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All in the Family: Handing Down Diamonds

by Craig

The legacy of diamonds is unique. Because they are made from the hardest substance on Earth, they will last forever (more or less). And since there is a finite supply, they are particularly valuable. For these reasons, many people who purchase diamonds do so with the idea that they will one day become family heirlooms. So if you’re looking for a reason to pick up some of that sparkly bling that’s been catching your eye in the store window, here are just a few ways in which diamonds are one of the finest gifts you can bequeath to your children or grandchildren.

1. Value. No matter what’s going on in money markets around the world, diamonds tend to remain valuable. Of course, their value may not coincide with a specific monetary amount, but as an agent of barter, they are always good to have on hand.

2. Beauty. Unlike other types of jewelry, the beauty of a diamond will never fade (although it can increase over time). They won’t scratch or chip like other gems (although they can be broken if they have flaws). And even when there are inclusions, they often serve to make a diamond more beautiful, generally by reflecting light in such a way as to intensify the color of the stone, for example.

3. Constance. No matter how rough you are with diamond jewelry, the stone itself will last not only for your lifetime, but for many lifetimes to come. When people say diamonds are forever, they’re not kidding.

4. Versatility. The great thing about diamonds is that they go with absolutely anything, especially if they are colorless or nearly colorless. And if you’re worried about your diamond jewelry going out of style before you can turn it over to your heirs, you needn’t trouble yourself. Although the settings may fall out of fashion, the stones themselves can always be put into modern settings that suit the wearer. And trends do tend to enjoy periods of popularity again and again.

5. Gifts for special events. One of the best ways to pass on diamonds is to do so while you’re still alive. Special events like graduations or marriages that call for a timeless gift are an excellent opportunity to hand down diamond jewelry while you can still witness the appreciation of the family member you’re gifting to.

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