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Diamond Earrings Are The Perfect Summer Accessory

by Chris W

Diamond earrings are a classic gift that is perfect for Mother’s Day, bridesmaid gifts, and as a graduation present. Additionally, earrings are the perfect accessory for all of those summer weddings you will be attending this year. So, in order to help our customers buy the right set, we put together this guide on buying diamond earrings online. From pre-set diamond earrings to custom diamond studs, we can help you choose the perfect earrings for any occasion.

Pre-Set Diamond Earrings

When looking for the perfect pair of diamond earrings, pre set diamond studs are a great option. This means the task of selecting a diamond is already done for you. With pre-set earrings, all you need to do is select which metal you prefer. At Adiamor, we carry earrings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum settings in addition to our bezel set earrings. After choosing a metal, the next thing to do is select the size. We carry diamonds ranging from ¼ cw to 1 cw for the pair. Pre-set diamond earrings are the perfect accessory for almost every occasion.

diamond earrings

Diamond earrings with a halo setting

Design Your Own Earrings

While pre-set earrings are an easy option, many people prefer to create custom  earrings. This option allows customers the opportunity for a unique piece of jewelry. Additionally, if you purchased a ring from Adiamor, we can help you match the style of your other jewelry. Custom earrings can be created in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum using round, princess, or Asscher cut diamonds. No matter your style or budget, our fine jewelers can produce the perfect earrings for you.

Diamond earrings are a classic accessory that can dress up any look. Plus, with the option of designing your own earrings, you can be certain that your earrings are exactly what you want. Learn more about earrings on the Adiamor Earring Guide or contact us for help creating a unique pair of earrings today!

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