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Wedding Planning Tips: The Rehearsal Dinner

by Chris W

Planning a wedding is lots of hard work. In order to help relieve the stress, make sure you have a great plan for the rehearsal dinner. Not only will this event be a lot of fun, it will make the wedding more enjoyable. This is because family members who haven’t met before can get the ice breaking out of the way.  When planning your big day, keep these tips in mind for the night before.

Picking The Right Location

While the wedding reception is sure to feature perfect plates and a highly organized seating chart, the rehearsal dinner should be a relaxing and fun socializing event. The goal is for friends and families to mingle, so keep the venue casual. Allow for people to wander around, and consider serving either comfort foods or finger foods that keep the atmosphere relaxed. However, be sure not to skimp on alcohol. Typically, the dinner will involve plenty of toasts and thank you’s that require a side of champagne.

rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner should be a fun social event

Who To Invite To The Rehearsal Dinner

When making the guest list, the first people to include are your parents and immediate family, such as Grandma. Additionally, another obvious group to invite is the wedding party, but be sure to include spouses or wedding dates as well. Another group to be sure to invite to the dinner is any out of town guests who travelled to celebrate the wedding with you. Finally, be sure to invite anyone who helped make the wedding happen, such as your mom’s friend who created the reception table centerpieces.

Prepare Your Toast

The last thing to do when planning a rehearsal dinner is to prepare a toast. Be sure to tell your engagement story, too, so everyone will know how you ended up with the perfect engagement ring. Finally, the rehearsal dinner is a great time to give out gifts to bridesmaids and groomsmen. The last thing to do is make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the wedding day.

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