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Diamond Engagement Ring Recently Found in Space

by Craig

The recent discovery of a diamond engagement ring in space gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “give her the world” or in this case, the universe. Men may have to search high and low to beat this wonder of the universe when selecting the perfect ring.

Recently discovered by The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, Planetary Nebula Abell 33 definitely has romantic potential. Abell 33 was developed when a nearby star started transforming into a white dwarf, which could also be the fate of the new discovery. These stars are small, dense and very hot and take billions of years to cool down.

Diamond Engagement Ring In SpaceDuring the transformation into a white dwarf, glowing gas clouds are blown away. These gas clouds are also known as planetary nebulae. The formation of the gas clouds create a bubble or ring in space. The diamond ring in space was formed when Abell 33 became perfectly aligned with a different star called HD 83535. The alignment of the two stars creates an image of what looks like an engagement ring floating through space. It is not often that planetary nebulae are this perfectly round, definitely making Abell 33’s ring unique and even more spectacular.

This ring would be the perfect expression of love. If only it were possible to reach up and pick the ring out of the night sky. Talk about giving her a unique ring that will definitely sweep her off of her feet.

Abell 33 is 2,500 light-years away, making it a very long time before anyone is able to get to it. So ladies, do not get those hopes up about having this ring put on your ring finger. However, there are plenty of diamond rings that sparkle and shine just as bright as Abell 33 right here on planet Earth.

When looking for a ring, one that shines bright like Abell 33, consider purchasing a brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. This cut uses angles cut into the diamond to create internal refraction, making it sparkle and shine more than any other diamond cut on our planet.

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