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Who Chooses The Wedding Bands?

by Chris W

Getting married is an exciting step, but with this excitement often comes a lot of stress. From deciding on a wedding venue to whittling down the invite list, there are tons of choices every couple must make. However, between cake tastings and tux fittings, sometimes the smaller details are overlooked. One of these smaller items, though, is the center of the ceremony itself: the wedding bands. When it comes to selecting wedding rings, there are tons of options available for both the bride and groom. Nevertheless, it is important to select the right rings. Not only do the rings symbolize the eternal love of marriage, they must match personalities of both the couple and the ceremony itself.

Who Chooses The Wedding Bands?

Traditionally, it is up to the groom to select an engagement ring as a lead up to the proposal. However, many brides-to-be are often involved in the selection of the engagement ring to some degree. With the popularity of social media sites, it is easier than ever to get an idea of what she might like on her hand. However, when it comes to choosing the wedding bands, the waters are a little murky. A bride may have her eyes on a matched set so that her wedding band will complement her engagement ring. On the other hand, the groom may not wear jewelry regularly, and it may be quite difficult to choose the wedding ring he’ll like best. If this is the case, the bride may do well to consider his everyday style and help him make a choice.

Men's Wedding Band

Dual Band Men’s Wedding Ring in 14k White Gold

The safest answer is to have both the bride and groom select their own rings together. This will ensure both parties are happy with the ring they will wear for the rest of their married lives.

Who Pays For The Wedding Rings?

The cost of the average American wedding continues to grow higher, so sticking to a budget is very important. The cost of the wedding bands should be factored into this overall plan, but there are a number of ways to decide who pays for each ring. Historical examples suggest the bridge should purchase the groom’s ring and vice versa, but this is not always the case. In some instances, the parents of the bride or groom may step in to pick up the cost. More often, though, the cost of the wedding rings is part of the wedding budget. This allows for easier planning and payment.

women's wedding band

A 18k Rose Gold Pave Diamond Wedding Band

When deciding, keep in mind the style of the ceremony and the preferences of your partner. Also, it is important to remember that the rings themselves are symbols of everlasting love, but that does not mean they have to match exactly. A marriage is a union of two individuals, and each person is bound to have a style they like best. When picking out wedding rings together, discuss your likes and dislikes with your partner. It will help determine the perfect band for your new spouse.


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Ellie Davis September 18, 2019 - 9:35 am

It’s interesting to know that you need to consider your wedding rings as an extension of your personality as a couple. My sister is getting married, and we are looking for advice to have everything ready for her big day. I will let her know that she needs to make sure to choose a wedding ring that matches their personality.

Agen Bola SBOBet November 10, 2019 - 11:46 pm

The information you provide is really useful, thank you

Faylinn January 8, 2020 - 9:00 am

I think it is amazing that you chose to include the fact that when choosing a wedding band, you need to keep in mind the type of ceremony you are having, as well as its style. My sister is getting married in a few months and I am in charge of helping her and her fiance find the right wedding bands that will represent their love. I think it would be great if they both told me what kind of things they prefer so I can have a better idea of what to look for.


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