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5 Obvious Signs That It Is Time To Get Engaged

by Chris W

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with another person is a huge decision. However, waiting around to decide is not the right way. Whether you’re afraid of ruining a good thing or looking for a sign, choosing the right moment is stressful. Although you may be waiting for just the right moment, the “right time” to pop the question is different for every couple. If you find yourself considering marriage but aren’t sure when to ask, see if any of these signs say you’re ready for the big moment.

5 Signs It’s Time To Get Engaged

  1. If you’re already married under common law, then it’s way past time to get married! Common law marriages require cohabitation for an extended period of time. There’s no reason not to take living together to the next level. Additionally, if she’s been putting up with you for this long, the least she deserves is the tax break that comes with getting hitched. If you’re already common law married, do the right thing and give her the engagement ring she truly deserves.
  2. Perhaps you haven’t been living together, but you’ve been together for years and years, then it’s time to ask the question. While “years” isn’t exactly a specific number, a definite way to tell if its time is if you’ve been together for more than half your life. If you met her at a pep rally in high school and now you’re pushing 30, then it’s definitely time to lock it down and put a ring on it.

    get engaged

    Take the next step in your relationship.

  3. This is another no brainer. If a long term relationship has resulted in a pregnancy, then you definitely need to propose. When you’re planning to raise a child together, you’re making a dedicated commitment to the future, so why wait? An engagement ring is the perfect accessory for the pregnant lady of your dreams. However, presenting her with a ring doesn’t get you out of buying the good stroller.
  4. If she’s browsing for rings online when you’re streaming a show, that’s sign she is waiting on you. Although this might seem stressful, her checking out engagement rings can be really helpful for planning your purchase. Not only will you have an idea of where to start, you can also see the budget you need to set aside.
  5. The final no brainer sign that it’s time is when she makes an ultimatum. If she’s straight up telling you to ask, then you better be ready to ask! Be careful, though, that you aren’t jumping into a commitment unless you’re prepared to follow through. However, if its reached the point of her asking to decide, you’ve probably been together long enough to get engaged.

There’s no perfect moment for getting engaged, but there are definitely some signs that will tell you it’s time. Start your Diamond Education today to get ready for the purchase that will change your life. Check out our Engagement Guide for more tips!

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