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Unique Engagement Ring Settings Like Kelly Clarkson’s

by Craig

For many of us, obsessing over a celebrity’s life is one of the guiltiest pleasures outside of cupcakes, mimosas, and leftover pizza for breakfast.  If we’re honest, we’ll admit it is downright enjoyable to watch, mirror, or judge the activity of those who live their lives on the all-too-public entertainment platform.  Obviously, celebrity engagements are no exception.

For many women (and yes, certain men too – come on guys, admit it), part of the excitement of learning of a female celebrity’s engagement is getting to lay your eyes on the ring for the very first time. As you know, many celebrities have their unique engagement ring settings specially designed just for them (hence the word, ‘unique’) and often spend an obscene amount in doing so.

Remember, Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring? This cost roughly $150,000 – which, in the grand scheme of celebrity things, is on the frugal side of the spectrum.  Even still, spending this amount on an engagement ring is still a difficult concept for many people to even grasp.  Luckily, unique engagement ring settings do not have to cost this much. At Adiamor, we offer a plethora of design options to fit the desires of any bride.

Getting back to Kelly Clarkson’s ring – it contains a stunning canary yellow center cut diamond surrounded by a halo of white diamonds with a beautiful pave set band. To view similar unique engagement ring settings, check out our radiant or emerald cut (seen below) or our stunning cushion cut.

If you are longing for the yellowest possible diamond, we can provide you with a traditional near colorless to quench your craving.

Of course, Kelly’s ring is not the only celebrity engagement ring people are talking about. We offer a variety of unique engagement ring settings similar to the ones your favorite stars are wearing. Adiamor has rings even for those who do not want to copy the style of their favorite celebrity bride-to-be.

Whether you are interested in designing your own unique engagement ring, looking at those we already have designed, or finding one similar to your favorite celebrity, simply visit our website and get started on finding or creating your perfectly inspired unique engagement ring settings!

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