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Amazing Custom Engagement Rings with Square Diamonds

In the past few weeks we completed two custom engagement rings for square center diamonds. Each of them turned out so well, we had to share!

Square Center Diamond with Pave Setting

The first one is a R2847 which we customized to fit a princess cut center stone. You can see the square shape of the princess with its sharp corners.

custom princess engagement ring
R2847 Custom Princess Engagement Ring

Radiant Diamond Three Stone

The second ring was a three stone design which we custom built for an exquisite 3 ct square radiant diamond. The side stones were trilliants. This classic yet modern design was incredibly stunning and impressive!

Radiant Diamond Three Stone Ring
Radiant Diamond Three Stone Ring

For a similar design, take a look at R2413.

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Radiant Diamond Custom Ring

We recently completed this gorgeous custom ring for a stunning 2.20 ct square radiant cut diamond. The ring is a three stone style with tapered baguette side stones. The style is timeless yet modern, with the classic design accenting the geometric modern diamond.

Custom Built Engagement for Radiant Diamond
Custom Built Engagement Ring for Radiant Diamond
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Three Stone Rings: Modern Versions

A three stone ring can be very modern. There are many three-stone options for those who want a more contemporary, edgy look.

Adiamor has created some great modern three stone rings with geometric side stones like trilliants and tapered baguettes.

Marquise center stone with trilliant side stones.






Love it
Three stone ring with radiant center and tapered baguette side stones.





This ring features double claw prongs holding the center radiant cut diamond- we loved it!






Adiamor also has three stone styles for fancy shapes other than round:

Three stone with princess cut diamonds.
Three stone with princess cut diamonds.


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Three Stone Engagement Rings: Classic Versions

The holiday times always find us nostalgic and looking to the past for classic design inspiration. One of our favorite flattering designs is the three stone ring. This timeless look is wonderfully versatile, and we love creating three stone engagement rings for our customers. The understated three stone ring with round diamonds is an enduring design which will always be in style.

At a client’s request we customized this R2814 by keeping the band smooth instead of adding pave diamonds, and this was the result! In this trellis setting the prongs intertwine under the diamonds, giving it a unique look from the side.

I want!
Customized three stone trellis engagement ring from Adiamor.


R2710 tapers as it nears the side stones:

Adiamor three stone engagement ring.


One variation of the three stone ring is to add pave side stones down the band of the ring, like R2814. This adds extra sparkle!

Golden goodness!
Adiamor’s three stone trellis ring with pave diamonds on shank.



Three stone engagement rings are traditional without being stodgy or old-fashioned; it is a lasting, elegant style which is simply beautiful. This is why it will always be a wonderful choice for an engagement ring!