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3 Tips for Taking Care of your Engagement Ring

by Ashley

Congratulations, you just got engaged!  Now you might be asking yourself “What do I need to do to keep my engagement ring looking like new, and lasting a lifetime”?  First of all, make sure that you remove your ring during strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects and participating in any physical sports.  Also be sure to take off your ring when partaking in activities that involve water like swimming, taking a shower, and washing dishes.  Then follow these three easy steps to keep your ring looking brand new!

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#1. Clean your engagement ring regularly at home.

Soak your ring in either a brand-name jewelry cleaner or mild water mixed with dish washing liquid for about 1 minute.  Next gently brush your diamond and ring with a jewelry brush or an unused, soft toothbrush.  Make sure to get in the corners where oil and dirt harbor.  Finally, rinse your engagement ring in warm water and wipe dry with a soft lint-free cloth.  We recommend maintaining your ring with our Adiamor Foaming Cleaner and our fabric lined pouch that doubles as a polishing cloth which can be purchased here.

#2. Have your engagement ring professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.

It is important to keep up with the maintenance of your ring, just like you would a car or a fabulous piece of clothing!  By taking preventative care of your ring, you will help to alleviate issues that may happen in the future.  Make sure that when you do have your ring serviced that it is done by a professional and reputable jeweler.  What you can expect for them to do is have it cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, which will send high-frequency waves through detergent to remove dirt.  It is important that after this step that all side diamonds are tightened, as the vibrations in the ultrasonic can loosen stones from their mounting.  The professional jeweler will also check prongs and mountings in your engagement ring to make sure that they are secure, as well as re-rhodium plate white gold rings so that they look shiny and new.

#3. Store your engagement ring in a safe place.

Keep your ring in a secure place when it is not being worn to prevent it from becoming scratched.  Try to put it in the same place every time to prevent it from becoming lost.  Also be very cautious when removing your engagement ring out in public, such as bathrooms and nail salons.  Nice options for at home storage are jewelry trays or on a soft cloth in a jewelry box.  Just in case you accidentally lose your ring, make sure to have it insured beforehand!  You can add it to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.  At Adiamor, we recommend insuring it through a specialty jewelry insurance company like Jeweler’s Mutual.

Now that you know how to care for your special piece of jewelry it is time to go and show it off!  View our collection of engagement rings here.  Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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