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Kate Moss Engagement Ring Meltdown

by Craig

You might think that Kate Moss had a meltdown due to the fact that the engagement ring presented to her by fiancé Jamie Hince (guitarist for The Kills) was significantly smaller and less expensive than the giant on Kim Kardashian’s finger. But in fact, Moss seems to love the vintage 1920s sparkler (worth nearly $28,000), as she proved at the recent Glastonbury Music Festival in Somerset, England. While watching her husband performing on stage, Moss realized that she had somehow lost her ring. In what spectators described as a fit of hyperventilation, Moss and friends dug through the mud looking for the wayward ring.

Well, Moss dug around with the toe of a Welly whilst begging her friends to get down on hands and knees and search. But she was apparently frantic to find the ring, shouting at everyone within earshot to help her sift through the mud near the stage while she herself cried and began to hyperventilate. But all’s well that ends well, it seems. After a couple of hours of searching, Moss retired to the restroom to calm down and clean up. And while searching for tissues in her purse she came across the missing ring, which had apparently been at the bottom of her handbag all along.

Moss seemed in good spirits after the find, reportedly “cackling hysterically” about the fact that the ring had been in her bag the whole time everyone was wading through the mud looking for it (well, everyone but Moss herself). Probably she was just relieved to have discovered the missing rock, but no one else seemed as amused by the incident. No word on what her soon-to-be hubby may have thought, as he was apparently distracted by playing the festival for the duration of the upset.

Moss, 37, and Hince, 40, became engaged just a few months ago after dating for over three years. With the ring intact and on her finger, Moss is reportedly planning a blow-out wedding that will showcase a festival theme and include performances by an eclectic array of rockers, purported to include rapper Snoop Dogg and American songstress Beth Ditto (the front woman for indie rock group Gossip – also a designer for plus-size store Evans, the sister store to Topshop, which Moss designs for, in case you were wondering about the connection). Although Moss’s meltdown was much publicized, it seems it wasn’t even a bump in the road for the happy couple.

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