Hearts and Arrows

Hearts and Arrows is the name for the unique pattern of shapes visible from the top and bottom of a precisely cut round diamond. Only diamonds with a perfect combination of table width, depth, polish and symmetry will display these magnificent shapes clearly. Each diamond of the Affinity Collection is cut to well within these standards.

The impact of fluorescence on price depends on its noticeability. Faint fluorescence has very little effect on a diamond of any color, and therefore has no effect on value. For some higher color stones (D to G), strong fluorescence may give the stone a milky white appearance, which greatly lowers the value. Fluorescence often adds value to stones with a hint of color, such as I-color and below, as it can give the diamond a whiter, brighter appearance.

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Hearts viewed from the Bottom

Arrows viewed from the Top


Cut, more than any other quality aspect, gives the diamond its sparkle. A diamond gets its brilliance and scintillation from the angle of its facets. When all the angles are correct, the maximum amount of light is dispersed back through the diamonds top facets.

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Polish is a measure of the smoothness of a diamonds facets; a diamond with a high polish grade will appear very crisp and have a vivid sparkle. Diamonds with a lower polish grade will appear dull and blurred.

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Symmetry is a grade of how a diamond's facets are shaped and aligned. When a diamond has a high symmetry, each facet is perfectly aligned; as light enters, it is reflected back properly and gives the diamond a very bright sparkle and a strong appearance of fire.

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