Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Thin Band Engagement Ring

Our Adiamor Thin Band Engagement Rings are a modern take on classic styles. From solitaires, three-stones, and halo ring settings the thin band engagement ring style allows all the attention to be on your center diamond.

Here are our top 5 reasons to buy a thin band engagement ring:

1.Thin Band Engagement Rings enhance your center stone.

Having a thin band on your engagement ring gives the illusion that the band is barely there. From all views the center diamond takes center stage. Below is an example using our Thin Band Knife Edge Platinum Basket Adiamor Ring Setting:

View this ring setting here

2. Thin Band Engagement Rings work great with any size stone.

Whether your center diamond is .25 of a carat or 5.5 carats a thin band engagement ring will make your center stone look amazing . A thin band style will enhance all center stone sizes. Below are examples of different thin band styles paired with different size GIA certified diamonds.

3. Thin Band Engagement Rings pair well with any shape GIA certified diamond.

The next factor to consider is how well thin band engagement ring pairs with different shape center diamonds. As shown below, thin band ring styles compliment any diamond shape.

4. Thin Band Engagament Rings are comfortable!

We all know that comfort is key and with a thin band engagement ring style you’ll never have to worry about feeling constrained like you would with a thicker band. This style is perfect for those who don’t regularly wear lots of jewels but still want to show off their sparkle!

5. Thin Band Engagement Rings stack well with others.

Thin band ring styles not only accentuate the center diamond, they also make it easy to stack other rings with it. Below you can see two different Adiamor thin band engagement ring style with two different wedding band styles.

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