A gift of a pendant or necklace is just as beautiful a statement of love and endearment today as it was in ancient times. Several cultures, including the Romans, would give their intended an engagement necklace instead of a ring. Although this custom may have changed, giving someone a necklace often holds as much sentiment today as it did so many years ago.

A necklace can make many different statements. They can be worn as a form of identification, provide a sense of protection or simply be used for decoration. Modern neck pieces can be designed with almost any substance. Silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, semi-precious and precious gemstones are the most valuable and common elements used in necklaces and pendants.

When looking for a pendant or a necklace, it may help to narrow down the style that you prefer most. Pendants are decorative items, such as a charm or a larger gemstone, that hang loosely from a chain or another type of necklace. The focus of a pendant typically lies with a single hanging decorative element. Necklaces often have a more integrated design element repeated throughout the item and may have multiple pendants attached to it or none at all.

Necklaces and pendants are available in a variety of different lengths. These lengths may vary in appearance depending on the size of the wearer. The standard guide for necklace length is as follows:

  • Choker: 14 - 16 inches (standard length for most pendants)
  • Princess: 18 - 20 inches
  • Matinee: 22 - 33 inches
  • Opera: 30 - 35 inches
  • Sautoir/Rope: 35 inches or longer

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