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Britney Spears Ring Photos Spark Engagement Rumors

by Craig

Poor little Britney is a two-time loser in the marriage arena, after her 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander in 2004 (what happened in Vegas did not stay there) and her subsequent nuptials with Kevin Federline later the same year (she bought her own ring…who could have known then that it wouldn’t work out?). In any case, she did come out of the whole marriage debacle with two cute kids (and a host of very public breakdowns). But the third time may be the charm for pop-tart Spears, who was recently photographed wearing a ring on a very special finger.

The singing starlet has been dating talent agent Jason Trawick for about two years now (although there were rumors of a split at some point) and this isn’t the first time that speculation about an upcoming wedding has surfaced. In fact, the ring that Spears was seen sporting this week is the same one she’s been wearing for months, and despite the fact that it’s on her ring finger, it doesn’t have the classic hallmarks of an engagement ring.

The band in question appears to feature a small flower, much like one you might find in any Hawaiian gift shop (complete the set with flower earrings and a bracelet). There are no diamonds present and it looks like it cost about $20. Plus, photos dating back as far as Christmas 2010 show her flashing the trinket nonchalantly (she tweeted a photo with Santa in which she was wearing the ring). And thus far there have been no engagement announcements (she was also photographed with the ring on in April and May).

So is Britney once again on the way to the altar? It seems pretty unlikely at this point. Frankly, she’s probably smart to date someone for a while before jumping into marriage yet again. With two boys to think about, she needs to be sure that it’s going to work out (so as not to upset their lives). But she also needs to consider the hit her career might take if she suffers another divorce. Everyone is rooting for the one-time pop queen to rebound, but her so-called comeback has received only a lukewarm reception thus far, begging the question of whether or not she’ll ever fully recover from her last divorce.

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