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Celebrities Show Off Engagement Rings on Twitter

by Craig

The things that celebrities will post on Twitter never cease to amaze. Whether you’re gawking at a photo of Demi Moore’s nether region (courtesy of her loudmouth husband, Ashton Kutcher) or waiting to see how Sarah Palin next conceives to slaughter the English language (she’ll refudiate that remark), it’s fun to follow the shenanigans of public figures as they attempt to connect with their adoring (or snoring) fans. And while most of them are content to tweet about their vegan breakfast or comment on the current events of the day (usually with less than impartial judgment) one way in which a lot of celebs have taken over the Twitter feed is by posting pics of their engagement rings just moments after saying yes.

Remember the days when a celebrity wedding announcement was splashed across the pages of a gossip rag? These days, if you see it first at the newsstand you’re already way behind. The holiday season was rife with celebs deciding to tie the knot, and a fair number of them opted to shout it out on Twitter with a photo of their larger-than-life diamond to accent the good news. One who got a lot of press was playboy playmate Crystal Harris (who likely wouldn’t have garnered nearly as much notice if not for the fact that Heff’s former long-time flame, Holly Madison, left him for lack of a proposal). Brit singer Lily Allen also nabbed some attention for both her flawless manicure and the ring that signifies a moment of well-deserved happiness for her and boyfriend Sam Cooper (they recently suffered a devastating miscarriage).

But they’re not alone. Controversial couple Jesse James and Kat Von D “accidentally” announced their upcoming nuptials when James posted a candid photo of his tattooed lady love (with a heavily-laden ring finger). One half of the Disney twin duo Tia and Tamera (the latter) posted a smiling pic that showcased her brilliant rock. And most recently, Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) announced her engagement via twitpic, flashing her diamond-studded ring finger just weeks after becoming pregnant with her second child. With all the celebrity wedding announcements and finger-waggling happening on Twitter, one is left to wonder if it’s something in the water (or the online stream).

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