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Leave Your Phone At Home On Your Wedding Day

by Chris W

There’s a million things to take care of while planning your wedding. From handling the guest list to picking out a caterer, both the bride and groom have plenty to worry about. However, one thing you both should do on your wedding day is leave your phone behind. While it may seem like common sense, many grooms and plenty of brides think they might need their phone for last minute disasters or even for a quick “Just Married!” selfie. The fact of the matter is the best choice is leave your phone on the charger.

Why Leave Your Phone?

This may sound like unnecessary advice, but wedding gowns do not have pockets. When you’re getting married, you should be focused on your vows and the ceremony. ┬áIf there happens to be a last second fiascos, that’s why you hired a wedding planner. It’s also why you did your due diligence in selecting your maid of honor and best man. If you need something moved before the ceremony, the groomsmen can take care of it. If your great aunt needs a wheelchair for the reception, have your wedding planner track one down from hospitality. If you think you’ll need a cell phone to handle a disaster, you can borrow one from the bridal party.

leave your phone

Leave your phone behind and let your guests upload pics to social media.

You Hired A Photographer For A Reason

Nearly every wedding advice magazine, book, or blog post offers the same advice: do not skimp on wedding photography. Wedding photos are something you may not think about too often during the first couple years of marriage, but as time passes, you’ll definitely want to look back at the memories. A wedding photographer will capture every critical moment from the exchanging of the wedding rings to the first dance. Plus, they have the artistic eye to get the right angles as well as the patience to do all the editing afterwards. While you may think you need a selfie of the first kiss, it’ll look much better when captured by a professional. Leave your phone at home and let the pros do their job. Finally, just about every one in attendance will be posting their cellphone pics to social media, so simply put a clever wedding hashtag on wedding programs. This will let other people handle the photos while you enjoy your big day.

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