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A Growing Trend: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

by Craig

Lately, rose gold engagement rings have been spotted on celebrities like LeAnn Rimes, Miley Cyrus and Blake Lively. Rose gold is a unique choice and offers a personalized, delicate twist on a classic gold or silver setting that’s both eye-catching and interesting.

So, for all of the non-celebrities like you and I, what is rose gold and why is everyone so crazy about it? Rose gold, along with white and black gold, actually starts out as pure gold which comes in various shades and tones of yellow.  To produce different colors in gold, a small amount of another metallic element is combined with the purified metal.  Perhaps you are familiar with the term ‘alloying’.  This is precisely what this combination process is called.  For instance, white gold is an alloy of gold.  It is produced when gold is combined with nickel, manganese or palladium to produce a ‘white’ or silver-like appearance.

In the case of rose gold, a small amount of copper is thoroughly blended into the pure gold to create the warm, delicate, pinkish shade akin to… you guessed it… a rose!  In addition to altering color, you’ll be pleased to know that the dash of copper also strengthens the gold (which is naturally an extremely soft metal), making it more durable for crafting jewelry and other items.

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands are a departure from the classic solitaire, princess cut diamond set in a silver band or white gold band – which is what makes them intriguing for celebrities and non-celebrities alike! The warm rose tones are also ideal for mixing and matching as they pair well with a variety of metals. For example, a rose gold engagement ring can be paired with a gold or silver wedding band (or vice versa) for an elegant and fashionable contrast.

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