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Top 3 Fall Marriage Proposal Ideas For 2020

by Haig Ter-Martirosian
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Whether planning a trip to Paris, or an extravagant dinner, we understand these are trying times. Regardless of the circumstances, or how and where you want to propose, love should never wait. 

Your wedding proposal should be magical! It takes good planning and judgment too, especially when you’re shopping for an engagement ring. Also, write down exactly what you want to tell during the proposal to make sure you remember it. It’s really important to wrap things up verbally!

Choosing a special proposal location can be quite baffling right now due to social distancing, special restrictions in public areas and etc.. This is why we’re delighted to share with you, 3 thoughtful and creative ways to propose outdoors during this fall season.

1. Setting up for a treehouse surprise

Imagine surprising your significant other in a wooden tree fort, fabulously placed between the large branches of gorgeous mature trees.

Treehouses are typically connected to emotional triggering experiences and nostalgia such as your childhood, adventures, magic, and naturally, love.

Fall Marriage Proposal Ideas
Photo Credit: Yan Hong @bboyonly/Instagram  

You can decorate the inside of the treehouse in advance by installing twinkle lights and spray rose petals all around for a walk-in surprise!

You could pin an envelope somewhere noticeable for your curious partner to find and read your “Marry me” message inside. At this point, be confident and don’t try to overdo it with some tedious marriage proposal speech.

And then voilà! It’s time to pop the question and reveal that beautiful diamond engagement ring on bended knee!

The shank of this diamond engagement ring depicts a twisted rope as its design. Ideal to match the treehouse proposal theme perhaps?

2. Laughs and riddles: treasure hunt

Another great romantic proposal idea you can organize in the open air is setting up a treasure hunt somewhere very meaningful to her.

You don’t need much to get started. Here are some of the essentials: 

  1. Have a timely plan right from the beginning. This involves knowing the exact predicted trajectory taken during the treasure hunt and knowing at what cue to pop the question. (Psst, you can do this on her birthday or valentine’s day so she never suspects the proposal).
  2. A few cue cards containing riddles & cute poems. Make sure you personalize them to reflect the wonderful journey of your love relationship.
  3. Throw in some random rewards to spice things up along the way. You don’t have to sweat it, simply choose 2 to 3 objects at modest costs, just to keep her engaged during gameplay. Tiny handcrafted goods from your good old local artisan such as a mini-vase, a hand-sized painting, a knitted doll, or anything creative you can imagine that work wonders. 

Under a full starry night sky

Bring her miles away from urban city lights with the excuse to enjoy a sunset picnic, so you can brilliantly surprise her at nightfall!

It comes as no surprise that you should seek the perfect spot for your romantic stargazing. Make sure to check the weather forecast in advance and pick a day, that’s free from clouds, ideal for night sky observing.

A quick checklist after you return from location hunting:

  • Write down all that’s needed to set up a picnic in the fields or somewhere else cozy.
  • Check for any expected special celestial events such as a meteor shower or lunar eclipse.
  • Make it adventurous and fun by calling out constellations. You don’t have to become an expert at spotting stars and constellations. Simply use your finger to spot special star alignments and get closer to her!

Set the perfect ambiance and prepare her for what’s coming! If you’re lucky enough, a shooting star may present itself and the perfect opportunity to move in.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you are 100% sound that your partner loves the outdoors. 

This pandemic forced many to organize their marriage proposal from home, this is why we think not everyone wants to remember their proposal story as something done on the spur of the moment. Not everyone prefers techie proposals like Zoom calls or live streaming on social media.

We hope our ideas spark your creativity, to turn your proposal into something you can both remember and cherish for years to come!

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