand-alone with the promise that you’ll find the perfect setting for it. This way you also don’t have to worry about sizing.

4. No one says no to a diamond. If you’re worried about your woman disliking a diamond, don’t be. Even if she is not particularly keen on the setting you picked, or she thinks you spent too much, absolutely no one will turn down a diamond. Just be careful about giving a gift with a question attached. If your goal is to propose, then you should do it separately rather than putting it under the tree.

5. They symbolize love. Diamonds are not a gift that is given lightly. They are thoughtful, intimate, and generally expensive, so you really do have to love the person you’re giving them to, whether it’s your mother, your sister, or the woman of your dreams. Diamonds are not only a timeless and exceptional way to show your love, they also enhance the beauty of the recipient. And these sentiments will easily outshine even the biggest and most brilliantly cut stone.

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The Significance of 3-Stone Diamond Earrings

There’s no denying that 3-stone diamond earrings are a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you get them in a sleek and sophisticated beveled setting that looks a bit like a clover leaf or if you opt for a three-prong setting that more prominently displays your stones, this is an excellent alternative to the standard diamond studs that every woman on the planet is wearing. But there is something else about these fabulous earrings that make them special, and it has to do with the number of stones.

The stones are special not only because they are diamonds (which, if you recall, last forever, are a girl’s best friend, and are often preferred when found in the rough), but they also have a certain significance. Each stone represents a time period: past, present, and future. For this reason, they are an especially good gift if you get them from that special someone that you plan to spend the rest of your life with. The three-diamond cluster is indicative of a lifetime of love, and when you look at it, that’s what you will envision.

There is one stone to remind you of the past: your first date, getting to know each other, the flutter in your stomach every time your sweetheart smiled, held your hand, or leaned in for a kiss. This stone is for the first flush of love. Then there is a stone for the present that represents the more complete relationship that has developed, one full of trust and the knowledge that you have at last found the person who makes you feel whole. And finally, there is the third stone, for the future that is yet unwritten, one in which you and your honey will grow old together, companions and lovers until the day you shuffle off this mortal coil.

And through it all, the trials and tribulations of everyday life, the joys and celebrations that inter-splice, and the many times you kiss goodnight, you’ll have a perfect, flawless, brilliant reminder of each and every moment, given with love by the one you adore. Keep this in mind when you receive the gift of 3-stone diamond earrings and realize how lucky you are to have someone so thoughtful and caring in your life, from here until eternity.

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Great Father’s Day Gifts from Adiamor

If you’re on the hunt once again for that perfect gift to give your dad on his special day, but you don’t want to go with the tired and overdone options of yesteryear, you need look no further than Adiamor. Most people think that diamonds are only for women, but with items designed specifically for the sophisticated man about town, you’re sure to discover several spectacular alternatives that any father will love. You might consider one of the following:

1. If your dad is one of the many men who is not averse to wearing jewelry, consider one of Adiamor’s many fine diamond bracelets for him. They feature invisible-set diamonds, so he won’t have to worry about snags, and are featured in both gold and platinum.

2. Adiamor also offers an excellent selection of men’s diamond-studded wedding bands that can function as a pinky ring (in a smaller size). No longer the province of wiseguys, pinky rings are worn by fashionable men everywhere, from lawyers to engineers to members of a masonic lodge. They can also be worn by regular guys who want to class it up a bit.

3. Money clips are something that every dad can use. Slimmer than a wallet, they are a much better option for those who wear slacks.

4. You can also consider a sophisticated key ring in polished stainless steel. Mom will be happy you convinced him to get rid of the banged-up bottle opener he’s had on there since his fraternity heydays.

5. If dad has even one nice suit, he shouldn’t be wearing it without the addition of cuff links. Adiamor has a selection of classics that will make your father look stylish and classic.

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When to Give the Gift of Diamonds

Diamonds may be forever, but how do you decide the right time to give them? While most women probably share the sentiment that they are happy to receive a diamond at any time, there are certain special occasions that warrant the gift of ice. So if you’re unsure about whether or not presenting a diamond will win you accolades or get you into hot water, here are a few general rules for diamond gifting.

1. Diamond ring/solitaire. This represents an offer of marriage. If you’re ready to propose, get her a diamond ring. If you’re considering a birthday present, do NOT give her a heart attack by presenting her with a ring box. If you’re already married, feel free to give as many diamond rings as you can afford.

2. Tennis bracelet. Traditionally worn by tennis players to denote tournaments won (the number of diamonds represented the number of tournaments) these in-line bracelets have become a popular gift from husbands to wives. They can be given for any occasion, but a popular trend is to offer one up at the birth of your first child.

3. Eternity band. These have become very popular as wedding bands, but they are really best given on an anniversary as a symbol of continuing love and devotion. You don’t have to wait until your diamond anniversary, either (60 years of marriage is a long time to wait for another diamond).

4. Diamond necklace. A single stone makes a great graduation gift, while something like a heart is better for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Something a little more flashy, like a multi-diamond strand, should be given to celebrate an important lifetime milestone.

5. Diamond studs. The all-around best diamond gift. Every woman should have at least one set of diamond studs and they can be given to any woman, at any time. You can bestow them upon your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend without worrying about what they might read into it (other than the fact that you obviously care about them and have excellent taste).