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Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day Under $500

by Craig

So, you are looking for the very best gift that you can give for Valentine’s Day. Your goal is to show that special someone in your life how much you care for and appreciate them. Any old last minute purchase just won’t do, because you would like to put some thought into it.

You also don’t want to get the standard gifts such as a dozen flowers along with a heart-shaped box full of chocolate candy. That would be equally thoughtless and uninspired. You have to find something that really conveys that love you feel and the fact that this is something you plan to keep in your life forever.

But what do you do?
One problem is that you don’t have a wealth of cash to spend. Like most other people today, you tend to be more aware of the money that you are spending. Your financial situation is just fine at the moment, but you still remember the economic crisis that has been plaguing everyone. You want to be smart about the money that you spend.

How about diamonds?
I know what you are thinking now – where do you think I can find good diamond jewelry at an affordable price? If that is all you need to know then you should visit adiamor.com. They have plenty of jewelry there that you should find both beautiful and affordable. What girl wouldn’t want to wear the following items?

1/3 ct. tw. Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings ($290); 1/4 ct. tw. Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings ($220); Diamond Loop Earrings – High Polish, Sand Finished ($450); Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant ($355); Princess Diamond Solitaire Pendant ($340); Heart Diamond Solitaire Pendant ($355); Prong Set Heart Pendant ($490); Cathedral Setting Ring ($245); Trellis Setting Ring for Round Diamond ($140); Knife Edge Solitaire Setting Ring ($250).

Everyone knows that diamonds never get old. No woman can ever get enough of them. That is what makes them the perfect gift. This is especially true for Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year. If you want an affordable way to let her know that you are hers forever, then what better way to express that sentiment than with a gift that is sure to last just as long?
Give her Diamonds…

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