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Adiamor “Day of Love” Instagram Contest Winner

by Ashley

Adiamor “Day Of Love” Instagram Contest Winner

Congratulations to our Adiamor “Day of Love” Instagram Contest couple Breanna Lee Taylor and Michael Irvin.  Breanna is Adiamor’s winner of a $300 credit.  They have an upcoming summer wedding planned and such a sweet proposal story!  For Breanna and Michael’s first date they went to dinner and a movie. After that they went to a park and Michael had a list of questions to ask Breanna since they had only known each other for a couple of weeks.  They were basic things like what is your favorite color, bible verse, and family memory?  The last question of the night was do you want to go on another date with me?

A year and a half later the two of them went to watch a movie in that same theater and Michael asked Breanna to go the same park as their first date.  Once they got to the park he had a new list of questions to ask Breanna, like what are the values your parents have taught you that you want to oval-cut-split-shank-halo-diamond-engagement-ringteach our children?  They walked toward a bridge tied with ribbons and then turned a corner where Michael and Breanna’s friends had set up a decorated swing with signs, right there he told her why he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  Then he proceeded to tell her that he had one last question for her as then he pulled out a beautiful Adiamor oval cut split shank halo diamond engagement ring and got down on his knee, he asked if she would marry him?  Of course Breanna said yes as all of their family and friends, who had just witnessed his proposal, came out and celebrated with them!

See Breanna’s engagement ring

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